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Winch Operation Safety

We provide winch operation safety measures for your reference.  Mooring winch operation safety precautions are as are follows.

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The basic knowledge of electrical safety:

  • Electrical equipment, do not arbitrarily move, if the electrical part of the fault, shall not be repaired without permission, nor with fault operation, should immediately ask the electrician overhaul.
  •  The power distribution boxes, switchboards, knife switches, push-button switches, sockets, latches and wires that are in constant contact with and used must be kept intact, safe and shall not be damaged or the exposed live parts.
  • In the operation of the switch, the cover must be good to prevent the arc in the event of a short circuit or fuse splatter wounding.
  •  The use of electrical equipment, the shell in accordance with the relevant safety regulations, must be protective ground or zero. For grounded or zero facilities should always be checked. Be sure to make sure the connection is solid. Grounding or zeroing leads must not have any disconnection. Otherwise, grounding or pick-up will not work.
  • Need to move electrical equipment, you must first cut off the power and then move. At the same time to clean up the wire, not dragged to the ground to avoid wear. If the wire is suppressed by the object, do not pull it hard to prevent the wire pulled off.
Electric Anchor and Anchoring Winches for Sale
Electric Anchor and Anchoring Winch

The use of mooring anchor winch:

  • Before use, overload and dynamic load tests shall be carried out.
  • Check the brake pad is stained with oil, the contacts cannot be coated with oil or file rasp;
  • Do not overload use. Do not allow tilted lifting or as a drag tool to use;
  •  The operator should pay attention to and promptly eliminate the wire rope of the slot or wind around the two layers of abnormal conditions;
  •  Disc brake to be used to adjust the spring so that the object can easily be suspended state, the braking distance at maximum load shall not exceed 80mm;
  • Mooring windlass should have enough oil, and keep clean;
  • When mooring windlass is not working, it is forbidden to hang heavy objects in the air to prevent permanent deformation of parts.
  •  During normal construction, the electric hoist load should be kept as uniform as possible, and frequent hoisting and lowering of the electric hoist are strictly prohibited.
  • Below the operating area should be set cordon, and prominently set “no entry” and other signs;
  •  The operator should always pay attention to the operation of various mechanical parts when lifting and lowering the electric winch. If it is found that the electric hoist is abnormal, it
  • Should be repaired to the ground in time and the construction should be continued only after the equipment is hoisted. Disease operation;
  • When the construction period is longer, the regular inspection system of electric windlass must be established. Operators daily electric hoist should be required to inspect the parts, must be overhauled by full-time maintenance personnel, other personnel may not arbitrarily disassemble and overhaul;
  •  Electric hoist up and down operation, the rope should be kept vertical. Do not allow the rope to connect after use;
  •  Work should be properly kept construction tools to prevent falling objects;
  •  Operators found hidden dangers or insecurity of the accident, have the right to require the use of units to take appropriate labor protection measures; the use of unit managers in charge of illegal operations, the risk of adventurous operations, the right to refuse to implement; Every day when the motor is out of service, the electric windlass should be powered off and the slings should be recuperated and parked on the ground to avoid shaking with the wind;
  • It is forbidden to engage in hoisting and lifting work during nighttime. Construction operations should be stopped when heavy snowfall, rainstorms, fog and outdoor winds reach 10.8m / s (level 6) or above.

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