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Steel Structure Factory

Steel structure factory uses the steel as the primary structural element of the building. It can be designed to be large or small. Due to its strength, durability and ease of construction, the structural steel is used in the majority of industries to construct industrial structures. We offer a complete solution for making your steel factory buildings, and our products are competitively priced to help you save money and time.

  • Steel Structure Factory

Different Types of Steel Structure Factory Buildings

Steel structure is commonly used to design and construct industrial factories. These factories vary in size and shape. We offer different types of steel structure factories that are built for various uses:

  • Steel structure factory shed

    The steel structure shed is designed for different uses, such as to process, design and distribute materials. It features simple structure, light weight and reasonable cost.

  • Steel structure workshop factory

    The steel structure workshops usually involve large and heavy equipment. They can be easily modified and strengthened for future use.

  • Steel structure distribution warehouse

    The steel structure warehouse factory is designed and constructed for various purposes, such as store and distribute materials. It can be large or small based on your requirements.

Factory Steel Structure For Sale
Wholesale Steel Structure of the Building Factory

In addition, we offer light and heavy steel structures to suit your project’s specifications. The former features good rigidity, light weight and convenient transportation. Besides, it is an economical option since the amount of steel used to construct wall and roof structure is less than the ordinary steel structure. While the heavy steel structure is ideal to construct various heavy industrial buildings as well as equipment support systems.

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Steel Structure Factory Design

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Advantages of Factory Steel Structure

  • High strength and light weight
  • Short construction period, low cost
  • Environmental friendly
  • Large span
  • Better corrosion resistance and fire resistance
  • Easy transportation and installation
  • Long service life
  • Custom design to suit your specific requirements


Aicrane Steel Structure Factory Design

Things to Consider When It Comes to Structure of Steel Factory Design

When it comes to steel structure design for factory, there are several things to consider in order to select a proper solution, including:

  • Steel structure building factory dimension – the required length, span and height of steel buildings.
  • Crane runway system – do you require an overhead crane system to be installed inside your facility?
  • Environmental conditions – how is the local weather conditions?
  • Insulation – do you require wall and roof insulation?


Main Parameters of Single Storey Steel Fabrication Factory Structure

  • Length: depending on your requirements.
  • Column spacing: generally 6m. It can also be 7.5m, 9m or 12m according to your requirements.
  • Span: generally 9-36m. It can be designed to be single span, double span or multi-span.
  • Height: 4.5-9m (without installing an overhead bridge crane)
  • When one or more overhead crane systems are required to be installed in your facility, the crane model and lifting height should be specified in order to determine the building height.
  • Runway system: available
  • Wall and roof insulation: available
  • The cost of workshop steel structures factory does not include doors and windows.
  • The steel structure buildings are ruggedly constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

A Project Case for Your Reference

A typical example falls in light single-span steel portal frame with crane runway beam. The rated load capacity of the crane is 20 tons for moderate working.

  • The roof structure takes the form of organized drainage in order to make a simple and good-looking façade effect.
  • The roof uses polyurethane panel as well as high-grade self cleaning panel in order to reduce ash accumulation and keep the roof clean. It has large bearing capacity, large span and fast drainage.
  • The lap joint is designed with fluid mechanics to ensure quick installation and good sealing effect.
  • The wall uses polyurethane panel, which has excellent heat and sound insulation as well as better appearance. It can be installed easily and quickly.
Single Span Steel Structure for Industrial Buildings
Single Span Steel Structure for Industrial Buildings

Components of A Typical Single Storey Steel Structure Factory

Steel Structure for Sale

The steel structure can be designed with long span, clear internal space and flexible internal layouts. It has a simple structure, mainly including:

Main Components

The main components include steel columns, steel beams, wind-proof columns and crane runway beam.

The H-shaped steel columns can be equal section or variable section. The columns of equal section will be adopted when the building span does not exceed 15m and the column height does not exceed 6m. Otherwise, the variable section steel columns will be used.

The wind-proof column is a structural component at the gable, which is mainly used to transmit the wind load at the gable.

The crane runway beam installed in the upper part of the facility is used to support crane track. It is designed according to your overhead crane specifications.

Steel Columns
Steel Columns

Crane Runway Beam
Crane Runway Beam

Anchor Bolts
Anchor Bolts

Secondary Components

The secondary components include purlins (C or Z-shaped), bracing systems (horizontal and vertical bracing). Purlins are used to support wall and roof panels.

The most commonly used purlins are C-shaped, and the thickness can be 2.5mm or 3mm. While Z-shaped purlins are suitable for constructing large slope roof. The bracing system can guarantee the overall stability of building structure.


