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Straddle Carrier

Straddle carrier, known for its mobility and adaptability among gantry cranes, finds applications across a wide range of sectors, from handling concrete precast beams in precast yards to assisting construction process. With our experience in straddle carrier gantry crane manufacturing, we are committed to provide custom straddle carrier solutions to enhance operational efficiency in various industries.

Straddle Carriers: Versatile Tools for Precast Yards, Construction, and Beyond

Straddle carriers are indispensable tools in various industries and applications, including precast yards, cross-line construction, and other specialized applications. These versatile machines offer a combination of power, flexibility, and precision to make concrete beam lifting easier, safer and more efficient.

Straddle Carrier Used in Prefabrication Yard

Aicrane straddle carrier for sale plays a pivotal role in the efficiency and functionality of a prefabrication yard. Its primary function involves lifting and transporting precast concrete beams from their production bases to designated locations within the yard. Furthermore, it facilitates the loading of these concrete beams onto transport vehicles. Beyond this, the versatility of this rubber tyre gantry crane extends to various other tasks within the prefabrication yard, such as the lifting of materials like steel reinforcement and molds, all within its rated lifting capacity. This versatile machinery proves indispensable in enhancing the overall construction process and contributing to the reliable execution of tasks essential for prefabrication yard operations.

Straddle Carrier for Precast Yard
Straddle Carrier for Precast Yard

Precast Yard Straddle Carrier Specifications

Rated Lifting Capacity50~800t
Maximum Lifting Height5~20m
Steering Modeindependent steering driven by hydraulic cylinders
Travel ModeHydraulic-driven tires
Trolley Travel Speed (Full Load)0~5m/min
Trolley Travel Speed (Empty Load)0~10m/min
Trolley Hoisting Speed (Empty Load)0~6m/min
Trolley Hoisting Speed (Full Load)0~3m/min
Crane Full Load Travel Speed0~10m/min (on flat terrain)
Crane Empty Load Travel Speed0~20m/min (on flat terrain)
Working Environment Temperature0°C~+50°C
Working Environment Wind Forceworking state ≤ grade 6 (wind speed 20m/s), non-working state ≤ class 11 (wind speed 42m/s)

Precast Yard Straddle Carrier Specifications

Straddle Carrier Used in Cross-line Construction

In cross-line construction, the tire-mounted straddle carrier for sale is an indispensable tool for the installation of precast bridge segments. Its versatile applications include a range of critical tasks, including the lifting of precast segments from transport vehicles, traversing across the construction site to the installation location, and subsequently aligning and assembling the precast segments in place.

For dual-span bridge construction, the crane can operate with two trolleys working simultaneously, significantly improving operational efficiency. In cases involving single-span bridge construction, a single trolley configuration is commonly employed, equipped with a rotating lifting device that allows for adjustments in three dimensions, ensuring precise positioning of bridge sections to meet the construction requirements. This specialized straddle carrier simplifies the construction process and ensures successful assembly of prefabricated bridge components.

Straddle Carrier For Cross-line Construction
Straddle Carrier For Cross-line Construction

Cross-line Construction Straddle Carrier Specifications

Rated Lifting Capacity50~800t
Lifting Height (from the ground to the top of the box girder)5~40 m
Steering Modeindependent steering driven by hydraulic cylinders
Travel ModeHydraulic-driven tires
Slope Climbing Capability± 2%
Trolley Travel Speed (Full Load)0~5m/min
Trolley Travel Speed (Empty Load)0~10m/min
Trolley Hoisting Speed (Empty Load)0~6m/min
Trolley Hoisting Speed (Full Load)0~3m/min
Crane Full Load Travel Speed0~15 m/min (on flat terrain)
Crane Empty Load Travel Speed0~30 m/min (on flat terrain)
Working Environment Temperature0°C~+50°C
Working Environment Wind Forceworking state ≤ grade 6 (wind speed 20m/s), non-working state ≤ class 11 (wind speed 42m/s)

Cross-line Construction Straddle Carrier Specifications

Straddle Carrier for Special Purpose

Rubber tyred straddle carriers offer practical versatility for various specialized applications. Their mobility and easy maneuverability make them well-suited for tasks like tunnel construction, port operations, and handling large components in both indoor and outdoor settings. These cranes can be customized to meet specific lifting requirements and adapt to various construction conditions.

