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Warehouse Overhead Crane

We provide quality warehouse overhead crane to customers to enhance their working efficiency and safety. The crane comes in different configurations to suit varied lifting requirements, including single girder, double girder, top running and underhung system. Our cranes are ruggedly constructed to ensure high reliability and durability. Backed by professional expert team, we can provide you with customized solution to meet your special lifting requirements.

  • Single Girder Warehouse Overhead Crane

Customer Cases

AQ-LH 20 Ton Hoist Double Girder Overhead Crane in Uzbekistan

This AQ-LH warehouse overhead crane 20 ton has the advantages of compact dimensions, low building clearance, light weight, and small wheel pressure. It is is mainly suitable for the transfer, assembly, overhaul and loading and unloading operations of mechanical processing workshops, auxiliary workshops of metallurgical plants, warehouses, stockyards, power stations, etc.

AQ-LD 10 Ton Overhead Crane And Steel Structure in Uzbekistan

We provided AQ-LD 10 ton overhead bridge crane and steel structure to Uzbekistan customer according to his requirements. The customer said that the crane is working well.

AQ-HD European Standard Single Girder Overhead Cranes Test Run Video

AQ-HD European-style overhead cranes are well received by the customer because they have advanced technology and are designed in accordance with international standards: DIN (Germany), FEM (Europe), ISO (International). The AQ-HD 10 ton warehouse overhead crane has the advantages of strong rigidity, light weight, and outstanding structural design.

AQ-LD 16 Ton Overhead Crane in Customer’s Warehouse

This AQ-LD type 16 ton overhead crane is designed with low headroom wire rope hoist according to customer requirements.

AQ-NLH 30 Ton Overhead Crane in Nigeria

AQ-HD 3 Ton Warehouse Overhead Crane in Bolivia

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AQ-QD 50 Ton Overhead Crane in Chile

AQ-LH 5 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane in Dominica

What Are Different Types of Warehouse Overhead Cranes?

We provide all kinds of overhead bridge cranes for warehouse, including AQ-LD, AQ-HD, AQ-QD, AQ-LH, AQ-NLH, AQ-QDX, etc.

Single Girder Warehouse Overhead Crane For Sale
AQ-LD Single Girder Warehouse Overhead Crane for Sale

Model AQ-LD
Load capacity 1-25t
Span 7.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-30m
Lifting speed 0.3-8m/min
Hoist running speed 20m/min
Crane running speed 20m/min
Work duty A3, A4

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AQ-HD European Standard Warehouse Crane Price
AQ-HD European Standard Warehouse Crane for Sale

Model AQ-HD
Load capacity 1-20t
Span 7.5-28.5m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 0.8/5m/min
Hoist running speed 2-20m/min
Crane running speed 3-30m/min
Work duty A5

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Overhead Crane for Warehouse
AQ-QD Double Girder Overhead Crane for Warehouse

Model AQ-QD
Load capacity 5-450t
Span 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-24m
Lifting speed 2.1-11.5m/min
Trolley running speed 27-40m/min
Crane running speed 42-75m/min
Work duty A3-A7

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AQ-LH Warehouse Bridge Crane For Sale
AQ-LH Warehouse Bridge Crane

Model AQ-LH
Load capacity 5-50t
Span 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-30m
Lifting speed 0.18-8m/min
Trolley running speed 20m/min
Crane running speed 20m/min
Work duty A3, A4

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Double Girder Overhead Crane in Warehouse
AQ-NLH European Hoist Double Girder Crane in Warehouse

Model AQ-NLH
Load capacity 5-80t
Span 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 0.4-5m/min
Trolley running speed 2-20m/min
Crane running speed 3-30m/min
Work duty A5

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AQ-QDX European Type Overhead Crane for Warehouse
AQ-QDX European Type Overhead Crane for Warehouse

Model AQ-QDX
Load capacity 5-320t
Span 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-24m
Lifting speed 0.2-10.7m/min
Trolley running speed 2.4-33m/min
Crane running speed 4.2-68m/min
Work duty A3-A5

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Structural Features of Warehouse Bridge Crane

In the parts of the warehouse overhead crane, there is a lot matching equipment for your choice. You can select some of them if necessary. The convenience we provide for you is to promote the working efficiency of your warehouse.

