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Variable Frequency Speed Drive

  • (Variable Frequency Drives, hereinafter referred to as VFD)
  • Is a motor controller
  • Control speed and torque by changing the input voltage and frequency of the motor
Control System
Control System

VFD is widely used in crane products, it has a wide range of advantages, including reducing load swing and more precise control of movement and so on.

Since spare VFDs are sometimes stored for a long period of time between uses, the capacitor (the main part of the VFD main power circuit) must be charged to maintain its original performance in preparation for the operation.

According to our crane Engineer, product manager of Consulting Services, VFDs are quite expensive.
“A larger VFD may cost tens of thousands of euros, so they need to stay in good condition. A crane usually has more than one frequency converter, at least as much as it moves.”

The small body has great energy

“VFDs can be bulky, especially large-scale lifting equipment such as special cranes or port cranes, which makes no sense to ship VFDs to the site. However, repair work must be provided by trained experts because charging is completed. The power supply for the job is completely manual. Therefore, you must have professional knowledge,”

Conversion box
Conversion box

The main challenge is to develop a power supply that can do these tasks, and the compact size.

“We realized that we could develop our own equipment according to our product specifications, make it smaller, more portable, and send it to the rest of the world so that we don’t have to send professionals from a dedicated service location to do the job. Now we have done it. Fully automated and portable, the new device comes with expert knowledge.”

Control Box Display
Control Box Display

Support business continuity

By using this compact and fully-automated portable DC power supply, an electrician can charge the customer’s VFD DC bus with a capacitor, and then issue a service certificate and label it. If the VFD is idle for one year, the certificate also includes the recommended date of the next charge/update.

The VFD charging service also includes a visual inspection to identify faulty equipment and suggest corrective actions. These services can help customers prepare for future events that affect the continued operation of the equipment. Keep the VFD in working condition when needed, without having to remove it from the facility.

“The failure of the crane’s frequency converter is a condition. In the other case, the equipment that was spared during an emergency cannot be kept in service. A spare VFD that does not recover the capacitors every year may cause failures when put into service. Summarized: “VFD as a spare part may bring some risks. When you use a spare VFD, the crane may be at risk of downtime. Now we can provide services on site in a cost-effective manner. ”

3 big advantages

  1. No need to ship VFDs to other locations this new service helps customers achieve economic benefits
  2. Backup VFD is ready to use when you need it: determine whether the standby VFD keeps working
  3. To avoid possible downtime

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