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Electric Winch

No matter your industry, be it construction, manufacturing, mining, or marine and offshore, electric winch plays a crucial role in the lifting and pulling of substantial loads. As a seasoned electric winch manufacturer, we are dedicated to supplying you with the perfect winching solutions to enhance your projects and guarantee their success.

Electric Winch for Sale

Uses of Electric Winches in Marine, Shipyard, Mining, and Construction

Aicrane electric winches are versatile tools in various industrial sectors, providing the muscle needed to tackle challenging tasks. Their applications span across construction, marine operations, mining, and shipyard settings, elevating efficiency and safety in each domain.

Marine Operations: Anchoring, Mooring, and Towing

Electric winches are indispensable equipment in the maritime sector, where they play a pivotal role in anchoring, mooring, and towing operations. In the harsh marine environment, these marine electric winches demonstrate their mettle with corrosion-resistant properties that ensure the safety and efficiency of marine operations. Whether securing a vessel in place or assisting in towing, electric marine winches are the backbone of maritime tasks.

Marine Electric Winch for Sale
Marine Electric Winch

Shipyard: Streamlining Ship Launching and Retrieval

Shipyards have come to rely heavily on electric slipway winches for an array of functions, making the process of launching and retrieving vessels, moving large ship components, and securing loads during construction and maintenance a breeze. These versatile tools provide the essential pulling and lifting force required to handle substantial loads, ensuring the seamless flow of operations in shipbuilding and repair. Their adaptability and reliability are pivotal in an industry where precision and safety reign supreme.

Electric Slipway Winch
Electric Slipway Winch for Shipyard

Mining: The Precision Powerhouse in Material Handling

In the mining sector, electric mining winches assume a role of paramount importance, serving as the muscle for material handling. These rugged machines are responsible for lifting and transporting heavy materials and equipment within mining operations. Mining tasks come with high stakes, demanding robust and reliable equipment, and electric winch machines step up to the challenge. Their precise control ensures that mining operations are carried out with safety and efficiency in mind, reducing downtime and risks.

Electric Winch for Mining
Electric Winch for Mining

Construction: Elevating Progress to New Heights

In the construction industry, electric construction winches take on the role of performing heavy lifting tasks, aiding in the elevation and precise positioning of construction materials and equipment. Whether it’s the hoisting of steel beams to the apex of a skyscraper or raising heavy machinery to a construction site, electric power winches ensure these operations are executed with unwavering precision and safety. Their controlled power accelerates construction projects efficiently, while simultaneously reducing the risk of accidents.

Electric Construction Winch for Sale
Electric Construction Winch
Winch Machine for Construction
Winch Machine for Construction

Selecting the Right Electric Winch

When choosing an electric winch system for a specific application, it’s imperative to consider factors like load capacity, drum capacity, line speed, power source, control mechanisms, and more. By carefully assessing these requirements, the chosen electric winch machine can be tailored to perfectly align with the specific demands of the task at hand, thus maximizing efficiency and safety.

Aicrane’s team of engineers
Aicrane’s team of engineers are here to help you select the right winch!

Cases of Aicrane Electric Winches

60 Ton Electric Winch: Empowering Indonesian Shipyard Operations

Imagine the challenging task of moving a massive ship for repairs or launching a new one. Our 60-ton electric slipway winch was designed for this exact purpose. In Indonesia, a shipyard faced this big challenge often. Our winch became the solution. Now, the shipyard in Indonesia uses our 60-ton electric winch to handle these tasks easily.

One special feature of this winch is that it can work with a pulley block, allowing it to pull a ship weighing up to 6,000 tons. This means even the large ships can be moved for repairs or launching, showing how good our winches are. The strength, efficiency, and dependability of our 60-ton electric winch in Indonesia make it very important for shipyard work, ensuring that ships are moved and looked after safely.

60 Ton Electric Slipway Winch in Indonesia
60 Ton Electric Slipway Winch
Pulley Block
Pulley Block
Control Console
Control Console

10 Ton Electric Winch: Aiding Chemical Plant Demolition in Indonesia

Our AQ-JM 10-ton electric winch played a pivotal role in the demolition process of a chemical plant in Indonesia. This winch 10 ton was instrumental in handling the complex task of lifting and moving heavy tanks. These tanks contained hazardous materials, making precision and safety paramount in the demolition process. This electric winch was equipped with robust materials and advanced technology, ensuring it could handle the substantial weight of the tanks while maintaining a high level of safety.

