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Die Transfer Cart

If you need to handle and transport dies, molds, and other heavy tooling equipment between the pressroom and the die storage and maintenance area, a die transfer cart can be a cost-effective choice as it provides efficient, safe and smooth movement of heavy loads. It can also be used to handle various materials, such as industrial pipes, coils, heavy equipment, structural steel and components. This material transfer cart can be powered by the rails, battery or cable reel depending on your load transport requirements.

Aicrane Die Transfer Cart
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Different Types Of Die Transfer Carts For Your Business

Aicrane die transfer carts are material handling equipment that are designed to transport heavy loads and equipment within a facility. There are several types of die transfer carts available, including:

Cable reel powered electric flat cart

The cable reel powered transfer cart is designed to travel on steel rails, and is ideal for transporting heavy loads over long distances. Due to simple structure and relatively low cost, this type of die transfer cart commonly found in manufacturing facilities.

Electric Die Transfer Cart
AQ-KPJ Cable Reel Powered Die Transfer Cart
20 Ton Electric Transfer Cart
AQ-KPJ 20 Ton Electric Transfer Cart

Load capacity2t~150t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge1200~2000mm
Running speed0~25m/min
Running distance≤200m
Control modebutton / remote control

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Battery powered transfer cart

Powered by rechargeable battery, the transport cart is ideal for die handling with excellent safety and maneuverability. It eliminates the needs for a cable reel or other external means to power the cart. The battery transfer cart provides steerable or controlled direction of motion, and is ideal for facilities that require frequent and efficient transportation of heavy loads. However, it has limited time of use, and the battery needs to be maintained regularly.

AQ-KPX Battery Transfer Cart on Rail
AQ-KPX Battery Transfer Cart on Rail
Load capacity2t~150t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge1200~2000mm
Battery voltage24~72V
Running speed0~30m/min
Control modebutton / remote control

Trackless Battery Transfer Cart
AQ-BWP Trackless Battery Transfer Cart
Load capacity2t~100t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1080~2000mm
Running speed0~25m/min
Control modebutton / remote control
Battery voltage24~72V
Custom designs available

Low-voltage rail powered transfer cart

Low-voltage rail powered transfer cart is a popular choice to handle dies and other materials and products. It is designed to transport loads weighing up to 150 tons and more. The rails are required to be insulated if you use this type of transfer cart.

AQ-KPD Low-Voltage Rail Powered Transfer Cart
AQ-KPD Low-Voltage Rail Powered Transfer Cart
Transfer Carts For Dies And Molds
AQ-KPD Rail Powered Transfer Cart For Dies And Molds

Load capacity2t~150t
Table sizecan be customized
Wheel base1200~7000mm
Rail inner gauge1200~2000mm
Running speed0~25m/min
Running distance50~80m
Control modebutton / remote control

Cases of Aicrane Die Transfer Trolleys

Features of Aicrane Die Transfer Trolley

  • Heavy-duty construction: Aicrane die transfer carts are typically made of sturdy steel or other heavy-duty materials to support the weight of the dies and other equipment.
  • Customizable designs: Our die transfer carts can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as table size, load capacity, and travel distance.
  • Safety features: Die transfer carts typically include safety features such as bumpers, warning lights, and emergency stop buttons to ensure safe operation.
  • Smooth movement: Die transfer carts typically have large wheels or casters to provide smooth movement and easy maneuverability.
  • Flexible control options: Die transfer carts can be controlled via various methods such as wired remote control, wireless remote control, or automated control systems.
  • Low maintenance: Die transfer carts are typically designed for low maintenance requirements, with simple designs and robust construction.

Overall, die transfer carts are designed to provide a safe and efficient way to transport heavy dies and other large equipment within a manufacturing facility, helping to streamline production processes and increase productivity.

Die Transfer Cart Manufacturer
Aicrane Die Transfer Cart

What To Look For When Selecting A Die Transfer Cart

When selecting a die transfer cart, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you choose the right equipment for your needs. Here are some things to look for:

  • Load capacity: The load capacity of the die transfer cart should be sufficient to handle the weight of your dies and other equipment.
  • Size and dimensions: The size and dimensions of the cart should be appropriate for the size of your dies and the space available in your facility.
  • Type of wheels: The type of wheels or casters used on the cart should be appropriate for the type of flooring in your facility and the distance the rail or trackless transfer cart will need to travel.
  • Power source: If you opt for a powered cart, consider the power source, such as battery or cable reel.
  • Safety features: The die transfer cart should have appropriate safety features, such as emergency stop buttons, safety bumpers, and warning lights, to ensure safe operation.
  • Control options: The die transfer cart have flexible control options, such as remote control or an automated control system, depending on the specific needs of your facility.
  • Cost: The cost of the die transfer cart should be reasonable and fit within your budget, considering the long-term investment.

