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Steel Grid Structure

Steel grid structure is formed by connecting multiple rods through nodes in a certain grid form. It has the advantages of simple force transmission, light weight, high rigidity, good seismic performance, easy installation, and flexible layout. The grid steel structure can be widely used in large space buildings such as theaters, stadiums, exhibition halls, and hangars.

Various Types of Steel Grid Structures

There are many types of grid steel structures, which can be classified according to different standards.

According to the structure of the grid itself, it can be divided into: single layer grid space frame, double layer grid space frame and triple layer grid space frame structure.

According to the support conditions, it can be divided into: peripheral support, four-point support, multi-point support, three-side support, opposite-side support and mixed support.

According to different ways it is structured, it can be divided into: cross-truss system, triangular pyramid system, quadrangular pyramid system, and hexagonal cone system grid structure.

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Steel Grid Structure

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Grid Steel Structure for Sale

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Grid Frame Steel Structure

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Advantages of Steel Grid Structure

The grid structure is a major structural form in the large-span space structure. Compared with other steel structure forms, the space grid structure has great advantages.

  • Due to the interaction between the members of the grid structure, it has good integrity, high spatial rigidity and stable structure.
  • The grid frame structure relies on the axial force of the rods to transfer the load, and the material strength is fully utilized, which saves steel and reduces its own weight.
  • The steel structure has good seismic performance. Due to the light weight of the grid structure, the seismic force generated during an earthquake is small, and the steel has good extensibility and can absorb a large amount of seismic energy. In addition, the grid has large spatial rigidity and stable structure, so it will not collapse.
  • The height of the steel grid structure is small, which can effectively use the space.
  • The construction speed of the grid frame steel structure is fast. The components of the grid structure are mostly the same in size and shape, and can be mass-produced in the factory. And also the on-site installation is simple and does not require large-scale machinery and equipment.
  • The grid structure is light and handy, and can be designed into various shapes, whether it is a building plane or a space curved shape.

Common Applications of Grid Steel Structure

Due to the many advantages of grid structures, more and more fields choose steel structure grid construction, such as the large-scale gymnasium roof grid frame and stadium awning.

In industrial buildings, large-span roof grid structures are increasing, such as aircraft assembly workshops (spans generally above 60m), warehouses with spans of 50-60m in automobile assembly, and large-scale laboratories with a span of about 50m and a height of about 40m in the electrical industry.

Industrial Steel Grid Structure for Sale
Industrial Steel Grid Structure

Grid Structure for Industrial Plant
Grid Structure for Industrial Plant

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Know More About Grid Rod And Node Structure

The cross-section of the members of the steel grid structure should be determined according to the calculation of strength and stability. In order to reduce the calculated length of the compression rod and increase its stability, measures such as adding sub-rods and supporting rods can be adopted.

For plate-type grid structure and double layer shell-type grid structure, the nodes come in three forms: cross-plate nodes, welded hollow ball nodes and bolted ball nodes. Among them, the cross plate node is suitable for the grid structure of the section steel member, and the connection between the rod and the node plate adopts welding or high-strength bolts. Hollow ball nodes and bolted ball nodes are suitable for the grid structure of steel pipe rods.

The nodes of the single-layer shell-type grid structure should be able to withstand bending internal forces. Generally, the steel consumption of the nodes accounts for 15-20% of the steel consumption of the entire steel grid structure.

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Bolt Ball Processing

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Selection Guide for Steel Grid Structure

There are many types of steel grid structures, and which type is suitable for your project requires comprehensive consideration of many factors. Here we list a selection guide for your reference:

  • For a grid structure with a rectangular plane shape, peripheral support or three-sided support and one side opening, when the side length ratio (that is, the ratio of the long side to the short side) is less than or equal to 1.5, it is advisable to use an upright quadrangular pyramid grid structure, an oblique quadrangular pyramid grid structure, a checkerboard-shaped quadrangular pyramid grid structure, etc.
  • When the side-length ratio is greater than 1.5, two-direction orthogonal orthographic grid, or orthographic quadrangular pyramid grid structure should be selected.
  • For grid structure with rectangular planar shape and multi-point support, the upright quadrangular pyramid grid or the two-direction orthogonal orthographic grid structure can be selected according to the specific conditions.
  • For grid structure with a circular or regular hexagonal shape and peripheral support, three-way grid, triangular pyramid grid or evacuated triangular pyramid grid system can be selected according to the specific situation.
  • The height and size of the grid structure should be determined according to factors such as span, load conditions, column grid size, supporting conditions, grid form, structural requirements and building functions. The height-span ratio of the grid can be 1/18~ 1/10. The number of grids in the short span of the grid structure should not be less than 5. When determining the grid size, the angle between adjacent rods should be less than 45° and not less than 30°.