35 Ton Electric Mooring Winch: Enhancing Maritime Operations in the Philippines

A 35-ton electric mooring winch was exported the Philippines to enhance mooring procedures on a cargo ship. This winch served a critical role in ensuring the ship’s safety and stability during docking and unloading operations.

35 Ton Electric Mooring Winch
35 Ton Electric Mooring Winch for a Customer in the Philippines

Features and Advantages of Aicrane Electric Winches

  • Impressive Power and Versatility – One of the standout features of our winches is their remarkable power and versatility. These winches are designed to handle a wide range of loads, from light to extremely heavy. With various capacities available, you can choose the right type of electric winch for your specific needs. Whether you’re lifting equipment, hoisting materials, or conducting other pulling tasks, an electric winch can provide the necessary muscle to get the job done.
  • Ease of Operation – Aicrane electric winches for sale are known for their user-friendly operation. They come with straightforward controls that are typically a wired or wireless remote. This makes it easy to operate the winch from a safe distance, ensuring the operator’s safety.
  • Durability and Reliability – Our winches are built to withstand the harshest conditions. They are often designed with weather-resistant features, corrosion-resistant materials, and strong, reliable motors and gears to ensure they can perform consistently even in challenging environments.
  • Safety Features – Safety is paramount when using winches. Many winches are equipped with features such as load-holding brakes, automatic load monitoring, and thermal overload protection. These features help prevent accidents and equipment damage, making them ideal for situations where precision and safety are paramount.
  • Customization Options – Our winches offer various customization options, allowing you to tailor them to your specific requirements. You can select the appropriate winch capacity, cable or rope length, and control options to suit your application. This adaptability makes electric winch machines a versatile tool for a wide array of tasks.

Key Components of an Electric Winch

To fully understand the operation and maintenance of electric winches, it’s crucial to grasp the key components that make these devices function efficiently.

  • Motor: The heart of any electric winch is the motor. This component is responsible for generating the mechanical power needed to pull or lift heavy loads. Most winches utilize series wound or permanent magnet motors. Series wound motors are known for their high torque capabilities, while permanent magnet motors are more energy-efficient. The choice of motor type often depends on the specific application.
  • Gear Train: The gear train is an essential part of a winch machine, responsible for converting the high-speed rotation of the motor into a lower-speed, high-torque output at the winch drum. The gear ratio can be adjusted to match the required line speed and load capacity. Common gear types used in winches include planetary gears and worm gears.
  • Drum: The drum is a cylindrical spool that stores the winch cable or rope. It plays a central role in winding and unwinding the cable, allowing for controlled movement of the load. Drums can vary in size and design depending on the winch’s intended use. Some electric drum winches come with multiple drum options for greater versatility.
  • Cable or Rope: The cable or rope is the medium through which the winch exerts force on the load. The choice between synthetic rope and steel cable depends on the application. Synthetic ropes are lightweight, safer, and easier to handle but may have lower durability in certain conditions, while steel cables are robust and durable but heavier.
  • Control Interface: Our winches are equipped with control interfaces that allow the operator to manage the winching operation. This typically includes a handheld wired remote control or a wireless remote for safe and convenient operation at a distance. Some advanced winches also come with electronic control systems for precise control and additional safety features.
  • Brake: The brake in a winch is a critical safety feature. It prevents unintended cable payout when the winch is not actively operating. Common types of winch brakes include mechanical band brakes and dynamic braking systems. The brake engages automatically when the winch is not under power, holding the load securely in place.
  • Fairlead: The fairlead is a component that guides the cable or rope onto the drum in an orderly and even manner. It minimizes friction and wear on the cable while ensuring a straight line pull. Roller fairleads are commonly used and are particularly useful for synthetic ropes.
  • Housing and Mounting: The housing of an electric wire rope winch encases the motor, gear train, and other components, protecting them from environmental factors like moisture, dust, and debris. The housing also serves as the mounting structure, allowing the winch to be securely attached to a platform or structure.

Aicrane Electric Winch Prices: What to Expect and Consider

When looking to buy an electric winch, understanding the pricing factors and considerations is crucial. Here we’ll delve into the various aspects that affect electric winch prices, allowing you to make an informed decision when selecting the right winch for your needs.

The Range of Aicrane Electric Winch Prices

Our winches are available across a broad spectrum of price points, with costs subject to variation based on several key factors. On average, you might encounter a 10-ton single-drum electric mooring winch priced at approximately $20,000. Nevertheless, specialized and heavy-duty mooring winches can command higher price tags. Below, we provide an approximate price list for our electric winches as a reference point. Please note that these figures are indicative, and for precise pricing tailored to your unique requirements, we recommend reaching out to us for a personalized consultation.

