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Coil Transfer Cart

Coil transfer cart is normally designed with V-decks to handle and transport coils and rolls. It is capable of handling heavy loads up to 150 tons. The material handling cart is a more cost-effective solution to transport heavy loads in your facility as compared to other equipment like fork lift truck. It makes the big job easy, safe and efficient for you. Our transfer carts can be customized to accommodate your load transportation and application requirements.

Coil Transfer Cart for Sale
Coil Transfer Cart

Transfer Carts for Metal Coils And Rolls
Transfer Carts for Metal Coils And Rolls

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Types of Steel Coil Transfer Carts

We offer a variety of transfer trolleys to handle metal coils and rolls. The device comes in three basic configurations in terms of power delivery: rail powered transfer car, battery powered transport cart, cable reel powered coil cart. These carts can be designed to handle a range of coils, from small and narrow coils to heavy coils in high duty applications.

  • Rail powered electric flat cart: the cart is suitable for transporting heavy loads in high duty applications. It is also ideal for long distance transportation. The rails are required to be insulated.

Rail Powered Coil Cart Price
Rail Powered Coil Cart

Rail powered coil cart parameters:

  • Load Capacity: 2t~150t
  • Table size: can be customized
  • Wheel base: 1200~7000mm
  • Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm
  • Running speed: 0~25m/min
  • Running distance: 50~80m
  • Control mode: button / remote control

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  • Battery transfer cart: this cart can be designed to be steerable or moved in a controlled way. It provides excellent flexibility and maneuverability for material transportation. This type of coil transfer cart is suitable for light duty to moderate applications. In addition, due to the characteristics of battery, it has limited time of use and requires regular maintenance.

Battery Powered Transfer Car Cost
Battery Powered Transfer Car

Battery powered transfer car parameters:

  • Load Capacity: 2t~150t
  • Table size: can be customized
  • Wheel base: 1200~7000mm
  • Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm
  • Battery voltage: 24~72V
  • Running speed: 0~30m/min
  • Control mode: button / remote control

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  • Cable drum powered transfer cart: this cart is more often used in workshops to transport loads from one area to another since it can be designed with any load capacity, ideal for heavy duty applications. Besides, the rail does not have to be as insulated as rail powered cart. It is also not restricted by the time of use in comparison to battery coil transfer cart.

Cable Reel Powered Electric Flat Cart
Cable Reel Powered Electric Flat Cart

Cable reel powered electric flat cart parameters:

  • Load Capacity: 2t~150t
  • Table size: can be customized
  • Wheel base: 1200~7000mm
  • Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm
  • Running speed: 0~25m/min
  • Running distance: ≤200m
  • Control mode: button / remote control

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In addition, there are trackless, steerable transfer cart and rail mounted transfer cart for you to choose from:

The trackless steerable transfer car is ideal for transporting coils throughout your facility without limitations from track length and distance. It is designed with two swivel and two driven wheels.

Track mounted transfer cart travels along a fixed path. It can be AC powered or DC battery powered. This equipment provides quick, smooth and reliable movement of materials. A number of configurations and specifications are available for your specific application.

Trackless Coil Handling Cart Supplier
Trackless Coil Handling Cart

Uses of Coil Transfer Cart

  • The cart is mainly used to transport metal coils, rolls and other cylindrical loads from one area of your facility to another across smooth to semi-smooth floors.
  • It can also be used in conjunction with overhead cranes in your workshops to handle and transport loads between crane bays.
  • The cart can be used in workshops, coil storage warehouses and so on.

Features of Coil Transport Cart

  • Completely motorized transfer cart provides easy, efficient and effortless load handling.
  • The cart can be designed to transport multiple coils based on your application requirements.
  • Replaceable wear pads can protect the coil surface.
  • User-friendly interface system offers easy control during load movement.
  • It provides unlimited travel and long service life.
  • The cart can be relocated easily when necessary
  • Urethane covered wheels are ideal for running on industrial concrete floors.
  • Soft start provides stable and reliable operation.
  • Two carts can be linked together in tandem for transporting higher capacity loads.
Transfer Carts Manufacturer
Transfer Carts for Sale

Product Options And Components:

  • Track mounted or trackless
  • Drive system: conductor rail, AC electric motor fed by cable reel (enclosed conductor bars or festoon system), DC electric motor powered by 24V or greater battery pack.
  • Hydraulic lifting system
  • Custom deck surface
  • Steerable or controlled direction of motion
  • Remote control or automated control
  • Weigh scales
  • Safety devices: load limiter, emergency stop, anti-collision sensor, warning horns and lights, rail sweeps, etc.
Electric Transport Cart Working With Overhead Crane
Electric Transport Cart Working With Overhead Crane

Specialized Material Transfer Cart Controls

This specialized transport cart is similar in construction to other material transfer carts, such as die transfer car except for the specifically designed fixtures to accommodate the exact load transport needs of customers. The cart can be controlled using hand-held pendant or remote radio controller. It can also be designed with fully automated control. The transfer cart eliminates the use of overhead cranes and forklifts, thus lowering the operational costs and reducing the risk of damage to the coils.

The selection of transfer car controls is largely determined by user’s preference, safety precautions and financial reasons. In case of doubt, get in touch with our transfer cart professionals at any time.

How to Get A Free Quote From Us?

You can fill out the contact form, give us a call or send us an email to tell us your specific requirements. Our sales manager will get back to you soon and offer you a free quote based on your requirements. In order the get the right type of equipment with the best price, you need to consider a few things, including but not limited to:

  • The required load capacity
  • Table size you need
  • Size of the material
  • Track or trackless?
  • What power delivery do you need? rail powered, battery powered, or cable reel powered?
  • Travel length (m)
  • Travel speed (m/min)
  • Control mode you need
  • Other special requirements

When talking to a transfer cart manufacturer, you need to address the above issues and questions so that they can help you identify the right equipment for the job.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer high quality and cost-effective transfer cart you need since we never sacrifice quality for quantity.
  • Backed by professional engineers, we are able to design and construct the cart to meet your specific load transport requirements.
  • With a wealth of experience in material handling equipment design and fabrication, we can provide the most appropriate and most economical solution for your business so as to help increase your return on investment.
  • At our company, you can enjoy a perfect after-sales service, including the equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, staff training and instruction.

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