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100 Ton Winch

A 100 ton winch is a heavy duty mechanical device designed to lift and move extremely heavy loads weighing up to 100 tons. The winch is used in various industries such as construction, maritime, and transportation for tasks such as lifting heavy machinery, pulling vehicles or equipment, and handling large objects.

4-point Mooring Winches for Sale
4-point Mooring Winches

Types of 100 Ton Winch

The 100 ton winch offers high lifting capacity, robust construction, and precise control, making it a reliable and efficient solution for demanding lifting and pulling operations in industrial settings. Aicrane provides two main kinds of winch. They are construction winch and marine winch.

Construction Winch 100 Ton

A 100 ton construction winch is a powerful and essential piece of equipment used in heavy construction projects. It is designed specifically for lifting and moving heavy materials and equipment on construction sites.

AQ-JM Electric Construction Winch Machine
AQ-JM Electric Construction Winch
AQ-JK Electric Winch For Construction
AQ-JK Electric Winch For Construction

The main advantage of a 100 ton construction winch is its ability to handle extremely heavy loads with precision and control, making it indispensable for tasks such as lifting heavy machinery, erecting structural components, and moving construction materials like steel beams or concrete panels. Its durable construction and advanced safety features make it a vital asset for large-scale construction projects where heavy lifting and material handling are required.

AQ-JM Slow Speed Winch

The AQ-JM slow speed winch is part of a series of winches driven by gear reducers. This slow speed winch is primarily utilized for installation tasks at construction sites, including the assembly and disassembly of large and medium-sized concrete, steel structures, and mechanical equipment.

AQ-JM Electric Winch for Sale in Australia
AQ-JM Electric Winch in Australia
Model AQ-JM
Load capacity 0.5~200 t
Rope capacity 20~3600m
Working speed 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

AQ-JMM Electric Friction Winch

The AQ-JMM electric friction winch offers a consistent speed for the steel wire rope, ensuring stable lifting operations. This friction winch is well-suited for long-distance traction and large-stroke lifting tasks involving large and extra-large concrete structures, steel structures, and steel cables. Its applications span across road and bridge construction projects, as well as the installation of large-scale factories, mines, and power engineering equipment.

Electric Winch Machine in Australia
AQ-JMM Electric Winch Machine in Australia
Model AQ-JMM
Load capacity 0.5~100 t
Rope capacity 20~5000 m
Working speed 5~20 m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Marine Winch 100 Ton

There are four types of marine winch. They are used for different purposes of maritime operation. The marine winch can be mainly devided into mooring winch, towing winch, anchor winch, and slipway winch.

Mooring Winch 100 Ton

A mooring winch is an essential component of maritime vessels used for securing the vessel to a dock, pier, or buoy. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability and safety of the vessel during berthing and mooring operations. Mooring winches are typically equipped with strong ropes or chains and feature powerful motors capable of handling the forces exerted by tidal currents, winds, and waves. They provide precise control and reliable performance, allowing ships to moor safely and securely in various port conditions.

Double Drum Mooring Winch
Double Drum Mooring Winch

Several mooring winches can be combined as four point, six point, eight point mooring winch system to secure the stability of vessel. Aicrane can provide customized mooring winch system based on your need.

Four-point Mooring System for Offshore Operation
Four-point Hydraulic Mooring System for Offshore Operation

Towing Winch 100 Ton

Towing winches are designed for towing operations, where one vessel tows another or assists in maneuvering floating structures such as barges or floating platforms. These towing winches are engineered to withstand high loads and dynamic forces encountered during towing activities.

Barge Towing Winch
Towing Winch for Barge

They offer exceptional pulling power, speed control, and line handling capabilities, enabling efficient and safe towing operations in offshore, coastal, and harbor environments. Towing winches are crucial equipment for marine towing and salvage operations, contributing to the smooth and effective movement of vessels and marine structures.

Marine Towing Winch for Sale
Marine Towing Winch

Anchor Winch 100 Ton

Anchor winches, also known as windlasses, are used for deploying and retrieving anchors on ships and boats. They play a vital role in anchoring operations, ensuring vessel stability, positioning, and safety while at anchor. Anchor winches are designed to handle heavy anchor chains or ropes and provide controlled lowering and lifting of anchors with precision. They are equipped with features such as brake systems, chain stoppers, and anchor washdown capabilities to facilitate efficient anchoring and secure anchorage in various marine conditions.

