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3 Ton Mining Winch

3 Ton Mining Winch For Enhancing Mining Operations in Colombia

We are pleased to provide a 3 ton mining winch to optimize mining activities for our client in Colombia. With a drum capacity of 400 meters, this winch is perfectly suited for efficiently hoisting minerals during mining operations. Factory Testing of Our 3-Ton Mining Winch Upon completion of fabrication, all of our winches undergo rigorous …

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28mm Combined Windlass Mooring Winch To Saudi Arabia

Combined Windlass Mooring Winches Shipped To Saudi Arabia

Aicrane 28mm combined electric windlass mooring winches were shipped to Saudi Arabia. This combined mooring winch is designed with single drum and single anchor chain wheel and will be installed on ships for a safe and reliable anchor chain and mooring line handling. Advantages of The Combined Windlass Mooring Winch Combined windlass mooring winches are commonly used on …

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30 Ton Slipway Winches in Nigeria

30 Ton Slipway Winches Installed At A Naval Base in Nigeria

Two 30-ton slipway winches and one 5 ton winch were installed at a naval base in Nigeria to pull vessels out of the water for maintenance. These winches are Aicrane AQ-JM series single drum electric winches, which are an economical choice for moving ships to and from the water by the slipway. The Entire Order Process …

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Vietnam 30 Ton Winch For Sale

30 Ton Electric Winches For Industrial Plant in Vietnam

We supplied two AQ-JM 30 ton electric winches for our customer’s industrial plant in Vietnam. These winches are used to pull heavy items in his plant. Now the 30 ton winches are assembled and painted, ready to be shipped to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Details About The Vietnam 30 Ton Electric Winch Customer Inquiry …

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15 Ton Hydraulic Winch For Sale Vietnam

15 Ton Hydraulic Winches Shipped to Vietnam

Four 15-ton hydraulic winches were shipped to Vietnam. These hydraulic winches will be installed on the boats for mooring. Along with the hydraulic winch, we also supply HPU which provides hydraulic power to the winch. Read on to learn more details about Aicrane 15 ton hydraulic winches in Vietnam. Advantages of The Vietnam 15 Ton …

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Hydraulic Towing Winch For Cargo Ship in New Caledonia

Aicrane Hydraulic Towing Winch For Cargo Ship In New Caledonia

Aicrane supplied a 8 ton hydraulic towing winch to a New Caledonian customer to replace old equipment on his cargo ship. This hydraulic towing winch is equipped with pneumatic and manual brakes, as well as matching decoupling device according to customer requirements. Now the winch has completed production and is about to be shipped to …

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5 Ton Hydraulic Winch to Hong Kong

2 Sets of 5 Ton Hydraulic Winches Sent to Hong Kong

2 sets of 5 ton hydraulic winches with pump stations were being packaged and sent to Hong Kong. These hydraulic winches are used to lift various loads in the customer’s plant. In addition, our hydraulic winches have a wide range of applications and can be used in marine engineering, construction, hydraulic engineering, forestry, mines, docks, …

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5 Ton Electric Planetary Winch to South Korea

Supply 5 Ton Electric Planetary Winches For Steel Mill in South Korea

We provided two 5-ton planetary electric winches for the customer’s steel mill in South Korea. The 5 ton electric winches will be installed in the steel mill to hoist ladle heaters. The drum capacity of the winch is 50m*20mm, and the speed is 0.88-8.78m/min variable speed. 5 Ton Electric Planetary Winch Solutions For Steel Mill in …

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QPQ 2*25T Electric Winches Vietnam

QPQ 2*25T Electric Winches Were Shipped to Vietnam

Three QPQ 2*25T electric winches were shipped to Vietnam. The delivery time is 45 working days. These electric winches are dispatched from Qingdao port and arrive at Ho Chi Minh port in Vietnam within 9 days. The installation of these electric winches is also very simple, and our after-sales service engineers will guide the installation online. …

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3 Ton Electric Winch for Sale Zimbabwe

3 Ton Electric Winch Was On Its Way to Zimbabwe

AQ-JK 3 ton electric winch was on its way to Zimbabwe. This 3t electric winch is installed in the mine vents to lift underground materials. It is a sort of high speed electric winch with double brake and variable frequency speed control. The drum capacity is 220m and the speed is 3-30m/min variable speed. Delivery …

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