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Straddle Cranes

Straddle cranes are highly versatile machines that can be used for a wide variety of industries and applications, such as concrete precast, external logistics warehousing, wind energy, heavy duty boilers, container handling, etc. With rich experience in this straddle carrier gantry crane manufacturing, we bring new designs and innovative technologies for this crane to enhance the working performance for our customer’s industry.

Straddle Carrier Gantry Crane

Applications of Straddle Crane

Employed in manufacturing and construction industry

Industrial straddle carriers for your manufacturing and construction industry. Straddle carriers for industrial application are designed for your construction and manufacturing industry for handling oversized loads such as steel and pre-cast concrete and where transportation of special loads such as nitrogen tanks is required in restricted spaces not suitable for trucks. A key advantage of industrial straddle carriers over forklifts is the ability to load or unload a semi-trailer in a single operation, which can improve efficiency.

Rubber Tired Straddle Carrier For Lifting Concrete Beams
Rubber Tired Straddle Carrier For Lifting Concrete Beams

Straddle Carrier Gantry Crane For Construction
Straddle Carrier Gantry Crane For Construction

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Used in yards and depot

Rubber tired straddle cranes for your yards and depot. The cranes can be widely applied in different kind of working conditions. In your yard or depot, the factory has straddle carrier cranes to lift and move various types and sizes of loads. Therefore, if your factory needs a flexible way of lifting, we recommend our cost-effective rubber tire cranes.

Industrial Straddle Carrier Crane
Industrial Straddle Carrier Crane

Applied in shipyards and harbors

Straddle carrier gantry cranes for your harbor and ports. In port terminals, you may need a travel lift to work within smaller spaces to improve efficiencies and decrease reliance on the transport companies, port straddle lifts can help you out in such circumstance. Portal straddle carriers are specifically designed for your ports and harbor.

Common modern application for straddle crane: the most common modern application for straddle carriers is in port terminals and intermodal yards where they are used for stacking and moving ISO standard containers. Straddles pick and carry containers while straddling their load and connecting to the top lifting points via a container spreader. These machines have the ability to stack containers up to 4 high.

These are capable of relatively low speeds (up to 30 km/h or 18.6 mph) with a laden container. The workers that use this machinery sit at the very top seated facing the middle as they can see behind them and in front of them. Straddle carriers can lift up to 60 t (59 long tons; 66 short tons) which equals up to 2 full containers.

Associated with straddle carriers in the industrial fields above or any application fields you need straddle lifts, you will embrace a high promotion efficiency in your industry.

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane For Handling Containers
Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane For Handling Containers

Stunning Features of Straddle Container Carriers

The crane feature in customized built heights, pioneering structures different operation styles and leading design features. Details are as follows:

  • Customized standard heights: perfectly match for your individual usage for your industry, including two types, three containers high and for containers high.
  • Pioneering structures: smart structure and easy to operate, straddle crane shapes in eight wheels mounted on four steering axles, coupled with the superior response of thee drive and control system offers the ultimate in maneuverability and stability
  • Two-way operation styles: straddle operation ways are perfectly meet your straddle carriers’ operators’ operation habits which include single operation and double lift operation.
  • Leading design features: pioneering in the same industry, enhance your industry working efficiency to a large degree, the innovative design feature of individual hydraulic units at ground level results in a more dynamic response of the steering and braking system.

Straddle cranes design

  • Energy saving: powered by eco-efficient diesel engines, the straddle crane, in alliance with the latest applicable emissions regulations in the country. Both hydraulic- diesel and diesel-electric drives can be applied in the crane. So you have a wide range of options, which are high performance and energy saving. Whatever kind of crane you choose from our crane factory, the crane manufacturer has the right one for your terminal, meeting your operational requirements and local environmental regulations.
  • Simplicity, flexibility, and economy – all from one machine
  • Energy saving automation for existing fleets
  • Maintenance-free regenerative energy system converts braking and spreader
  • Robust frame-easy to move and operate in different application fields
  • Top Frame design-easy to handle your containers

How many things do you know a straddle crane?

Straddle crane is one of a lifting equipment same as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, and jib cranes, a road-going vehicle for material handling and container handling. A straddle carrier or straddle truck is a freight carrying a vehicle that carries its load underneath by “straddling” it, rather than carrying it on top like a conventional truck. The advantage of the straddle carrier is its ability to load and unload without the assistance of cranes or forklifts. The lifting apparatus under the carrier is operated by the driver without any outside assistance and without leaving the driver’s seat.

The straddle cranes are road-going vehicles that could easily transport lumber around mills and yards. Lumber was stacked on special pallets known as carrier blocks; the carrier would then straddle the stack, grasp and lift the carrier block, and drive off with the load. Because a straddle carrier is open at both front and rear, it can transport lumber much longer than the carrier itself, over 30 m (100 ft) in length.

