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Steel Structure UAE

We are a high-tech and diversified international private enterprise integrating steel structure research and development, design, production, installation and construction and other services. Over the years, we have been deeply involved in the UAE market, and the steel structure projects we have cooperated in the UAE include industrial plants, large warehouses, livestock and poultry breeding houses, office buildings, exhibition halls and commercial buildings. We are capable of providing customized steel structure design and fabrication according to customer project requirements.

  • Steel Structure Manufacturer in UAE
    Steel Structure Manufacturer in UAE

Aicrane Steel Structure Projects

Three Types of Steel Structures For Sale in UAE

Steel structure for sale in UAE can be portal steel frame, multi-storey steel frame, steel grid structure and other structural systems. Based on years of experience in project execution, our company can design the most suitable structural system and provide customers with customized steel structure solutions for their projects. On the premise of satisfying the basic building functions, we will optimize the amount of steel consumption as much as possible, and implement the service tenet of “easy to use”, “durable”, “reasonable” and “economical”.

Portal Steel Frame Structure

Portal steel frame structure is generally a single-storey building with a load-bearing structure that adopts a solid-belly steel frame with equal or variable cross-sections, and the enclosure system uses light roof panels and wall panels, and skylights, ventilators, and lighting panels can be installed according to the needs of ventilation and lighting. This portal frame structure is widely used in single-story industrial and civil buildings, such as warehouses, workshops, hangars, exhibition halls, poultry houses, greenhouses, etc.

Portal Steel Frame Structure in UAE
Portal Steel Frame Structure in UAE
Steel Portal Frame Workshop
Steel Portal Frame Workshop With Overhead Cranes

Multi-storey Steel Frame Structure

Multi-storey steel structure is widely used in multi-storey office buildings, industrial plants, residences, schools, theaters, shopping malls and other multi-storey buildings. The main load-bearing structure is frame beams and columns.

Multi-Storey Steel Structure Building in UAE
Multi-Storey Steel Structure Building in UAE
Multi-Storey Steel Frame Structure UAE
Multi-Storey Steel Frame Structure

Grid Steel Structure

Grid frame structure can be used as the roof of two-way large column spacing buildings such as hangars, stacking sheds, exhibition halls, waiting halls, stadiums, stand awnings, and gas stations. The specific form of the grid frame is various, and can be custom designed according to your project requirements. All rod pipes joint and form a whole through bolt balls, which is easy to install, and the rod pipe is small in size and easy to transport by sea.

Grid Steel Structure in UAE
Grid Steel Structure for Sale in UAE
Grid Steel Structure in United Arab Emirates
Steel Grid Structure in United Arab Emirates

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Application of Steel Structures in Various Buildings And Structures

Steel structure in UAE is mainly used for construction purposes thanks to the rigidity and high strength to weight ratio. Below are its common uses:

  • Industrial plants – steel frames are often applied in workshops, which can be single-storey or multi-storey. According to the functions of industrial plants, they can be divided into production workshops, auxiliary production workshops, storage buildings, power plants, and transportation facilities. Generally, the single span of the portal steel frame structure is between 12m and 48m.
  • Multi-storey and high-rise buildings– multi-storey structures such as schools, office buildings, and residential buildings are basically steel frame structures, and (super) high-rise buildings are generally steel frame support structures and steel-concrete composite structures.
  • Long span structures – hangars, terminal buildings, large coal storages, assembly halls, stadiums, high-speed rail stations, exhibition halls, convention centers, etc. all require long-span structures. Its structural form can be grid structure, truss structure, frame structure or special-shaped steel structure, among which grid structure is the most common.
  • Steel bridge – the main load-bearing structure adopts steel structure. Beams and legs or piers form a rigid connection.
  • Special structure – such as trestles, pipe supports, derricks, offshore oil production platforms, etc.

Application Of Steel Structures in UAE

Features And Advantages of UAE Steel Structures

  • High strength and light weight – The structural steel has high strength and high modulus of elasticity. Compared with concrete and wood, under the same stress conditions, the steel structure has a small cross-section and light weight, which is convenient for transportation and installation, and is suitable for structures with large spans, high heights, and heavy loads.
  • Good toughness and plasticity, uniform material and high reliability – Steel structures can withstand impact and dynamic loads such as crane runway beams, and have good seismic performance. The actual working performance of steel structures is more in line with the principle of structural modeling, so the reliability of steel structures is high.
  • High degree of mechanization – Steel structural components are easy to manufacture in factories and assemble on site. The steel structure components mechanized in the factory have high precision and high production efficiency. They are assembled quickly on the construction site, which greatly shortens the construction period.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection – There will be almost no construction waste after the steel structure building is demolished, and the steel can be recycled and reused.

UAE Steel Structures For Sale
UAE Steel Structures

How To Get An Accurate Steel Structure Price in UAE?

Looking for steel structure prices in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai or other UAE cities? Here are a few things you will need to know in order to get an accurate steel structure price from structural steel fabrication companies in UAE.

The basic building dimensions and functions your project requires

  • The basic building dimensions include length, width, height (for sloping roofs, you need to determine the height of the eaves , or whether there is any requirement for the slope of the roof), column spacing, steel frame span, building use, and specific building functions.

The natural situation of your project site

  • This includes reference wind pressure, reference snow pressure, earthquake, extreme low temperature, etc. These natural conditions will affect steel structural modeling and steel consumption, which in turn affects the price of steel structure factory in UAE.

The enclosure structure of your building

  • You’ll need to determine if your building needs insulation, the type of walls, and more.

Overhead crane parameters

  • Does your factory building need to install an overhead crane or multiple overhead cranes? If so, you need to provide overhead crane parameters, such as load capacity, span, working duty, etc.

Steel Structure Building Prices In UAE
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Why Choose Us?

Steel Structures Production

Advanced technology and product quality

Advanced production equipment is the biggest guarantee to ensure the quality of our products. The company’s processing plant has a number of advanced steel structure production lines, which provide a guarantee for the production of various types of steel structure for sale in UAE. Relying on planned and orderly departmental coordination, the company advocates advanced and scientific processing technology, and provides quality and progress guarantee for steel structure manufacturing.

We strictly control the manufacturing details of each process in production, and manufacture first-class quality products through refined production management. Up to now, we have completed many foreign large-scale engineering projects and accumulated rich project experience.

Custom Solution Design

Custom design

Relying on a strong steel structure engineer team, the company will arrange senior engineers to conduct in-depth communication and reasonable suggestions on the customer’s intended project from a professional perspective. With profound professionalism and long-term practical experience, our engineers can provide customized solutions for customer projects to maximize the customer’s return on investment.

Aicrane After-sales Service

One-stop Service

From project design, preliminary quotation, construction drawing, processing and production, container loading and delivery to on-site installation, our professional technicians and delivery team are responsible for follow-up. We promise that our company can respond quickly within 24 hours when customers encounter problems at any stage.

At present, our main markets are all over Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, North America, Europe, Oceania and so on. Service centers have been successively established in Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Pakistan, and storage centers have been set up in the Jebel Ali duty-free zone in Dubai, and local service centers in other regions are also under preparation.

Are you looking for reliable steel structure companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah UAE? Simply contact Aicrane and discuss what we can do for your project!

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