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Industrial Steel Structure

Industrial steel structure is the most common option when it comes to design and construct industrial buildings due to its strength, reliability, durability, safety, and also ease of construction. It is ideal for manufacturing, petrochemical and other industries that require large plants for massive production. As a trusted steel structure company, we offer unique quality and environmentally friendly products and ensure a lower cost.

Industrial Steel Structure Building for Sale
Industrial Steel Structure Building

Project Cases

We can design and manufacture industrial steel structures according to the customer’s project requirements, or process them according to the drawings provided by the customers. Currently, our steel structures have been exported to many countries, such as Chile, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Thailand, UAE, etc.

Industrial Steel Structure Workshop in Chile

We designed and manufactured a steel structure workshop and a 50-ton double girder overhead crane for the Chilean client’s project. During the installation process, our after-sales service engineer is also on-site to guide the installation to ensure that the installation progresses smoothly.

Steel Structure for Sale Chile
Steel Structure in Chile

Steel Structure Industrial Building in Uzbekistan

This project is an industrial steel structure with a 10 ton single girder overhead crane. The single span steel structure and light duty overhead crane are a cost-effective choice for the customer’s project. The steel structure has light weight, high strength and short construction period, which reduces investment costs accordingly.

Industrial Steel Structure Workshop for Sale Uzbekistan
Industrial Steel Structure for Sale Uzbekistan

Delivery of Steel Structure to Kazakhstan

The picture below is the delivery of steel structure to Kazakhstan. For transportation, we have a professional shipping department that can assist customers in choosing the right transportation.

Delivery of Industrial Steel Structure to Kazakhstan
Delivery of Industrial Steel Structure to Kazakhstan

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Different Types of Industrial Steel Structures

Structural steel is the most commonly used material to design and construct industrial buildings. We offer a variety of types to meet your project’s requirements.

Light Steel Structure

Light steel structure is mainly applied in industrial buildings that does not bear large loads. It adopts light H-section steel (welded or rolled; variable cross-section or equal cross-section) to make portal steel frame support, C-shaped and Z-shaped cold-formed thin-walled steel as purlins and wall beams, profiled steel plates or lightweight sandwich panels as the roof and wall enclosure structure, using high-strength bolts, ordinary bolts, self-tapping screws and other connectors and sealing materials to assemble the light steel structure building.

The light steel structure is an ideal solution to erect industrial buildings as it makes the construction fast, easy and cost-effective. With steel frame, it is possible to create large free spans and useful spaces for workshops, warehouses, shed and other industrial plants. Moreover, it has good seismic resistance and can improve the overall seismic performance of the entire building.

Light Steel Structure Warehouse for Sale
Light Steel Structure Warehouse

Heavy Steel Structure Factory For Sale
Heavy Steel Structure Factory

Heavy Steel Structure

Generally, heavy steel structure is applied in factories, especially in production workshops. There are usually medium and large overhead cranes in heavy steel structure workshops, with capacity from dozens of tons to hundreds of tons.

The heavy steel structure has several characteristics: the steel consumption per square meter is greater than or equal to 50kg/m2; the thickness of the main component steel plate is greater than or equal to 10mm; the crane lifting capacity is greater than or equal to 25 tons.

As an economical material for the construction of factories, manufacturing and processing plants, the heavy steel structure is very reliable and durable. It uses high strength grade of steel and can be designed and constructed with a specific size and shape.

Steel Structure With or Without Overhead Crane

If one or more overhead cranes are required to be installed in the newly-built facility, then the runway beams will be installed during the steel construction process. Therefore, when buying a steel structure, you need to specify the crane load capacity and runway length in advance in order to determine if the building structure can handle the loads that are generated by the installation of overhead crane systems. When installing an overhead crane, in addition to steel structure costs, there will be added costs for the design, fabrication, delivery and installation of crane and runway system.

If you do not need to install an overhead crane system, then the industrial building steel structure design will be much simpler and less expensive.

In addition, the industrial building of steel structure can be designed to be single-span, double-span and multi-span. With our professional technical team, we are able to design a perfect solution to meet your project’s specifications.

Industrial Steel Structure Factory With Overhead Crane
Industrial Steel Structure Factory With Overhead Crane

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Unique Features of Industrial Steel Structures

  • The steel structure industrial building has light weight, great strength and large span.
  • It has a shorter construction period and lower investment cost as compared to other building forms such as concrete construction.
  • The industrial steel construction is very environmentally friendly as the steel materials can be recycled without pollution.
  • It has excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • It can last for decades and requires minimal maintenance.
  • The structure can be easily adapted to future uses since it can be easily modified, strengthened and extended.
  • The industrial metal buildings can be custom designed and constructed to meet your project’s applications.

Wide Applications of Industrial Steel Frame Buildings

These different types of steel structures can be adapted to almost all sorts of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Industrial sheds: industrial shed steel structure can be small or large for your projects. It is designed for various purposes, such as designing, processing and storing materials.
  • Industrial workshops: based on the requirements, industrial steel structure workshops can be made with single-span and double-span. They have many uses, such as manufacturing and repairing goods.
  • Industrial warehouses: the industrial steel warehouses can be small or huge to store raw materials or manufactured goods. It can be designed and built with the right dimensions and features as per the requirements.
  • Industrial process plants: these plants usually involve large and heavy machinery to process materials. Therefore, the steel structures must be designed to be durable, flexible, reliable and adaptable.

