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Steel Structure Hangar

Steel structure hangar is a large-span single-story metal building for aircraft maintenance. Steel structure is especially suitable for the construction of large-span buildings due to its high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity and strong resistance to deformation. In addition to the hangar, in the field of large-span construction, steel structures are also used in aircraft assembly workshops, exhibition halls and certain types of manufacturing facility.

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Large-span Steel Structure Building Hangar Design
Large-span Steel Structure Building Hangar

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Steel Structure Hangar Design

Depending on the amount of aircraft maintenance and the requirements of the maintenance items, the plane layout, building height, and structural form of the hangar are also different. The design of the steel structure hangar building mainly depends on the following factors:

  • The type and quantity of the aircraft being maintained at the same time, the maintenance items and the degree of maintenance required.
  • Requirements and restrictions on the height and layout of the hangar structure.
  • Requirements for the setting of the hangar gate, crane and working platform in the hangar.
  • Requirements for the configuration of fire-fighting facilities inside and outside the hangar.
  • Site conditions.

We have experienced engineers who can design the steel structure hangar according to your requirements. In addition, if you provide design drawings, we can process and manufacture steel structure building hangar according to your design drawings. Contact us for a consultation!

Steel Structure Hangar Supplier
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Advantages of Prefabricated Steel Structure Hangar

  • The time for assembling the prefab hangar is short. Once the foundation is ready, the metal hangar building can be assembled in a very short time since all fastener holes are pre-perforated or pre-drilled.
  • The span of the steel airplane hangar can be very large, suitable for aircraft parking.
  • The steel structure building is resistant to strong winds. Generally, steel structure roofs are designed to resist wind speeds up to 270km/h, and the overall structure is resistant to bending. In addition, the steel structure is designed to resist the load of snow. All these characteristics are very important to the safety of the aircraft.
  • The steel structure aircraft hangar is anti-corrosion and anti-rust. The steel used in the hangar is usually plated with aluminum or other protective metals to prevent corrosion.
  • Insurance costs can be saved. If the steel structure is used, insurance companies usually offer lower insurance premiums than hangars constructed of other materials.
  • The maintenance cost is low. Users only need to check every year for loose or missing fasteners, or add sealant around new fasteners and openings.
  • The appearance color can be changed at will, and different colors can be selected for different purposes of use.
  • The steel structure has excellent seismic performance, especially the hangarsin the earthquake zone, which must be constructed with steel structure.

Features of Hangar Steel Structure

  • High Strength And Light Weight

    Although the density of steel is higher than that of other building materials, its strength is very high. Under the same stress, the steel structure has a small dead weight and can be made into a structure with a larger span.

  • Good Plasticity And Toughness

    The plasticity of steel is good, and the structure will not break suddenly due to accidental overload or partial overload under normal circumstances. Besides, the toughness of steel makes the structure more adaptable to dynamic loads.

  • High Reliability

    The internal structure of the steel is uniform and isotropic, and the actual working performance of the prefab steel structure is in good agreement with the theoretical calculation results used. Therefore, the reliability of the structure is high.

  • Solderability

    Due to the weldability of steel, the connection of steel structures is greatly simplified, and it is suitable for manufacturing various complex-shaped structures. In addition, the manufacturing and installation of steel structures are highly industrialized. The production of airplane hangar steel structure is mainly carried out in a specialized metal structure factory, so it has high precision. The finished components are transported to the site for installation, with a high degree of assembly, fast installation speed and short construction period.

  • Good Sealing

    The internal structure of the steel is very dense, and when it is connected by welding, even when connected by rivets or bolts, it is easy to achieve tightness and no leakage.

  • Fire Resistance

    When the surface temperature of the steel is within 150°, the strength of the steel changes little, so the steel structure is suitable for high-temperature workshops.

After-sales Service

The company has a dedicated after-sales service center to solve customers’ after-sales issues. The technical level and skills of the after-sales service engineers are fully qualified for installation, user training, technical consulting services, etc. In addition, we have overseas offices in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, etc., to provide customers with faster and better services.

  • Dispatch after-sales service engineers to assist in installation.
  • Provide product qualification certificate, instruction manual, maintenance technical specifications, etc.
  • Train operation and maintenance personnel and provide technical consulting services.
  • Timely supply of accessories.
  • We provide lifetime service support.

In short, if you buy steel structure hangar from Aicrane, you don’t need to worry about after-sales issues.

Aicrane Service Team
Aicrane Service Team

Maintenance of Prefab Aircraft Hangar Structure

The maintenance of steel hangar structure is very simple. Below we list some key points of steel structure maintenance.

  • The steel structure needs to be maintained with paint after 3 years of use to make the building more beautiful and safer.
  • Check the beam-column connection node, the connection node between the steel column and the concrete every five years, and check if the bolts are broken, the welds are cracked, and the steel beams are bent or twisted.
  • The steel structure should be cleaned regularly. Branches, leaves and other objects on the steel structure should be cleaned up in time to avoid unnecessary trouble due to the backlog.
  • If the surface of the metal plateis damaged, it should be repaired in time to prevent the surface from being corroded by the sun and rain. If necessary, high-elastic nano-materials should be painted to protect the metal roof panel, and play the role of heat insulation and waterproof, and save the energy of indoor air-conditioning.

The maintenance of steel structure hangar is closely related to its service life. Therefore, users should pay enough attention to it. If you encounter any problems in maintenance, please contact a professional steel structure hangar manufacturer for help.

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