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Friction Winch

Aicrane AQ-JMM electric type friction winch is mainly used for long-distance pulling and large-stroke lifting of various large and extra-large concrete structure, steel structures and steel cables. The wire rope speed of the AQ-JMM winch is constant and the lifting is stable.

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Advantages of Friction Type Electric Winch

  • Because the position of the rope outlet remains unchanged, the deflection angle of the wire rope will not be generated, which reduces the wear of the wire rope and increases the service life of the wire rope.
  • The tension and speed of the wire rope are constant, the whole machine runs smoothly, and the impact force is small.

Two Main Applications of Friction Winch

1. Used in Various Engineering Projects

The AQ-JMM electric winch is widely used for the construction of bridges, ports, docks and other road and bridge projects and the installation of large-scale factories and mines and power engineering equipment.

Friction Winch For Construction Projects
Friction Winch For Construction

Friction Winch Manufacturer
Friction Winch for Sale

2. Used to Pull the Boat Ashore

– This type of electric winch is also used to pull large ships ashore or for ship breaking.

60 Ton Slipway Winch for Sale
60 Ton Slipway Winch

Boat Slipway Winch for Sale
Friction Boat Winch

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Technical Parameters of AQ-JMM Winch

Technical Parameters of AQ-JMM Series Friction Winch
Model Rated
KN m/min m mm KW mm KG
AQ-JMM10 100 10 4800 30 YZR225M-6 30 1980x2650x850 6000
AQ-JMM16 160 11 1000 34.5 YZR225M-6 45 3350x1920x1320 9500
AQ-JMM20 200 11 3600 39 YZR280S-6 55 3500x1960x1320 10000
AQ-JMM32 320 10 3200 52 YZR280M-6 75 4330x2350x1760 16000
AQ-JMM55 550 5 2000 60 YZR280M-6 75 5000x2800x1900 22000

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Learn More About The Structure of AQ-JMM Friction Winch

The friction winch is mainly composed of friction drums that generate tension and rope storage drum.

Friction Drums

The friction drum set must be provided with rope grooves to increase the friction between the steel wire rope and the drum. The number of rope grooves is generally 6-10.

Rope Storage Drum

The rope storage drum is only used to store the steel wire rope and does not provide tension. Controlled by the drive torque of the frequency conversion motor, it can better maintain synchronization with the friction drums.

Rope Pressure Device

The rope pressure device can prevent the wire rope from falling out of the groove when it is not working. It is generally mechanical. The rope pressure wheel is generally synchronized with the drum group through a sprocket chain drive.

Other Options

  • Rope spooling device
  • Pull force and rope length display
  • Load limiter
  • Various control options

How Does A Friction Winch Work?

1. Working principle of friction type electric winch:

The small gear and the big gear are driven by the motor to rotate. The big gear and the drum are separately installed on the same shaft, and there are no interconnected keys and bolts between them. Therefore, when the hand crank is in the zero position, the motor can only drive the large and small gears to rotate idly, and the drum does not rotate with it.

When the drum is to rotate during work, only the conical friction wood block on the big gear needs to be inserted into the concave groove at one end of the drum, and the two generate friction and connect in parallel to make the drum rotate.

2. The specific operation is as follows:

Move the hand crank clockwise to push the screw to the left to compress the spring, causing the drum to move along the axial direction of the large gear, and connect it with the friction block of the large gear. At this time, the ratchet and the drum rotates with the big gear.

When you need to stop, pull back the spring with the crank handle to make the drum leave the friction position so that it does not rotate.

After-sales Service

1. Full Range of After-sales Service

We provide customers with a full range of after-sales service, including:

  • We can dispatch professional after-sales service engineers to customer site to guide the installation and commissioning of the winch equipment.
  • We provide staff training service.
  • We provide spare parts service.
  • We provide life-long service support.
  • Our service is available at 24/7.

2. Five Overseas Offices

Our company has also set up overseas offices in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan to provide customers with timely services. Through face-to-face service, we are able to solve your problems faster and better!

3. Professional Engineer Team

The technical level and skills of our after-sales service engineers are fully qualified for the installation, debugging, trial operation of the equipment, training and guiding of users, etc.

Know More About Common Failure And Solutions Of Friction Winches

  • The drum gear sleeve is overheated.

    The main reason for this failure may be the unqualified lubricant quality.

    Solution: clean the drum gear sleeve, and then replace with new qualified lubricant.

  • The big gear bearing of the drum is seized.

    The main cause of this failure may be excessive bushing wear.

    Solution: replace the bushing.

  • The spindle is bent or cracked.

    The main reason for the failure may be overloaded use of the winch.

    Solution: repair or replace with a new spindle; strictly control the load of the winch at the rated load and below during the operation.

  • Gears are running noisy

    The main reason for this failure may have the following two aspects:

    • Incorrect gear installation
    • Different degrees of bearing wear

    Solution: reinstall the gear correctly; replace with new bearings.

  • The gear tooth surface is cracked.

    The main reason for this failure may be gear damage caused by long-term overload use of the winch or impact load.

    Solution: replace with the new gear and ensure that the winch is used strictly according to the specified load.

  • The brake can’t be braked or can’t be disengaged

    The main cause of this failure may be slack or too tight brake band.

    Solution: adjust the gap of the brake belt and repair the asbestos belt.

  • The triangle belt is cracked or twisted.

    The main reason for this failure may be the long-term wear of the V-belt, or pulley displacement.

    Solution: replace with new belt; adjust and tighten the pulley.

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