Straddle Carrier for Tunnel Construction
Straddle Carrier for Tunnel Construction
Specialized 100 Ton Crane
Specialized 100 Ton Straddle Carrier
100 Ton Straddle Carrier for Sale
100 Ton Straddle Carrier for Sale
Gantry Crane for Tunnel Construction
Straddle Crane for Tunnel Construction

Cases of Rubber Tyred Straddle Carriers

Two 800-ton Straddle Carriers for Handling 1600-Ton Precast Beams

At the core of the precast yard’s operations are two 800-ton straddle carriers, working in tandem to transport 1600-ton precast beams from the beam making area to beam storage and lifting stations. With a span of 23 meters, these machines can reach a lifting height of 11 meters above the ground. They efficiently navigate inclines of up to ±2%, ensuring smooth movement across the yard. These straddle carriers use hydraulic cylinder-driven independent steering and hydraulic tire propulsion for precise maneuverability.

800 Ton Straddle Carriers for Sale
800 Ton Straddle Carriers

300 Ton Straddle Carrier for U-Beam Handling

For the specific task of handling U-shaped concrete beams within the precast yard, a dedicated 300-ton straddle carrier is employed. This versatile machine excels at lifting U-beams from their pedestals, transporting them within the yard, and loading them onto transport vehicles in the loading area. With a span of 40.6 meters and a maximum lifting height of 12 meters, this rubber tired gantry crane features 16 hydraulic suspensions for optimal load distribution and stability.

300 Ton Straddle Carrier For Sale
300 Ton Straddle Carrier

200 Ton Straddle Carrier For Efficient Cross-Line Bridge Construction

The cross-line bridge construction relies on a 200-ton straddle carrier designed for the installation of prefabricated bridge segments. This machine features a dual trolley structure, enabling simultaneous construction on dual spans, which significantly enhances workflow efficiency. With a span of 40 meters and a lifting height of 14.5 meters, the crane for bridge construction is well-equipped to handle the complexities of bridge segment installation.

200 Ton Straddle Carrier for Bridge Construction
200 Ton Straddle Carrier
200 Ton Straddle Carrier Crane for Sale
200 Ton Straddle Carrier Crane

180 Ton Straddle Carrier: Precision in Bridge Segment Placement

When it comes to installing prefabricated bridge segments across the line, a specialized 180-ton straddle carrier plays an important role. With an 18-meter span and a lifting height of 15 meters, this machine is engineered for precision. It excels at hoisting prefabricated segments from transport vehicles, transporting them across the line, and accurately positioning and aligning them during installation.

180 Ton Straddle Carrier for Bridge Construction
180 Ton Straddle Carrier

Aicrane Straddle Carrier Scheme Design: Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Straddle carriers are versatile machines used to transport and stack heavy loads efficiently. However, the requirements of each business can differ significantly, depending on factors such as the type and size of load, available space, and operational requirements. Aicrane recognizes these diverse needs and offers a custom scheme design service to ensure that our straddle carriers align with your specific requirements.

Key Aspects of Aicrane’s Custom Straddle Carrier Scheme Design

  • Personalized Consultation: We begin the customization process with a personalized consultation. Our experienced team collaborates closely with your business to gain a deep understanding of your material handling challenges and goals.
  • Tailored Specifications: Based on the insights gathered during the consultation, we customize the specifications of the straddle carrier. This includes determining the ideal lifting capacity, span, lifting height, operational requirements, terrain conditions and more required to optimize your operations.
  • Space Optimization: Our scheme design takes into account the available space within your facility. Whether you operate in a confined area or have ample space, we can design a straddle carrier crane that maximizes your operation capabilities.
  • Compliance and Safety: We ensure that every custom straddle carrier scheme design adheres to industry standards and safety regulations. This commitment to compliance minimizes risks and keeps your workforce safe.
  • Prototyping and Testing: Before delivering the final product, we often create prototypes to validate the custom design’s functionality and performance. Rigorous testing ensures that the straddle carrier meets or exceeds your expectations.

Custom Scheme Design

Understanding the Cost of a Straddle Carrier

If you’re in the market for a straddle crane, you might wonder: What is the price of a straddle carrier? Here we will explore the factors that influence the straddle carrier cost and help you gain a better understanding of the investment required.

  • Crane Type and Size: The type and size of the straddle gantry crane you need will have a significant impact on its cost. Larger cranes with higher lifting capacities typically cost more than smaller ones. The specific requirements of lifting concrete beams will determine the crane’s size and capacity.
  • Lifting Capacity: The lifting capacity of the straddle carrier must match the weight of the concrete beams you plan to handle. A crane with a higher lifting capacity will cost more due to its increased structural requirements and engineering.
  • Span and Height: The span refers to the distance between the two legs of the crane, and the height is how high it needs to lift the precast concrete beams. A crane with a longer span or higher lifting height will require more materials and engineering, contributing to higher straddle carrier costs.
  • Customization: If you require a crane with specific features or modifications to accommodate the lifting of concrete beams, customization will add to the cost. Custom straddle carriers for precast concrete industry are designed to meet unique project requirements and may have specialized components or features.
  • Material and Construction Quality: The quality of materials used in the construction of the crane, such as steel and components like motors and winches, can affect the straddle carrier prices. High-quality materials and construction methods may result in a more durable, long-lasting crane but can also increase the price.
  • Operational Features: Additional features like remote controls, automation, safety systems, and load monitoring can add to the cost but may improve efficiency and safety in the long run.

