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Winch Indonesia

Aicrane winch in Indonesia provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for lifting and pulling loads in a variety of applications, including construction, mining, shipyards, hydropower stations, marine, and oil and gas industries. The types of winches for sale in Indonesia include electric winches, hydraulic winches, construction winches, slipway winches, anchor winches, mooring winches, towing winches and more. We can also custom design and manufacture winches to meet your specific requirements.

Winches for Sale in Indonesia
Aicrane Winches for Sale in Indonesia

Common Applications for Aicrane Winches in Indonesia

Winches in Indonesia are typically used for the lifting, pulling, or hauling of heavy loads. The common applications of winches include: construction, mining, forestry, military, shipyards, marine and offshore applications, and more. Here we will mainly introduce our winch solutions for construction, shipyards and marine industry in Indonesia, and we are also ready to provide the right winch proposal for your industry and application!

Slipway Winches

Slipway winches are a cost-effective solution that we most often provide to Indonesian client shipyards for lifting their vessels out of the water for maintenance or repairs. Aicrane slipway winches are usually powered by an electric motor or hydraulic system, among which AQ-JM electric winches and AQ-JMM friction type electric winches are mostly used. There are also various ways for ships to get out of the water: using airbags or using rail trolleys. We can provide a complete slipway winch solution, including wire ropes, pulley blocks, slings, airbags and other related accessories.

  • Slipway Winch Solution For Shipyard
    Slipway Winch Solution For Shipyard - Pull Ships With Airbags
Electric Slipway Winch for Sale in Indonesia
AQ-JM Electric Slipway Winch
Boat Slipway Winch in Indonesia
AQ-JMM Boat Slipway Winch

Our boat slipway winches are commonly used in shipyards, naval base, and other facilities that require the frequent launching and retrieval of boats and ships. They are an essential component of slipway operations, helping to ensure that the process is safe, efficient, and controlled. Below are some examples of slipway winches in Indonesia:

AQ-JMM 60 Ton Slipway Winch For A Shipyard in Indonesia

We provided an AQ-JMM 60-ton slipway winch solution for an Indonesian client’s shipyard, which is mainly used to pull ships ashore for repairs and launch new ships. This electric slipway winch solution we offered can pull vessels with a maximum capacity of 6,000 tons.

60 Ton Slipway Winch In Indonesia
60 Ton Slipway Winch In Indonesia
60 Ton Slipway Winches For Shipyard
60 Ton Slipway Winch For Shipyard In Indonesia

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Construction Winches

Construction winches in Indonesia are commonly used in construction projects to lift and move heavy loads, materials, and equipment. They come in a variety of types and sizes depending on their intended use. For example, some construction winches are designed to pull heavy loads horizontally, while others are used to lift loads vertically. The most commonly used Aicrane winches in various construction projects are AQ-JM slow speed electric winches and AQ-JK fast speed electric winches.

AQ-JM Electric Construction Winch Machine
AQ-JM Electric Construction Winch
Load capacity0.5~200 t
Rope capacity20~3600m
Working speed5~20 m/min
Power supply220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

AQ-JK Electric Winch For Construction
AQ-JK Electric Winch For Construction
Load capacity0.5~60t
Rope capacity20~500m
Working speed20~35 m/min
Power supply220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Aicrane construction winches are typically powered by an electric motor, hydraulic system, or diesel engine. They play an important role in ensuring that heavy loads and equipment are moved safely and efficiently on construction sites. Here are some examples of Aicrane construction winches in Indonesia:

AQ-JM 5 Ton Winches For A Construction Project in Jakarta, Indonesia

The client company is a construction company in Jakarta, Indonesia and needs to use 5 ton electric winches to lift materials. The drum capacity is 500m*21.5mm and the rated speed is 9.5m/min.

5 Ton Electric Winches In Jakarta, Indonesia
5 Ton Electric Winches In Jakarta, Indonesia
5 Ton Winches For Construction Project
5 Ton Winches For Construction Project

AQ-JM 3 Ton Electric Construction Winches Exported to Kalimantan, Indonesia

Our client’s construction project in Kalimantan, Indonesia required 3 ton electric construction winches to pull materials. The drum capacity is 200m*16mm and the working speed is 10m/min.