  • Single or double girder, welding box beam, camber meet the national standard; Adopt high-quality carbon steel.
  • The trolley consists of motor, reducer, brake, coupling, the wheel, and drum.
  • No asbestos brake pad or brake block, insert the card installed, safe and reliable.
  • The speed reducer has a hard-toothed surface, compact structure and durable performance.
  • End girder is matched with rail buffer and rail clearance device.
  • Crane protection grade is IP54 or IP44, F grade insulation.
  • Brake effectively, long service life.

Why Choose Aicrane Warehouse Overhead Crane?

Let’s talk about the advantages of choosing our overhead warehouse cranes in terms of structure, price and design.

Sturdy Structure

In general, there are about four parts of the warehouse overhead crane: the main beams, traveling systems, trolley, and electric appliances, etc. Each part of the crane plays an important role in the high-performance overhead warehouse crane.

We can design the crane with single or double girder. Compared to the single girder crane, the warehouse double girder overhead crane can load or unload much more heavy materials. This kind of double girder overhead crane is also much safer than the single girder warehosue overhead crane in safety parameters.

In terms of price, the single girder overhead crane is less expensive than a double girder overhead crane.

We can also customize the bridge crane to meet all your special lifting needs.

Warehouse Overhead Crane Design
Warehouse Crane System

Aicrane Factory
Aicrane Factory

Affordable Price

Aicrane overhead crane price is lower than other crane suppliers. Since we are the direct crane suppliers, we have our own trolley overhead crane factory, and we export our crane products directly. In such circumstance, it decreases our customers’ costs in finding a crane agent to help them find a crane supplier.

We also have our own crane innovation and manufacturing expert teams, which can help our crane customer tailor the cranes best fit for their workshop.

Custom Design

The warehouse overhead crane design is also very different from our other crane products. This kind of overhead crane is designed with different ftones.

The rated lifting capacity of the warehouse overhead crane is 5 tons, 10 tons with single traveling systems and 16/3.2 tons 20/5 tons, 32/5 tons, and 50/ 100 tons with double traveling systems. Different capacities of overhead cranes can meet different sort of customers’ needs with kinds of workstations.

Meanwhile, this kind of overhead crane also have double controlling systems. One is the ground controlling system, and the other is the cabin controlling system.

Thanks to our crane innovational expert team, to enhance the safety performance of the overhead crane, they design the double controlling system. However, in other respects, such design also promote the working efficiency of the overhead crane.

Overhead Crane Design
Overhead Crane Design

About After-sales Service

Our company has a professional after-sales service team to provide customers with timely after-sales service.

  • If necessary, we can send after-sales service engineers to the customer site to guide the installation and commissioning of the crane.
  • We can train operation and maintenance personnel.
  • We provide timely technical support and technical consulting services.
  • We have overseas offices in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and other countries, which can provide customers with fast service.
  • We provide lifetime after-sales service support.


What Is A Crane in A Warehouse?

The efficiency and storage capacity of a warehouse mainly depends on the material handling equipment it uses. The material handling equipment enables warehouse workers to efficiently and safely lift, move and store various items and commodities in the warehouse and also position the heavy objects with precision that cannot be achieved in other ways.

The equipment includes overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, hoists, etc. Read on to learn about the various types of warehouse cranes in use today.

Overhead Cranes

Overhead crane is also known as bridge crane. As the name suggests, it spans the gap between the two runway tracks in the warehouse.

The warehouse overhead crane can make full use of the space under the bridge to lift materials without being hindered by ground equipment. It is one of the most commonly used cranes in warehouses.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry crane is a variant of bridge crane. Its metal structure is a gantry frame, with two supporting legs installed under the main beam, which can run directly on the track of the ground, and the two ends of the main beam can have extended cantilever beams.

If your warehouse does not have support columns or engineering columns to support the installation of an overhead crane, you can choose a gantry crane.

Jib Cranes

Jib crane is a light duty crane used in warehouse. It is widely employed for high-efficiency automatic production lines, especially suitable for short distances, frequent use and intensive lifting operations.