By considering these factors, you can select a die / mold transfer cart that meets your specific needs and enhances the efficiency of your manufacturing processes. It is also a good idea to contact a die transfer cart manufacturer or supplier to help you identify the transfer cart that is right for your business. You can tell us your specific requirements by filling out the contact form or giving us a call. After receiving your inquiry, our well-experienced engineers and sales team will get together to offer a proposal for your business.

Die Transfer Cart Price
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How to Operate The Transfer Cart?

Aicrane die handling cart can be designed with fully automated controls, pendant control or wireless remote control. With easy-to-operate user interface system, it can simplify control during load transportation and improve operational efficiency.

During load movement, the operator walks along with cart using a button pendant or stands freely within the work area using a wireless remote control. The selection of transfer cart control is determined by several factors, such as user’s preference and financial reasons.

Transfer Cart Operation Video

Tips for Operating A Transfer Cart

Operating a transfer cart will depend on the specific type and model of cart you are using. However, here are some general steps that can apply:

  • Familiarize yourself with the mold transfer cart: Before operating the electric transfer cart, make sure you have read and understood the user manual, and are familiar with the controls, safety features, and operational limits of the cart.
  • Inspect the transfer cart: Check that the cart is in good working order, and that all components, such as the wheels, brakes, and motors, are functioning properly.
  • Prepare the load: Ensure that the load you intend to transfer is properly secured and balanced on the cart. Make sure the load is not too heavy for the cart’s weight capacity.
  • Power up the cart: Turn on the power to the cart, and make sure the battery or power source is sufficiently charged.
  • Start the cart: Depending on the type of transfer cart, you may need to engage the drive motor or turn a key to start the cart’s movement.
  • Maneuver the cart: Use the cart’s controls to guide the cart along the intended route. Be sure to maintain a safe speed and stay aware of your surroundings to avoid collisions.
  • Stop the cart: When you reach your destination, gradually slow down the cart and engage the brakes to come to a complete stop.
  • Unload the cart: Once the cart is stopped, unload the load from the cart, and make sure to remove any straps or securing devices that were used to hold the load in place.
  • Power down the cart: Turn off the power to the cart, and properly store the cart in a safe location.

Remember, it is important to always follow the die transfer cart manufacturer’s instructions and recommended safety practices when operating any type of machinery, including transfer carts.

The Main Parts of A Die Transfer Cart

The main parts of a die transfer cart may vary depending on the specific type and design of the cart, but here are some of the common components:

  • Frame: The frame is the main structure of the cart, which supports the weight of the load and provides a base for other components to be attached.
  • Wheels: The cart may have one or more sets of wheels, which allow the cart to move along a track or a flat surface.
  • Motor and Gearbox: The motor and gearbox are responsible for providing power to the cart’s wheels, allowing the cart to move.
  • Brakes: The brakes are used to slow down and stop the cart’s movement when needed.
  • Control system: The control system is the interface that allows the operator to control the movement of the cart. It may include a control panel, remote control, or programmable logic controller (PLC).
  • Safety features: The cart may have various safety features, such as emergency stop buttons, limit switches, and warning signals, to ensure safe operation.
  • Power source: The cart may be powered by a battery, cable reel, or low-voltage rail powered, depending on the type and design of the rail transfer cart.
  • Rails: If the cart is designed to run on a track, it may have rails that guide the movement of the cart along the track.
  • Coupling devices: Some carts may have coupling devices, such as hooks or clamps, to secure the load to the cart during transportation.

If you are interested in our transfer carts, please watch the video below to learn more about each part of the transfer cart.

Why Choose Aicrane

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Wide Range of Lifting Equipment

The electric transfer cart is developed to minimize the uses of cranes and forklifts while streamlining workflow, improving work safety and efficiency of material handing. It can be designed to move the entire length of the facility. The equipment is available in a number of configurations and features to suit varied needs of our customers.

We also focus on optimizing material handling in a variety of fields and sectors. Our products range from overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, to winches, transfer carts, boat lifts and more. With extensive experience and expertise, we provide a full service to suit each individual customer. We will develop the most productive and cost effective equipment to help increase your return on investment.

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Aicrane After-sales Service

With overseas service networks and over 60 after-sales service engineers for overseas market, Aicrane is able to provide a complete after-sales service for our clients, including the equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, staff training and instruction and technical advice. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions around the world like Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Indonesia and Kazakhstan.

If you have any questions about after-sales service, you can contact the after-sales service center. Our service is available at 24/7.

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At present, Aicrane has local service teams in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Uzbekistan and other places to provide customers with on-site installation services. 100% engineers have oversea service experience, and they are always ready for machine assembly and trainning.

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