3 Ton Electric Construction Winch in Indonesia
3 Ton Electric Construction Winch To Kalimantan, Indonesia
3 Ton Electric Winch For Construction
3 Ton Electric Winch For Construction

Marine Winches

Marine winches in Indonesia are used for a variety of tasks, including anchoring, mooring, towing, and lifting heavy objects onboard. Depending on their intended use and the size of the vessel, marine winches come in a variety of types and sizes including windlasses, anchor winches, mooring winches, towing winches, capstan winches and combined windlass mooring winches.

Boat Anchor Windlass in Indonesia
Boat Anchor Windlass
Mooring Winch for Sale in Indonesia
Mooring Winch
Boat Positioning Winches For Sale
Boat Positioning Winch
Combined Anchor Mooring Winch in Indonesia
Combined Anchor Mooring Winch
Capstan Winches
Capstan Winch

Aicrane marine winches are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, including exposure to saltwater, corrosion, and extreme weather conditions. They can be electric type, hydraulic type, single drum, and double drum of coaxial or waterfall configuration to meet varied needs of customers. See examples of our marine winches in Indonesia:

10 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches Shipped to Indonesia

These 10 ton single drum hydraulic mooring winches will be shipped to Indonesia soon and installed on an Indonesian customer’s vessel for mooring and positioning. Our 10 ton hydraulic mooring winches are designed to handle heavy loads and provide reliable and precise control over the tension and position of mooring lines.

10 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches
10 Ton Hydraulic Mooring Winches Shipped to Indonesia
10 Ton Mooring Winches for Sale to Indonesia
10 Ton Hydraulic Winches in Indonesia

Double Drum Mooring Winch For Workboat in Indonesia

Aicrane double drum hydraulic mooring winch was shipped to Indonesia, and it will be used on the customer’s workboat in Indonesia. According to customer requirements, the hydraulic mooring winch adopts double drum and split drum structure. The split drum mooring winch is divided into a tensioning section and a line storage section by a notched flange, which allows for greater control over the wire rope, reducing the risk of accidents.

Double Drum Mooring Winch In Indonesia
Double Drum Mooring Winch For Sale In Indonesia
Indonesia Double Drum Mooring Winch
Double Drum Mooring Winch

What Is The Price of The Winch in Indonesia?

The winch price in Indonesia can vary depending on the type, specification, configuration and brand of the winch. Generally, small capacity electric winches can be purchased for a few thousand US dollars, while larger capacity and more powerful winches can cost tens of thousands of US dollars or more.

There are several factors that can affect the price of a winch, including:

  • Load Capacity: Winches come in different load capacities, and the higher the capacity, the higher the price. A winch that can handle heavier loads will require a stronger motor, heavier cables, and a more durable construction.
  • Type of Winch: There are several types of winches available, such as electric winches, hydraulic winches, and diesel winches. Each type has its own pros and cons, and the price will depend on the features and capabilities of the winch.
  • Configuration: The configuration of the winch will also affect the price. For example, if the motor is selected from a top domestic brand or a well-known international brand, the price of the winch will vary greatly.
  • Brand: The brand of the winch can also have a significant impact on the price. Well-known and reputable brands may cost more due to their reputation and quality.
  • Features: The more features a winch machine has, the higher the price is likely to be. Features such as wireless remote control, rope spooling device, automatic braking, pull sensor and advanced safety features can increase the price of a winch.

For example, in Indonesia, the price of an Aicrane 5 ton electric construction winch can range from around several thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars or more, depending on the specifications (drum capacity, working speed, etc.), configuration (domestic or imported configuration) and other factors.

Therefore, it’s important to note that these electric winch prices in Indonesia are just estimates and can vary depending on many factors. It’s always a good idea to research and compare prices from multiple suppliers to find the best deal on a winch in Indonesia.

Price of Winches in Indonesia
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Aicrane – Your Reliable Winch Supplier in Indonesia

Looking for reliable winch manufacturers and suppliers in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Batam or other cities in Indonesia? Aicrane is a great choice!

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  • We have local custom clearance partner that can solve custom clearance issues for customers who don’t have import experience.
  • We have local installation teams in Indonesia with more than 10 years of installation experience, which can guarantee timely installation and maintenance.
  • We have winch agency in Indonesia, which can do better after-sales service.
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