Vertical Bracing
Vertical Bracing

Horizontal Bracing
Horizontal Bracing

Building Envelope

Building envelope includes color steel tile, color steel sandwich panel and other cladding materials. The common thickness of color steel tile is 0.8mm or less. Generally, we use 0.5mm color steel tile. The sandwich panel specification is available in 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm.

Color Steel Tile
Color Steel Tile

All the main components can be pre-fabricated in the manufacturer’s factory, including pre-punched, pre-drilled and pre-welded, and then assembled and erected at the desired location. Therefore, it will significantly shorten the construction period, save money and time for you.

We can design the steel industrial building with the right features and functions to accommodate your use. These buildings can also be designed in a way that they can be easily modified and extended in order to meet the expectations of future use. To get the most competitive price of simple steel structure factory or high quality two story steel structure factory, give us a call or send an email to us!


What Is The Price of Steel Structure Factory?

If you want to know the steel structure factory price, please provide the following information so that we can quote you:

  • Dimension of the structure (L*W*H)
  • Whether there are cranes. If so, please provide the crane load capacity, work duty, etc.
  • Other requirements, such as the thickness and coating of color panels, insulation material and thickness, whether there is a skylight, etc.

The cost of building steel structure factory is determined by several factors: the type of the structure, dimension, the usage, the price of steel, etc. Therefore, the specific price should be calculated according to the plant design and the current steel price.

If you are interested in China steel structure factory, contact us today for a quote!

What Are The Types of Steel Structure Factory Building?

Aicrane warehouse steel structure factory comes in multiple types and styles for you to choose:

  • Portal frame steel structure factory
  • Single-span steel structure factory
  • Double-span steel structure
  • Single story steel structure factory
  • Two story steel factory building
  • Light steel factory structure
  • Heavy steel structure factory
How to Select Steel Structures?
First, consider the different characteristics of the structures.

  • For light steel structure factory, when there is a large suspended load or moving load, you can consider the grid frame instead of the portal frame.
  • In areas with high snow pressure, the roof curve should be conducive to snow sliding, such as the use of a three-center round reticulated shell. The same is true in areas with heavy rainfall.
  • If the building structure allows, arranging supports in the frame will be more economical than a simple node-connected frame.

Second, consider the layout of the structure.

The layout of the structure should be considered according to the characteristics of the system, load distribution and nature of the structure.

Third, consider the cross-section of the member.

Make a preliminary estimate of the cross-section of the member, mainly the cross-sectional shape and size of beams, columns and supports, etc.

If you have any questions when selecting a steel structure, please feel free to contact Aicrane, Our professionals are here to help you design the most suitable and economical structure for your project.

Why Are Steel Structures Used?

Prefabricated steel structure factory is popular for the following reasons:

  • Environment protection and energy saving
  • Light weight and low investment cost
  • Fast construction speed
  • High safety with excellent seismic grade and impact resistance
  • Recyclable
Where Do We Use Steel Structure?
  • Heavy industrial steel structure factory: the span and column spacing are relatively large, or there are large-capacity heavy duty cranes in the plant.
  • Large-span structure: the larger the span of the structure, the more economic effect of reducing the weight of the structure.
  • High-rise buildings: high rise structures include high-voltage transmission line towers, substation structures, radio and television transmission towers and masts, etc. In addition to light weight and easy installation and construction, the use of steel structures also reduces the wind load due to the high strength of the steel and the small cross-section of the components.
  • Structure subject to dynamic load: due to the good dynamic performance and strength of steel, it can be used as a crane girder.
  • Removable and movable structure: it is suitable for mobile exhibition halls and mobile homes, etc. due to its light weight, easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Lightweight steel structure factory: it is composed of single angle steel or thin-walled steel and portal steel frame structure.
How Are Steel Frames Connected?
Advantages: strong adaptability to geometric shapes; simple structure; does not weaken the cross section and can realize automatic operation; good airtightness of the connection and high structural rigidity.

Disadvantages: high requirements for steel material; welding residual stress and residual deformation reduce the bearing capacity of compression members; welding structure is very sensitive to cracks; the problem of low temperature and cold brittleness is more prominent.

High-strength Bolt Connection

Advantages: the friction type has small shear deformation and good elastic performance, which is especially suitable for the structure with dynamic load; the pressure-bearing type has higher bearing capacity, and the connection is compact.

Disadvantages: The friction surface treatment and installation process is slightly complicated, so the cost is higher; the pressure-bearing connection has a large shear deformation and should not be used in structures that bear dynamic loads.

Ordinary Bolt Connection

Advantages: convenient assembly and disassembly.

Disadvantages: when the bolt accuracy is low, it is not suitable to be sheared; when the bolt accuracy is high, the processing and installation are complicated and the price is higher.


Advantages: reliable force transmission, good toughness and plasticity, easy to check quality, good dynamic load resistance.

Disadvantages: complex structure, costly steel and labor.

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