The jib crane has characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, labor saving, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance.

Aicrane Warehouse Cranes To Optimize Your Efficiency

If you want to use warehouse cranes to optimize your warehouse efficiency, Aicrane can help you design the right lifting solution to achieve maximum efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness.

How Often Should Warehouse Overhead Cranes Be Serviced?

Due to the large number of components of the warehouse overhead crane, we divide the maintenance and inspection cycles into weeks, months, and years in actual work according to the different technical characteristics of each component.

Weekly Inspection And Maintenance

  • Check whether the nuts, split pins, and positioning plates on the brake are complete orloose, whether the pin bolts and buffer washers on the brake wheel are loose or complete; whether the brake is reliable in braking. When the brake is opened, the opening of the brake shoe should be less than 1.0mm and the gap between the two sides of the brake wheel should be equal, and each axle pin should not be stuck.
  • Check whether the safety protection switch and limit switch are positioned accurately,work flexibly and reliably, especially whether the lifting limit switch is reliable.
  • Check whether the wire rope winding on the drum and pulley is normal, whether there is de-grooving, stringing, knotting, twisting, etc., whether the wire rope pressing plate bolts are fastened, and whether there is a double nut anti-loosening device.
  • Check whether the fastening screws on the coupling seal cover of the lifting mechanism are loose or lacking.
  • Check whether the transmission of each mechanism is normal and whether there is abnormal noise.
  • Check whether the lubrication condition of all lubrication parts is good.
  • Check whether there are any foreign objects on the track that hinder the operation of the overhead crane.

Monthly Inspection And Maintenance

  • Check that the wear of the brake pad liner should not exceed 2mm, and the contact area between the liner and the brake wheel should not be less than 70%; check the installation and fixation of each pin, wear and lubrication, and the wear of each pin should not exceed 5% of the original diameter, the wear of the small shaft and the mandrel should not be more than 5% of the original diameter and the ellipticity should be less than 0.5mm.
  • Check the wear and tear of the wire rope, whether there are broken wires, and check the lubrication condition of the wire rope.
  • Check whether there are cracks in the hook, whether the wear of the dangerous section exceeds 5% of the original thickness; whether the anti-loosening device of the hook nut is complete, and whether the various parts on the hook group are complete and reliable.The hook should rotate flexibly without jamming.
  • Check all bolts for looseness and shortage.
  • Check the tightening of the bolts of the motor, reducer and other bases, and tighten them one by one.
  • Check the lubrication condition of the reducer, the oil level should be within the specified range, and measures should be taken to prevent leakage at the oil seepage part.
  • Lubricate the gears.
  • Check the wear of the wire rope at the balance pulley, and lubricate the pulley and pulley shaft.
  • Check the condition of the pulley to see if it is flexible, whether it is damaged or cracked, and pay special attention to the wear of the fixed pulley shaft.
  • Check the brake wheel, the unevenness of the working surface should not exceed 1.5mm, the brake wheel should not have cracks, and its radial runout should be less than 0.3mm.
  • Check the coupling, its upper key and keyway should not be damaged or loose; the axial series momentum of the drive shaft between the two couplings should be 2~7mm.
  • Check the operating conditions of the warehouse crane and trolleymechanisms and there should be no phenomena such as rail gnawing, three fulcrums, and twisting when starting and stopping. Check the wear of the rim and tread of the wheel. The wear of the rim thickness should not exceed 50% of the original thickness, and the wear of the wheel tread should not exceed 3% of the original diameter of the wheel.
  • Check the track condition of the warehouse crane to see if its bolts are loose or lacking, whether the pressure plate is fixed on the track, whether the track is cracked or broken; whether the gap between the two track joints is 1~2mm (summer) or 3~5mm (Winter), whether the joint up and down, left and right misalignment exceeds 1mm.
  • Clean the overhead crane comprehensively and remove the dirt on it.