Anchor Mooring Winch for Sale
Anchor Winch for Sale

Slipway Winch 100 Ton

Slipway winches are specialized winches used in shipyards and marine facilities for launching and hauling out vessels onto slipways or dry docks. These winches are designed to handle the weight and size of vessels during launching and retrieval processes. Slipway winches feature strong cables or straps, powerful motors, and precise control systems to ensure smooth and controlled movement of vessels along the slipway. They are critical equipment for shipbuilding, maintenance, and repair operations, allowing for the safe and efficient handling of vessels during launching, docking, and haul-out procedures.

Slipway Winch Solution
Slipway Winch Solution

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Case Study of Heavy Duty Winch

Aicrane has exported heavy duty winch to our customers all over the world. Here are two heavy duty winch case study.

60 Ton Slipway Winch Solution For Indonesia

Aicrane successfully installed an AQ-JMM 60 ton slipway winch in Indonesia for a customer’s boat pulling needs. Upon installation, the winch operated smoothly under light loads, signaling readiness for heavy load testing. Our customer specifically chose the AQ-JMM friction-type electric winch to efficiently pull boats ashore.

60 Ton Slipway Winch For Shipyard
60 Ton Slipway Winch For Indonesia

Tailored Boat Pulling Solutions for Indonesian Customers

For those seeking boat pulling solutions in Indonesia, Aicrane offers customized options to suit diverse requirements. Our solutions include using rail trolleys or airbags to pull boats ashore. Airbags are particularly popular due to their efficient use of slipway space, enabling multiple boat pullings from the same slipway. Furthermore, our boat slipway electric winches can be single drum or friction type based on customer preferences.

Advantages of Friction Electric Winches for Boat Pulling

In this instance, the customer opted for a friction electric winch for boat pulling tasks. This type of offshore winch leverages friction between the wire rope and drum to generate tension, offering several advantages:

  • Consistent Rope Exit Position: This minimizes wire rope wear and extends its service life by eliminating deflection angles.
  • Stable Operation: Constant rope pulling force and speed ensure stable machine operation with minimal impact forces.

Why Choose Aicrane for Winch Solutions in Indonesia?

Indonesian customers prefer Aicrane for winch Indonesia solutions due to several key reasons:

Aicrane Winches for Sale in Indonesia
Aicrane Winches for Sale in Indonesia
  • Local Presence: With an established overseas office in Indonesia, we boast a professional sales and technical team capable of delivering tailored solutions.
  • Diverse Equipment: We offer a wide range of winch equipment to meet various application needs.
  • Efficient After-Sales Support: Our after-sales service team in Indonesia provides prompt and efficient support to customers.

40 Ton Hydraulic Winch with Hydraulic Pump Station to Dominica

Our company supplied a 40 ton hydraulic winch with a hydraulic pump station for a mining project in Dominica. This specialized equipment was installed on both sides of a ball mill machine used in a mining area. They operate simultaneously to pull the ball mill machine. The customer’s primary requirement was a robust and dependable solution capable of handling heavy loads in a demanding mining industrial environment.

Hydraulic Pump Station
Hydraulic Pump Station and Control Cabin
40 Ton Hydraulic Winch for Sale
40 Ton Hydraulic Winch

Key Features of the Hydraulic Winch with Pump Station

  • Hydraulic Power: The winch operates using hydraulic power, providing high efficiency and precise control during lifting and pulling operations.
  • High Load Capacity: With a robust design and durable components, the hydraulic winch is capable of handling heavy loads with ease, making it ideal for marine applications.
  • Smooth Operation: The hydraulic system ensures smooth and stable operation, minimizing jerks or sudden movements during lifting and pulling tasks.
  • Variable Speed Control: The winch offers variable speed control, allowing operators to adjust the lifting or pulling speed according to specific requirements.