To determine the exact cost of a straddle carrier for lifting concrete beams, you should work closely with straddle carrier suppliers who specialize in this type of equipment. They can provide you with detailed quotes based on your specific project requirements and location. It’s essential to balance cost considerations with the safety and efficiency of the equipment to ensure a successful construction project.

Unique Features of Aicrane Straddle Carrier Cranes

Mobility and Versatility

  • Rubber Tyres: The straddle carrier gantry crane is equipped with rubber tires, allowing it to move easily along designated pathways. This mobility eliminates the need for fixed rails, giving the crane the flexibility to maneuver around loads and optimize space usage.
  • All-Wheel Steering: Straddle carriers are often designed with all-wheel steering, enabling them to move in various directions, including sideways. This feature contributes to their exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Travel Drives: Powerful travel drives and motors provide the necessary traction to move the crane smoothly on various surfaces, including pavement and compacted gravel.

Lifting Capacity and Performance

  • High Load Capacity: Industrial straddle carriers are designed to handle heavy loads efficiently. Their lifting capacities can range from 50 to 800 tons or more, making them suitable for various loads and cargo handling tasks.
  • Spreader Attachment: Our straddle carrier systemoften comes equipped with specialized spreader attachments that allow them to lift, transport, and stack a wide variety of loads with precision and safety.
  • Double Trolley System: Some straddle cranes feature a double trolley system, enabling them to handle loads more stably and efficiently.

Aicrane Straddle Carrier

Control and Safety

  • Remote Control: The straddle carriers feature remote control systems, allowing operators to control the crane’s movement and operations from a safe distance. This enhances visibility and safety during cargo handling.
  • Anti-Collision Systems: To prevent accidents and collisions, the automated straddle carriers often incorporate sophisticated anti-collision systems. These systems use sensors and advanced algorithms to detect potential collisions and trigger automatic responses.
  • Load Limiters: Integrated load limiters ensure that the crane operates within safe load ranges, preventing overloading and maintaining the safety of personnel and equipment.

Aicrane: Your Top Choice for Straddle Carrier Manufacturer

When it comes to selecting straddle carrier manufacturers, the choice can be critical to the efficiency and success of your operations. At Aicrane, we are not just a straddle carrier manufacturer; we are your trusted partner in material handling. Take a look at why Aicrane should be at the top of your list when you’re in the market for straddle carriers.

Customization Options

  • When it comes to hydraulic or electric straddle carriers, one size does not fit all. Whether you’re dealing with varying concrete beam sizes, challenging terrains, or specific operational requirements, our team of engineers works closely with you to design straddle carriers that are perfectly suited to your operations.
Aicrane Engineer Team
Aicrane Engineer Team Is Here to Provide Custom Solutions.

One-on-One Order Tracking

  • When you entrust us with your straddle carrier order, we assign you a dedicated customer-service specialist who will personally guide you through the entire process, from manufacturing to delivery. This one-on-one order tracking ensures that you are always informed of equipment progress, enabling you to plan your operations with confidence and peace of mind.

Installation Service

  • We understand that the installation of industrial equipment can be a complex undertaking. We simplify this process by offering professional installation services. Our highly experienced technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of straddle carrier assembly and setup, guaranteeing that your equipment is installed correctly and adheres to the highest safety standards.

After-Sales Support

Aicrane’s comprehensive after-sales support includes:

  • Technical Assistance: Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you with any technical issues, ensuring the reliable operation of your straddle carrier.
  • Maintenance Services: We offer tailored maintenance packages to keep your equipment in peak condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing its lifespan.
  • Training Programs: We provide operator training programs to ensure that your staff is proficient in using our straddle carriers safely and efficiently.
  • Spare Parts Inventory: Our well-stocked inventory of spare parts ensures quick access and delivery when needed, minimizing equipment downtime.

After-Sales Service From Aicrane
When you choose Aicrane, you are not just acquiring a straddle carrier; you are gaining a dependable partner in your material handling journey. We are here to cater to your unique needs and provide you with the lifting solutions that elevate your material handling experience to new heights. Contact us today to get a straddle carrier quote.

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