5T Electric Mooring Winch PriceStarting at 11,400USD
10T Electric Mooring Winch PriceStarting at 20,000USD
15T Electric Mooring Winch PriceStarting at 22,800USD
Electric Winch Prices
Contact Us For Aicrane Electric Winch Prices

Factors Affecting Electric Winch Prices

  • Load Capacity: The primary factor influencing the cost of an electric winch is its load capacity. Winches designed to handle heavier loads generally come at a higher price. Smaller winches suitable for light-duty applications tend to be more affordable.
  • Line Speed: Line speed is another significant factor influencing winch prices. Line speed refers to how quickly the winch can retrieve the cable or rope, and some winches offer variable line speed settings. These winches, offering greater flexibility, often come with a higher price point.
  • Drum Capacity: The drum capacity directly affects the overall cost of the winch. Winches with larger drum capacities may come at a higher price because they require larger drums and more materials for construction. However, for tasks that demand extended cable or rope length, the investment in a winch with a larger drum capacity can prove cost-effective in the long run.
  • Power Source: Our winches can be powered by various voltage options, and the power source can impact the cost. High-voltage winches may cost more, but they are also capable of handling larger loads efficiently.
  • Wireless Remote Control: Our winches with advanced features like wireless remote controls may be pricier than those with standard wired controls. Electric winch with wireless remote control enhances convenience and safety, which can justify the added cost.
  • Corrosion Resistance: In marine or corrosive environments, electric marine winches with additional corrosion-resistant features may cost more due to the specialized materials and coatings used to withstand such conditions.
  • Additional Accessories: Some winches are sold as part of a kit that includes accessories like mounting plates, fairleads, and additional cables. These electric winch kits can be more expensive but may offer better value for specific applications.

When considering the purchase of an electric winch, it’s essential to evaluate your specific needs and budget. Selecting the right winch for your specific needs and budget is essential to ensure that it not only performs efficiently but also offers long-term value and reliability.

Why Aicrane Stands Out as Your Trusted Electric Winch Supplier

When it comes to selecting a supplier for your winch needs, reliability is paramount. Aicrane, a distinguished name in the material handling equipment industry, excels in offering a comprehensive range of electric winch solutions. But what sets Aicrane apart as a dependable electric winch company? Here are the core reasons that make Aicrane your top choice.

Unparalleled Expertise

  • Aicrane boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing of winches. With years of experience in the industry, the company has honed its processes to deliver winches that meet high standards of quality, safety, and performance. This extensive expertise is your assurance of winches capable of withstanding the most demanding challenges encountered in your projects.

Wide Range of Options

  • Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Aicrane offers a diverse array of options to cater to your unique needs. Whether your application calls for heavy lifting, offshore operations, construction sites, or other specialized requirements, Aicrane’s catalog includes electrical winches with varying load capacities, line speeds, drum capacities, and configurations. This variety ensures that you can discover the perfect winch to match your project’s specific demands.

Customization Options

  • We understand that every project presents distinct requirements. To address these unique needs, we provide customization options. Whether you seek a winch with specific features, dimensions, or control mechanisms tailored to your project, Aicrane can craft products that align precisely with your expectations.

Competitive Pricing

  • While Aicrane’s electric winches for sale are renowned for their exceptional quality and performance, they also offer competitive pricing. The synergy of affordability and excellence makes Aicrane a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes. With Aicrane, you receive unmatched value for your investment.

Installation and After-Sales Service Support

  • Aicrane takes your project’s success seriously, and this commitment extends beyond providing top-notch equipment. Our services encompass installation support to ensure that your winch machine is set up and operating optimally from the very start. Furthermore, Aicrane offers comprehensive after-sales service support. The responsive and experienced team stands ready to address your inquiries, provide guidance, and assist with maintenance and repairs when needed. This end-to-end support ensures the longevity and reliability of your electric winch system, backed by a dedicated team that’s with you every step of the way.
Aicrane Winch Manufacturing
Aicrane Winch Manufacturing
Load Testing
Winch Load Testing
On-site Installation Guidance for Winches
Aicrane Provides On-site Installation Guidance

In conclusion, selecting Aicrane as your electric power winch machine manufacturer guarantees access to robust, high-performance equipment that aligns seamlessly with your project’s unique specifications. It’s an investment in quality and reliability that will prove its value over the long term. To get a quote, contact us today.

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