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Heavy Steel Structure

Heavy steel structure is a durable and cost-effective building form that can be used for almost all types of structure, such as heavy industrial buildings, equipment support systems, infrastructure, multi-storey buildings and bridges. Due to the high strength grade of steel, this type of steel structure is very reliable. According to your requirements, the heavy duty steel structure can be fabricated with a specific size and shape to suit your project’s specifications.

Project Cases

Heavy Steel Structure Workshop in Chile

This project is a heavy steel structure workshop with AQ-QD 50 ton overhead crane in Chile. According to customer requirements, our experienced engineers went to the customer site to guide the installation.

Heavy Steel Structure for Sale Chile
Steel Structure for Sale Chile

Heavy Steel Structure for Sale
Heavy Steel Structure in Chile

Industrial Steel Structure Workshop in Chile
Steel Structure Workshop in Chile

50 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale
50 Ton Overhead Crane in Chile

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Steel Structure Industrial Building in Uzbekistan

This project is a steel structure industrial building with AQ-LD 10 ton overhead crane in Uzbekistan. The steel structure has the advantages of light weight, low cost, and fast construction speed, making it the most cost-effective choice for customers.

Industrial Steel Structure in Uzbekistan
Industrial Steel Structure in Uzbekistan

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Heavy Steel Structure Factory Building in Ethiopia

This project is an industrial heavy steel structure factory with 25t cranes in Ethiopia. We provide design, production and installation for the entire project. The dimension of the heavy steel factory building is 230m*56m*20m, with a total area of 12,000 square meters.

Heavy Steel Structure Factory in Ethiopia
Heavy Steel Structure Factory in Ethiopia

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Different Types of Heavy Steel Structures

We offer a variety of heavy steel structures to meet varied needs of customers, such as single span steel structure, double span steel structure and multi-span steel structure. Specifically speaking, single span steel structure consists of two rows of steel columns, and double span heavy steel structure is usually composed of three rows of steel columns. Besides, the steel structure building can have runway beam to install overhead cranes.

In addition to heavy steel structures, we also have light steel structures for you to choose from. Contact us now to get the most suitable steel structure solution.

Single Span Heavy Steel Structure for Sale
Single Span Heavy Steel Structure

Multi-span Steel Structure Workshop Supplier
Multi-span Steel Structure Workshop

Two Story Steel Structure Building for Sale
Two Story Steel Structure Building

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Applications of Steel Structures

Nowadays, steel structure can be adapted to almost all kinds of structure applications, including but not limited to:

  • Industrial steel buildings: steel structure warehouses, steel structure workshops, steel structure storage sheds, etc.
  • Equipment support structures: crane beams, cement kiln tails, boiler towers, etc.
  • Heavy industrial plants: power plant

Steel Structure Factory Building for Sale
Steel Structure Factory Building

Steel Structure Warehouse Supplier
Steel Structure Warehouse

Steel Structure Industrial Plant for Sale
Steel Structure Industrial Plant

Advantages of Heavy Steel Structure

  • The steel building has high strength, light weight and large span.
  • The construction period of steel structure is short since it can be pre-engineered at the factory an then assembled at site. The erection process is fast and easy.
  • It has lower cost than other types of structure like concrete structure and timber structure.
  • The heavy steel structure building has excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • The structural steel can be recycle without pollution.
  • The heavy steel structures can be built with any kind of shape. It is also easy to expand in the future.
  • The structural steel is easy to maintain and can be used for many years.

The Main Components of Steel Structure

Heavy steel structure, as the name implies, uses steel as its main load-bearing member, mainly including steel columns, steel beams, steel roof. The structural steel can be jointed in many different ways, such as bolting, welding and riveting. The heavy steel structure is built over three members that are connected to each other:

The primary member: steel columns, steel beams, wind-resistant columns, bridge crane runway beams. The steel column can be an H-shaped steel of equal section or variable section. The main material is Q235B or Q345B. H-shaped steel of equal section is generally adopted when the building span does not exceed 15m and the column height is not more than 6m. The common used steel beam is a kind of I-shaped section that consists of upper and lower flange plates and webs.

Steel Columns And Beams
Steel Columns And Beams

Wind Resistant Column
Wind Resistant Column

Crane Runway Beam
Crane Runway Beam

The secondary member: C or Z purlins, horizontal bracing, vertical bracing. The roof or wall purlins usually adopt C shape, whereas Z-shaped purlins are particularly suitable for large slope roofs. Horizontal and vertical bracing systems are meant for the overall stability of the steel frame.


Straight Brace
Straight Brace

Horizontal Support

Vertical Support

Roof and wall sheeting connected to each other. The wall and roof panels are available in color steel tile or color steel sandwich panel. Besides, in order to save energy and improve indoor lighting, the lighting panels are generally added to the roof.

Roof Panel
Roof Panel

Wall Panel
Wall Panel

Sandwich Panel
Sandwich Panel

About Fabrication, Delivery And Installation

Fabrication of Heavy Steel Structure

The steel structure can be tailored to meet your project’s requirements. We also offer many different structural and non-structural additions, such as crane systems, doors, windows, trusses and turbo vents. The primary and secondary members are fully designed and fabricated at the manufacturer’s factory, including cut-to-length, punching, drilling, welding and performing, and then shipped to customer’s site for erection.

The paneling of pre-fabricated steel structure is made to overlap when connected to each other so as not to leave any openings. Therefore, the steel building can be insulated against outside conditions.

Since all components can be prefabricated in the factory, and assembled and jointed by means of nut and bolt connections at site, it will greatly reduce construction time and cost. What’s more, our heavy steel structure is designed and built with large carrying capacity, thus it can resist the impact of strong wind, heavy snow and earthquake.

Heavy Steel Structure Fabrication
Heavy Steel Structure Fabrication

Packaging & Delivery

Our company has a professional shipping department that can help customers choosing the right shipping.

Delivery of Steel Structures to Kazakhstan
Delivery of Steel Structures to Kazakhstan


We have professional after-sales service engineers who can go to the customer’s site for installation instructions.

Installation of Steel Structures in Chile
Installation of Steel Structures in Chile

How to Get the Right Quotation?

When talking to a heavy steel structure manufacturer, you need to provide some basic information so that they can help you design a suitable plan and provide the correct quotation. Here we list some parameter information that you need to provide:

  • Building length: specify the total length of the building as well as the column spacing. Generally, the column spacing is 6m. It is also available in 7.5m, 9m and 12m.
  • Span: the building span is usually in a range of 9 to 36m.When the required span is large, you need to determine the span number, such as double span and multi-span.
  • Height: when there is no crane used inside the structure, the net height is 4.5-9m. If there is a crane, you should first specific the model and lifting height of the crane.
  • Runway beam: do you require crane runway beams? If so, you should determine the overhead crane specifications.
  • The requirements for roof and wall insulation.
  • Other special requirements

Backed by well-experienced engineers, we are capable of offering you the most economical, durable and reliable steel structures for your project. It is noted that the price of heavy steel structure does not include doors and windows. Contact us now for a quote!

Why Choose Us?

We have a wealth of experience in the design and fabrication of heavy steel structures. Each of our products is built with high quality steel so that it can last for decades. We also offer steel structure delivery, installation and maintenance services according to your requirements. As a trusted steel structure manufacturer and supplier in China, we can guarantee a dependable after-sales service as we’ve established a perfect after-sales network that includes over 60 after-sales service engineers for overseas market. In a word, if you are working with us, you can benefit a lot from our project management experience.

To receive a heavy steel structure quotation, call us now or send an email to us!

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