Semi-annual Inspection And Maintenance

  • Check the gear meshing and wear of all reducers. The pitting damage of the tooth surface should not exceed 30% of the meshing surface, and the depth should not exceed 10% of the original tooth thickness (fixed string tooth thickness); the percentage of gear tooth thickness wear to the original tooth thickness should not exceed 15%~25%; check the condition of the bearing; replace the lubricating oil.
  • Check the condition of the crane and trolley wheels, lubricate the wheel bearings, and eliminate the phenomenon of rail gnawing.
  • Check whether the main welding seams of the main beam and end beams are open or corroded. The corrosion should not exceed 10% of the original plate thickness. Whether there are fatigue cracks in the main stressed parts; whether the various guardrails and supports are intact; check the main beam and end beam bolts and tighten them again.
  • Check the deformation of the main beam, and the condition of the trolley track. Disturbance of the main girder should not exceed 1/2000 of its span when there is no load; the inward horizontal side bending of the main girder should not exceed 1/1500 of the measured length; the track of the trolley should not be jammed,and the wear on the top and side of the track (single side) should not exceed 3mm.
  • Check the condition of the drum, the wall of the drum should not be worn more than 20% of the original wall thickness, and the peak of the rope groove should not be sharp.
  • Tighten all connecting bolts and fastening bolts on the crane.
What Are The Safety Devices Provided in A Warehouse Overhead Crane?

The safety devices are mainly to prevent various hazards during the operation of the crane. The types of safety devices provided in a warehouse overhead crane include:

  • Overload limiter
  • Torque limiter
  • Buffer
  • Limit position limiter
  • Interlock protection
  • Zero protection
  • Emergency switch
  • Sweeping rail plate, support frame and rail end stop
  • Conductive sliding wire protection board
What Are the Basic Components of A Warehouse Overhead Crane?

The principle parts of an overhead travelling crane include: bridge frame, lifting mechanism, trolley running mechanism, crane running mechanism, cabin and electric control system

Bridge frame – it is the basic component of the overhead crane, which is mainly composed of main beam, end beam, walking platform, etc. Both ends of the main beam are connected with the end beams, and a rail track is laid above the main beam for the trolley to move.

Lifting mechanism – it is composed of lifting motor, reducer, drum, and brake. The hoisting motor is connected to the reducer through the coupling and the brake wheel. The output shaft of the reducer is connected to the drum of the wire rope. The other end of the wire rope is attached with a hook. When the drum rotates, the hook is wound with the wire rope to raise or lower the load. For warehouse overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 15t and above, there are two sets of lifting mechanisms, namely the main hook and the auxiliary hook.

Trolley running mechanism – trolley is mounted on the rail of the bridge frame, and moves along the bridge girder. The trolley running mechanism is composed of the trolley motor, brake, coupling, reducer and wheels. The motor of the trolley drives the driving wheels through the reducer to drive the trolley to move along the guide rails. Since the driving wheels of the trolley are close together, they are driven by an electric motor. There are two transmission modes of the trolley runnning mechanism: one is that the gearbox is between the two driving wheels; the other is that the gearbox is installed on one side of the trolley. The former makes the torque borne by the drive shaft more uniform, and the latter makes installation and maintenance more convenient.

Crane running mechanism – it is composed of motor, transmission shaft, reducer, wheel, brake, etc. The driving mode includes centralized driving and separate driving.

Cabin – in the control room, there are control devices for the lifting mechanism, trolley running mechanism and crane running mechanism, and protection devices for cranes. The control room is generally fixed at one end of the main beam.

Electric control system – the standard power supply of our warehouse overhead cranes is three-phase AC, with a rated voltage of 380V and a rated frequency of 50Hz. It can also be designed according to user requirements.

Order Your Crane Today!

In short, Aicrane overhead crane product has a compact structure, good availability and long service life. The price of this kind of overhead crane is also very competitive than other crane suppliers in the industry. In compliance of your warehouse environments, we can also provide the customized warehouse overhead cranes.

If customers have interests in this kind of overhead crane, you can keep our company in touch. Many clients in different countries have come to our overhead crane factory for visit, and buy our crane products in the end.

You can either fill out the contact form below or send an email to us and provide some basic information about the crane you need, including:

  • Load capacity
  • Span
  • Lifting height
  • Type of load
  • Crane working environment

We will reply you as soon as possible and provide a suitable quotation.

Warehouse Overhead Crane Cost
Warehouse Overhead Crane Cost

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