Our hydraulic winch with the pump station proved to be highly efficient and reliable, meeting the customer’s expectations for marine lifting and pulling tasks. The combination of hydraulic power, high load capacity, smooth operation, and safety features makes this 40 ton winch for Dominica a valuable asset for marine operations requiring heavy-duty winching capabilities.

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Advantages of winch 100 ton

The heavy duty 100 ton winch is popular among the clients for many reasons. Here are some advantage of a winch 100 ton:

  • High Lifting Capacity: A 100 ton winch boasts an exceptional lifting capacity, allowing it to effortlessly handle heavy loads that may be encountered in various industrial and construction applications. This high capacity makes it a valuable asset for lifting and moving large machinery, equipment, and materials, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing overall efficiency on the job site.
  • Precise Control: Equipped with advanced control systems and technologies, the winch 100 ton offers precise and reliable operation during lifting and pulling tasks. Operators can exercise fine control over the winch’s speed, direction, and braking, ensuring accurate positioning and safe handling of loads.
  • Increased Productivity: The high lifting capacity and efficient performance of a 100 ton winch contribute to increased productivity on construction sites and industrial projects. With the ability to lift heavy loads quickly and securely, the winch facilitates faster completion of tasks, reduces downtime, and optimizes workflow efficiency. This enhanced productivity translates into cost savings, improved project timelines, and enhanced overall operational efficiency for businesses and contractors utilizing the winch in their operations.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Thanks to its rugged construction and reliable components, a 100 ton winch requires minimal maintenance compared to lesser-capacity winches or manual lifting methods. Routine maintenance tasks such as lubrication, inspections, and minor adjustments are straightforward and can be scheduled at longer intervals, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.
  • Improved Safety: Safety is paramount in lifting and material handling operations, and the winch 100 ton is designed with integrated safety features to enhance workplace safety. These features may include overload protection systems, emergency stop buttons, fail-safe braking mechanisms, and audible or visual alarms to alert operators of potential hazards. By prioritizing safety, the winch helps mitigate risks, prevent accidents, and ensure the well-being of workers and equipment on the job site, fostering a secure and productive work environment.

Our Services as a Winch Manufacturer

Aicrane is a reliable winch manufacturer. Here are our services as a winch manufacturer for our customers.

  • Customization: Aicrane understands that each customer may have unique requirements and preferences when it comes to winch solutions. That’s why we offer customization services to tailor our winches to meet specific needs. Whether it’s adjusting the load capacity, speed, or features of the winch, our team works closely with clients to design and manufacture custom winch solutions that align perfectly with their applications.
  • Free Quotations: We believe in transparency and providing clear information to our customers right from the start. Aicrane offers free quotations for our winch products. Customers can request a quotation based on their requirements, and our team will provide detailed pricing information, specifications, and any additional details needed to make an informed decision. This helps customers understand the cost of their winch solution upfront, allowing for better budget planning and decision-making.
  • Production: Aicrane operates our own manufacturing facilities equipped with advanced technology and skilled workforce. Our production process adheres to strict quality standards and industry best practices to ensure that every winch we produce meets the highest quality and performance standards.
  • Aicrane Factory
    Aicrane Factory
  • Transportation: Once the winch is ready for delivery, Aicrane facilitates safe and timely transportation to the customer’s location. We partner with reputable logistics providers to ensure that winches are shipped efficiently and securely, whether it’s for domestic or international destinations. Our logistics team coordinates the entire transportation process.
  • Installation Guidance: Aicrane provides comprehensive installation guidance to assist customers in setting up and commissioning their winch systems. Our installation team of experienced technicians offers step-by-step instructions, technical support, and troubleshooting assistance to ensure a smooth and successful installation process. We understand the importance of proper installation for optimal performance and safety, and we are committed to providing the necessary guidance and support to our customers throughout this phase.
  • Aicrane engineer
    Aicrane engineer provides on-site winch installation guidance.
  • After-Sales Support: Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the point of sale. Aicrane offers dedicated after-sales support to address any inquiries, issues, or maintenance needs that customers may have after purchasing our winch products. Our team is available to provide technical assistance, spare parts replacements, maintenance services, and training programs to ensure that customers get the most out of their winch investment. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to build long-term partnerships based on trust, reliability, and exceptional service.
  • After-sales Service
    Aicrane After-sales Service

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