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10 Ton Electric Transfer Cart For Sale

10 Ton Electric Transfer Cart On The Way to Uzbekistan

Aicrane 10 ton electric transfer cart was on the way to Uzbekistan. This is our AQ-KPJ series that is powered by cable drum, running speed 30m/min, dimension 6*2*0.65m, wheelbase 1525mm, with handle and remote control. What Is The Use of The 10 Ton Electric Transfer Cart? The client company in Uzbekistan is engaged in the …

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15 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart

15 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart For Automotive Molds In Mexico

A 15 ton trackless transfer cart is used to transfer automotive molds for a Mexican customer from one workshop to another. This is our AQ-BWP series battery-powered trackless transfer cart, which can run directly on the ground of the factory area without laying steel rails, and has good mobility. Test Run of The 15 Ton …

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20 Ton Transfer Cart in Canada

Canadian Customer Feedback on 20 Ton Transfer Cart

We are very glad to receive photo and video feedback from a Canadian customer, saying that after using our transfer carts for about a year, he thinks that everything is still running well and is very satisfied with it. These transfer carts are used to transfer steel structures and other materials in his workshop. Read on …

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Transfer Cart in Steel Structure Manufacturing Plant

20 Ton Material Transfer Cart For Steel Structure Processing Plant

We have delivered and installed a 20 ton material transfer cart to our customer’s steel structure processing plant in Pakistan. The customer’s business is to process and manufacture steel structures, so electric transfer cart is needed to transfer steel structure components and facilitate material handling and transportation. Details of The 20 Ton Transfer Cart In …

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20 Ton Electric Transfer Cart For Steel Coil Warehouse in Kazakhstan

Aicrane 20 ton electric transfer cart is used in a steel coil warehouse in Kazakhstan to transport steel coils and steel structure components. The 20 ton transfer cart runs on rails and works with the 10 ton double girder overhead crane in the warehouse to facilitate loading and unloading of goods. This 10 ton overhead …

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10 Ton Transfer Cart For Granite Slabs

10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts for Granite Slabs Were Shipped to The US

Aicrane 10 ton battery transfer carts for granite slabs were shipped to the US. The battery transfer carts will be used to transfer granite slabs in the factory, and they are operated by remote control. FAQs About The US 10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts What Does The Customer Do? The customer company has been importing …

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10 Ton Transfer Carts to The UK

10 Ton Trackless Transfer Carts Shipped to The UK

Two 10-ton trackless transfer carts were shipped to the UK. These transfer carts are battery powered, and will be used to transfer steel structural components in the customer’s factory. The customer’s business is mainly to make steel structural components, barns, and livestock farm equipment, so multiple trackless transfer carts are required to transfer various components …

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