If you don’t know much about the structural form and type of the grid structure, please feel free to contact us. Aicrane professionals are always here to help you select the right type of steel grid structure for your project!

Steel Grid Structure for Sale

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Aicrane After-sales Service

If you cooperate with Aicrane, you don’t have to worry about after-sales issues. The company has a professional after-sales service team to provide customers with timely and high-quality after-sales service. We have also set up overseas offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan to provide local customers with better and faster service.

Our service includes:

  • Installation, commissioning and acceptance
  • Staff training
  • Technical consulting service
  • Timely supply of spare parts
  • Lifelong service support

If you encounter any problems during installation and subsequent use, please feel free to contact our after-sales service center. We will respond quickly and solve your problem!

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Aicrane Service Team


What Are The Types of Steel Grid Structure?

According to the shape, it can be divided into double-layer plate-type grid structure, single-layer and double-layer shell-type grid structure.

The rods of the plate type grid structure and the double layer shell type grid structure are divided into upper chord, lower chord and web members, which are mainly subjected to tension and pressure.

In addition to the tension and pressure, the rods of the single-layer shell grid structure also bear bending moment and shear force.

What Is The Price of Steel Grid Structure?

The price of grid steel structure is determined by many factors, including the specifications of steel pipes, the length and material of the rods, the number of bolt balls, the types of components, the type and thickness of paint, etc.

If you want to get the price of the grid frame structure, please feel free to contact us. Our professional engineers are here to help you.

How to Determine The Height of Steel Grid Structure?

The height of the grid structure is related to factors such as roof load, span, plane shape, supporting conditions and equipment piping.

  • When the roof load and span are large, the height of the grid structure should be larger.
  • When the plane shape is round, square or close to square, the height of the grid frame structure can be smaller. In the case of a long and narrow plane, the unidirectional force transmission is obvious, so the height should be larger.
  • The height of the point-supported gridstructure is larger than that of the peripheral supported grid structure.
  • When there are pipes in the grid frame, the height of the grid structure must meet the requirements.
How to Ensure A Qualified and High-quality Grid Structure?

The first is to inspect the materials of the grid structure. Although they are all steel structures, the steel can be divided into many types. The use of different steels will affect the quality of the entire grid structure, so steel is one of the key points of quality inspection.

The next step is to check whether the design of the entire grid structure is reasonable. The design drawings need to be reviewed and checked before they can enter the implementation stage.

The third is to conduct on-site supervision during the installation process. Check whether the installation sequence and techniques are in place, whether the site has been cleared, whether a safe environment is ensured, etc.

How Do You Erect A Steel Grid Structure?

There are two installation methods for the large-span grid steel structure: one is the overall lifting after assembled on the ground; the other is high-altitude in-place assembly.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Installing The Grid Frame Structure?
  1. When installing the grid structure, the setting of temporary fulcrums should be taken seriously.The fulcrum and elevation can be arranged before installation. The temporary fulcrum must make the grid frame evenly stressed and the rod members must bear the same force, and also pay attention to the stability of the temporary fulcrum’s foundation (scaffolding), and be sure to prevent the fulcrum from sinking .
  2. The support of the temporary fulcrum is best to use a jack, so that it can be adjusted gradually during the installation process.
  3. When disassembling temporary fulcrums, it should be noted that several groups of fulcrums should be lowered synchronously. During the descending process, the descending range should not be too large.
  4. After the grid structure is installed, attention should be paid to the force of the support. Some supports are allowed to be welded, some should be free ends, and some support needs to be limited, etc., so the construction of the grid structure support should be carried out in strict accordance with the design requirements.

Learn About The Purchase Process of Steel Grid Structure

Confirm demand – The customer needs to propose span requirements, column spacing requirements, clearance requirements, process requirements, maintenance structure requirements, etc. We will design the drawings according to the design standards (local climate, load, etc.). If the customer has drawings, please verify the position of embedded parts and support.

Quotation and processing – We will provide a quotation based on the drawings. After the two parties agree, the grid frame will be processed.

Transportation – Packing and transportation before shipment: check the quantity of rods, bolt balls and other accessories.

Installation – After the goods arrive at the site, check the quantity and serial number, and notify the factory to reissue if there is any loss. At the same time, the installation team conducts pre-installation preparations, including arrangements for cranes, scaffolding, and the formulation of steel grid structure installation plans. If the rods are found to be damaged or paint damaged during the installation process, the installer shall deal with it in time or notify the factory to reissue it.

Acceptance – After the installation of the grid structure is completed, the customer will be notified for acceptance.

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