Steel Structure Warehouse for Sale
Steel Structure Warehouse

Industrial Steel Structure for Sale
Industrial Steel Structure Workshop

Industrial Steel Structure Design
Industrial Shed Steel Structure

Steel Structure Price
Steel Structure Industrial Building

Steel Structure With Crane And Runway System
Steel Structure With Crane And Runway System

Industrial Steel Grid Structure for Sale
Industrial Steel Grid Structure

Industrial Steel Structure Design

We can provide the steel structure design according to the actual needs of your project, or process the steel structure according to the drawings you provide. The design of industrial steel structures is in line with industry and national standards to ensure safety and reliability. The construction of steel structure generally uses steel beams, columns, trusses and so on. Each building can be custom designed and constructed as per the requirements.

  • Steel columns – these columns can be H shape of equal section or variable section. When the horizontal span of the facility does not exceed 15m, and the column height does not exceed 6m, an H-shaped steel column of equal section is usually adopted. The material for the construction of column is Q235B or Q345B.
  • Steel beams – the most commonly used welded steel beam is an I-shaped section that consists of upper and lower flange plates and webs. The main material is Q235B or Q345B.
  • Trusses – they are used to support roof and wall panels. There are variety of structural steels for you to choose from, such as C-shaped and Z-shaped steel.

Steel Structure Columns
Steel Columns

Steel Beam
Steel Beam

C-shaped Steel
C-shaped Steel

The industrial structural steel construction can offer:

  • Durability
  • Thermal insulation
  • High quality
  • Speed of construction
  • Wind resistance
  • Fire resistance

We can help you design your industrial facility with the right features you require, and at the same time,  save efforts and time, reduce costs. For further information, talk to one of our professionals online.

Parameters of Single-storey Steel Structure Building

The following are the single-story industrial steel structure building parameters for your reference:

  • Length: according to your requirements
  • Column spacing: generally 6m. Besides, 7.5m, 9m and 12m are available.
  • Span: 9-36m (when the span is large, you need to determine the number of spans.)
  • Height: 4.5-9m (without installing a crane)
  • When you need to install an overhead bridge crane system inside the facility, you should specify the crane model and lifting height.
  • Wall and roof insulation: available
Single Story Steel Structure for Sale
Single Story Steel Structure for Sale

Three factors Affect The Cost of Industrial Building Steel Structure

The cost of industrial steel structure is a concern of many customers. Here we list three main factors affecting the cost of steel structure industrial building.

1. Raw Material

Steel and plates are the main components of the steel structure factory building, accounting for about 70%-80% of the total cost of the steel building. Therefore, fluctuations in the market price of raw materials directly affect the industrial steel structure cost.

In addition, the different materials and load-bearing surfaces of the section steel, as well as the thickness and materials of the enclosure plates, also lead to great differences in prices.

Therefore, it can be said that raw materials are the main factor affecting the cost of steel structure building.

Structural Steel
Structural Steel

2. Design

Reasonable industrial building steel structure design is the key to saving raw materials and controlling the cost, because different design schemes will affect the consumption of raw materials, which directly affects the total cost of steel structures.

Industrial Steel Structure Design
Industrial Steel Structure Design

Foundation design:

The foundation cost is related to the geology where the industrial steel frame building is located. The foundation construction period accounts for about 25% of the total construction period of the plant, and the foundation cost is 15% of the total cost of the steel structure plant.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider the geology of the plant’s location when designing, and choose a reasonable foundation type. Controlling the loading surface and buried depth of the foundation plays a positive role in saving the total cost of steel structure building.

Steel Structure Foundation
Steel Structure Foundation

Bolt Connection
Bolt Connection

Steel beam design:

Rectangular cross-section beams are the most common flexural members and are often used, but the material utilization rate is low. One is because the material stress near the neutral axis is lower; the other is that the bending moment of the beam varies along the length of the beam. Due to the low stress in most sections of the uniform cross-section beam, the material is not well used, and the material utilization rate can be improved only when the axial center is stressed.

Therefore, a plane truss can be used instead of a rectangular beam in the steel industrial building design, which is economical and can reduce its own weight. It can also be developed into a space grid structure, so that the utilization rate of materials can be greatly improved.

Steel Beams
Steel Beams

Column design:

The column grid layout is to determine the span and spacing of the columns. If the process permits, it is more economical to choose a small-span portal frame steel structure.

Generally, the optimal spacing of the portal steel frame is 6m-9m. When a large capacity overhead crane is installed, the economic column spacing is generally 7m-9m, and should not exceed 9m. When it exceeds 9m, the amount of steel used for roof purlins, crane runway beams and wall frame systems will increase accordingly, and the cost will also increase.

Therefore, whether the column grid layout is reasonable has a great impact on the industrial steel structure price.

Steel Columns
Steel Columns

3. Construction And Installation

The length of the construction period will also affect the cost of the industrial steel structure building, and the proficiency of the installation technology is the main factor affecting the length of the construction period.

Industrial Steel Structure Construction And Installation


The construction of a steel structure building is a systematic project involving a wide range of aspects and many influencing factors. What we do is to design and manufacture the most cost-effective steel structure building and create maximum value for our customers’ projects.

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