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Trackless Transfer Cart

Trackless transfer cart has the flexibility and maneuverability of transporting materials unmatched by other types of transfer carts! The trackless transfer cart is powered by battery and can run on flat and hard roads inside the factory without laying steel rails on the ground. This type of transfer cart is used for transitional transportation in multiple workshops, which is more convenient than rail transfer cart and can greatly improve work efficiency!

Trackless Transfer Cart

15 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart

30 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart

Trackless Transfer Cart For Sale

Trackless Transfer Cart Parameters

Model: AQ-BWP
  • Load capacity: 2t~100t
  • Table size: can be customized
  • Wheel base: 1080~2000mm
  • Running speed: 0~25m/min
  • Control mode: button / remote control


Flexible transportation & intelligent handling

Easy and safe operation

High efficiency & excellent safety


Customer Projects And Cases

10 Ton Trackless Transfer Carts Shipped to The UK

Two 10-ton trackless transfer carts were shipped to the UK. These transfer carts are powered by by batteries and are used to transport steel structural components in factories. Since the customer business is to make steel structural components, barns, and livestock farm equipment, 10 ton trackless transfer carts are more flexible and convenient to transport various loads.

10 Ton Trackless Transfer Carts to The UK
10 Ton Trackless Transfer Carts to The UK

Battery Powered Trackless Transfer Cart to The UK
Battery Powered Trackless Transfer Cart to The UK

10 Ton Transfer Carts to The UK
10 Ton Transfer Carts to The UK

10 Ton Trackless Transfer Trolleys Delivered to The US

Two 10-ton trackless battery transfer carts were delivered to the United States. These carts are used to transport granite slabs in the factory and controlled by a remote control. The dimension of the transfer cart, as well as its running speed, table requirements, etc., can be customized according to the actual working conditions of customers.

10 Ton Transfer Carts Shipped to The US
10 Ton Transfer Carts Shipped to The US

10 Ton Trackless Transfer Carts to The US
10 Ton Trackless Transfer Carts to The US

10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts to The US
10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts to The US

Applications of Trackless Transfer Carts

For different applications, Aicrane provides different types of transfer carts, and custom design is available to meet special requirements of customers. Generally, our trackless transfer carts can be used in automobile mold workshops, material transfer workshops, aerospace equipment workshops, casting mold workshops, etc. to handle various materials, including but not limited to:


Heavy steel structures

Transfer Cart Applications

Custom Design For Your Specific Applications!

Aicrane supports custom design to meet your specific application, such as table top V-frame design for coil handling; transfer cart with guardrail and anti-collision function. The rated load of the cart can be 5t, 10t, 15t, 20t, 25t, 30t, 40t, 50t, 60t, 70t, 80t, 100t and more. Contact us now for a custom solution!

V Frame Transfer Trolley

Electric Transfer Car With Guardrail

Why Are Trackless Transfer Carts Popular With Customers Today?

Aicrane trackless transfer carts are now popular with customers due to their flexibility and mobility!

  • The trackless electric transfer car does not need to lay the track, which gets rid of the limitation of the traditional rail transfer carts.
  • The trackless transfer car has a hydraulic steering system, which can perform operations such as straight running and turning.
  • The trackless battery transfer cart has a small turning radius and flexible operation, which is suitable for a narrow working environment.
  • The trackless transport cart has short braking distance, high safety, strong durability and reliability.
  • The trackless electric flat car can travel in both directions and turn 360°, and is suitable for a variety of working conditions.
  • The trackless transfer cart adopts DC drive, which has a large bearing capacity and can realize the cross-plant transportation of large-tonnage workpieces.

Functions of Aicrane Trackless Transfer Carts

  • 1. Flexible transportation: trackless transfer cart is specially designed for flexible transportation, which is its main feature and function.
  • 2. Turning: the transfer cart itself is equipped with steering wheel and steering control, so it can turn and run freely, and can realize in-situ 360° steering and in-situ vertical and horizontal operation.
  • 3. Lifting: our trackless battery transfer cart can add hydraulic lifting device according to customer needs, and achieve lifting function.
  • 4. Table rolling: the trackless transfer trolley can add rollers and other devices according to customer needs to achieve the functions of cylindrical workpiece turnover and flat workpiece smooth movement.
  • 5. Other functions: we can customize and develop the functions required by customers.

Structure of The Trackless Transfer Carts

Trackless electric transfer cart is composed of power supply, transmission mechanism, steel structure bearing frame, steering system, traveling mechanism, control module and fault diagnosis module.

Trackless Transfer Cart Structure

  • This series of trackless electric transfer cart adopts crane beam box structure, steel plate CNC cutting and intelligent robot welding.
  • Usually, we use battery as the power source of the cart, which is installed inside the cart.
  • The electrical control system issues commands to the DC motor to drive the transfer cart to start, stop, forward, backward, turn left, turn right and speed regulation through the remote control.
  • The wheels are made of solid cast steel and covered with polyurethane glue, which can reduce the height of the whole vehicle and ensure the stability of operation.
  • The transfer trolley adopts dual drives, which increases the power of the trolley during operation.
  • The transfer cart can be controlled by a handle or a wireless remote control. The handle is equipped with a direction rocker, which makes the control more simple and flexible.
  • The table top of the transfer cart can be installed with non-slip rubber sheet or wooden board to protect the workpiece and prevent it from damaging caused by direct contact between the workpiece and the cart body.

Other Types of Transfer Carts You May Need

In addition to trackless transfer carts, we also offer other types of transfer carts, including rail transfer carts, turntable transfer carts, coil transfer carts, die transfer carts, ladle transfer carts, hydraulic lift transfer carts, etc. The dimension, running speed, table size of the transfer cart can be customized according to your application and actual working conditions.


Rail Transfer Cart


Cable Drum Transfer Cart


Coil Transfer Cart


Ladle Transfer Cart


Hydraulic Lift Transfer Cart


Turntable Transfer Cart

Rail Transfer Cart

Cable Drum Transfer Cart

Coil Transfer Cart

Dumping Ladle Transfer Cart

Hydraulic Lift Transfer Cart Supplier

Turntable Transfer Trolley For Sale

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Trackless Transfer Cart Design

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