Why Choose Straddle Cranes

Apart from the general features of straddle container handling equipment, the following features of the crane are reasons you shall not miss such a cost-effective container lifting crane machine:

  • Perfect adjustability: easy to operate and can be widely applied in most of the conditions needed container material handling applications.
  • Highly configuration: top configuration of the crane enable the machine work in a high speed and stable operation which will save your time in the material handling process.
  • Wholistic machine: the straddle carrier can be operated independently and has no need in yard infrastructure supports which can save your investment costs largely.
  • Customized sizes: choose what you like, these crane lifts are available in different sizes, stacking containers 1-over-2 or 1-over-3, ideally suited for step-by-step enlargement of container terminals as required.
  • Auto operation: they are also now available as automated versions with higher security and working performance which can save your crane operator costs.Online service network: any need for the straddle cranes design, project solution, operator training, installation, maintenance, guides, etc you will immediately get help from our crane engineers’ help online.
  • Extensive training both on-site and in our facility for operators and engineers.
  • Purpose built state-of-the-art design and production facilities.
  • Highly skilled and experienced staffs with expertise in-house for after-sales service.
  • High responsibility: if you have any problems in interface and compatibility, such as the structural and electrical design, production, commissioning and service, all of them can be your useful assistant.
  • Cost-effective and flexible solution: the straddle cranes lifts are more cost-effective and flexible solution for distribution, shipping, and haulage companies even with relatively low throughput levels.
  • The more economical option provided: our crane engineers will provide much more economical option solutions for your reference in alliance with your working requirements.  The straddle lits is more cost-effective than heavy handling forklifts, reach stackers or mobile cranes and offers complete independence when moving very large fully laden containers and other oversized loads around sites.
  • Highly recognized by our clients: straddles port lifts are trusted by terminal operators around the world for their ability to enable faster ship-to-shore crane operations and more efficient landside operations.
  • Efficiencies promotion: straddle crane assists the end user to improve their efficiencies on site by reducing reliance on a transport company and therefore improving the productivity of yard operations. The container crane in this environment allows a company to independently move containers while empty or full without a transport company’s assistance. This allows for the separation of warehousing operations and transport operations ensuring the continued and extremely efficient flow of production.

Which style of straddle cranes do you need?

Main types we have

The cranes mainly include industrial straddle carriers, shipping container carriers applied in different kind of working conditions. There are also different kinds of straddle carriers with different capacities, from 2t to 600t are all available for your choice. The third types of equipment is the high performance crane which include three types, the fast charge straddle container crane, a flexible and cost-efficient, environmental-friendly, fast charging container handling equipment, the auto crane, an ideal solution for medium-sized and large terminals where high equipment flexibility, safety, and minimal labour costs are key requirements.

Solutions we provided for each type of our straddle cranes

It is our proven solution for automating your quay, stack and landside operations. It is ideal for medium-sized and large terminals where high equipment flexibility, safety, and minimal labor costs are key requirements. Automated straddle carriers increase terminal safety and sustainability, and provide greater long-term value than manual solutions.The flexibility of the straddle crane makes realizing an automated terminal simple, low-risk and achievable within a relatively short timeframe.

What highlights of the main type of the cranes

The machine is configured with advanced technology which is also an energy-saving crane suitable for your industry. Its sustainable performance that takes your operations to new heights. With hybrid motor technology, the hybrid carrier is very economical in energy consuming. With this configuration, the crane can save 60% fuels than a traditional diesel-electric machine. The maintenance-free regenerative energy system and robust frame enable the crane work in a high performance and environmental-friendly way.

The crane is a king light duty and low-cost crane for terminal users. This kind of cranes originally have two towers; the rear tower lifts the rear of the container, while the front tower lifts the front of the container. Equipped with this kind of mini straddle carriers, you can handle your containers inside low buildings, which is a special feature of the small cranes have. This kind of cranes also has anti-swing features as its arms lock into the bottom corner castings.

All kinds of crane models can be automated in a cost-effective way. The crane engineer teams in our factory can future-proof straddle cranes during manufacture by configuring the machines for manual or fully automated operation, giving you the freedom to move towards automation at your own pace.

Straddle cranes specifications

The crane specifications mainly include lifting capacity, stacking capability, maximum travel speed, length, width, height under spreader, total empty self weight, wheelbase, turning radius, power rating, safe working load, lifting speed full, lifting speed empty, driving speed full, driving speed empty, cabin dimensions,power rating, etc. The following are a different kind of straddle carriers’ specifications for your reference.

Technical Highlights of Straddle Cranes

  • Horizontal transport and stacking design save your cost in other machines for container handling.
  • Cutting edge crane electrical systems: upgrading the crane driving system, crane motor and power management system
  • Various frequent speed system design: speed and hosting can be controlled
  • Driver assistance system design: easier, smarter and safer operation for your crane operator
  • Electric AC inverter drives
  • Smart alarm system
  • Customized maintenance design
  • Small turning circle
  • 4 axle steering with two and four-wheel steering modes
  • Power regeneration
  • Hydraulic spreader
  • Energy saving design
  • Inching control
  • Unique and extremely safe, the crane can be operated inside your yards freely.

How much will you cost in a straddle crane for your marine industry?

The straddle crane price is lower than other companies in the same industry, since it has its own factories, and all types of straddle cranes are manufactured by our crane. There are no third partners in the crane purchasing process. No matter in the entire crane price or the crane parts, the company will offer you the factory price and sometimes there are also special offers for some kind of our crane products. So choosing our company you will save your cost to a large degree. Influenced by the currency rates and crane manufacturing costs, sometimes our crane prices will make some changes if you want to get specific and latest of our straddle carriers’ price lists, welcome to contact us.

Customized Crane for Your Unique Application

We provide you standard and non-standard cranes for your convenience. If the standard straddle crane cannot meet your requirement, we can provide our customized service to support your project. The customize service include in weight, painting, system selection, crane operator training, etc. Any needs, there are crane engineers and staffs to answer any questions related to the straddle cranes.

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