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Steel Structure Warehouse

What is steel structure warehouse? Generally speaking, the industrial steel structure warehouse is done with a series of structural steel, including steel columns, steel beams, purlin and so on. These main components constitute the load-bearing structure of the warehouse.

Due to light weight and easy construction, there is a great demand for the structural steel warehouse. The steel strucutre is also the most cost-efficient building type for many projects. Therefore, it is time for you to invest in steel warehouse buildings from a long-term economic consideration.

Customer Cases

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Steel Structure Warehouse in Uzbekistan

Steel Structure Warehouse Manufacturer

Steel Structure Warehouse Building Manufacturer

Steel Shed Structure And Double Girder Overhead Crane in Thailand

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Steel Structure Warehouse Design

The steel structure is generally regarded as the most economical and fastest way to construct your warehouse, making it the top option for many industrial and civil buildings. We supply the structural steel warehouse design, and depending on your specific applications and specifications, the steel sections will be fabricated into various shapes and sizes.

  • The steel warehouse is a kind of frame building, of which the frame structure mainly consists of steel beams and columns. The steel structure can be made by either hot or cold rolling.
  • For the roof and wall panel, we supply steel sheet, fiber glass, PU sandwich panel options and so on.
  • The curved metallic roof structure is also a good option for your project.
  • The door and window of the steel frame structure warehouse can be made of PVC or aluminum alloy.
  • With regard to purlin supporting system, wall and roof purlin, C-type and Z type are available for you to choose from.
  • In addition, the crane runway beam is designed according to your overhead crane parameter.

With respect to your specific requirement for the steel warehouse dimension as well as the conditions of local environment, we can design the steel warehouse into any shape and size to suit your needs. Contact us for a quote!

Steel Structure Warehouse Design
Design of Steel Structure Warehouse

What Are The Advantages of Steel Structure?

  • Cost efficient – Compared with traditional concrete buildings, steel warehouse construction usually costs less. All the components will be manufactured in the factory, including the components drilling, cutting and welding, and then installed on site, thus it will greatly reduce the construction period.
  • Greater strength – The steel structure construction replaces reinforced concrete with steel plates or steel sections, which has higher strength and better earthquake resistance.
  • Environmental protection – The structural steel warehouse is more environmental friendly as it can be reused in other projects, thus it will significantly reduce construction waste.
  • Easy installation – These steel warehouses can be easily assembled and erected by workers, thus saving manpower and labor costs.
  • High durability – The industrial steel structure can withstand harsh environmental conditions, and by way of coating with fireproof paint and aluminum compounds, it will effectively prevent fire and rusting. Therefore, it has prolonged service life.
  • High reliability – The steel structure is capable of withstanding impact and dynamic loads, as well as with good seismic performance. Besides, the internal structure of the steel is uniform.
Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Manufacturers
Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Manufacturer

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Why Choose AICRANE?

Wide Range of Products

We have been engaged in material handling industry for over 10 years, and provides an array of cranes, including overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, electric hoist, construction winch, marine winch and travel lift.

For overhead crane users, in case they do not possess pre-existing buildings, we provide steel structure for warehouse and workshop. As experienced manufacturer, we always satisfy our clients by way of providing quality products and reliable services.

Steel Structure And Overhead Crane for Sale
Steel Structure And Overhead Crane


Custom Design & Quality Assurance

We have varied shapes and sizes of steel structure warehouse for sale. If you are thinking about building your own warehouses, the heavy steel structure will be the most economical solution for you.

The shape, size, chemical composition and strength of our structural steel is made in strict accordance with industrial standards and regulations.

The steels are sourced from reputable suppliers, and each steel warehouse building can be tailored to fit the needs of customers regarding their specific projects and requirements.

After-sales Service

Selecting dependable steel structure warehouse manufacturers and suppliers is essential for that a dependable supplier will not only offer you quality product with competitive price, but provides best service for you.

We have a professional after-sales service team to respond quickly and solve various after-sales problems of customers.

  • Equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • According to customer needs, we provide on-site training.
  • Provide free technical consulting services.
  • We will conduct customer return visits from time to time, collect customers’ opinions and suggestions on products and services, and make timely improvements.
  • Our company also has set up offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Uzbekistan to ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of services.

Steel Structures Manufacturer
China Steel Structure Warehouse Suppliers

Looking for a competitive steel structure warehouse price? Contact us online now to get a discount. Our prefabricated steel structure will help you save a great deal of time and money, and at the same time greatly increase your production level.


What Are The Types of Steel Structure Warehouses?

According to the main frame of the metal structure warehouse, it can be divided into several types:

  • Portal warehouse steel frame
  • Single-span warehouse steel structure building
  • Double-span steel warehouse building
  • Horizontal steel structure building warehouse
How Much Does It Cost to Build A Steel Warehouse?

The price range of a warehouse steel structure is very wide, and the specific cost depends on many factors.

Raw Materials

The raw materials are the main factor affecting the cost of steel structure warehouse buildings.

Steel and plates are the main components of the steel structure construction, accounting for about 70%-80% of the total cost. Therefore, the fluctuation of the market price of steel raw materials directly affects the steel warehouse construction cost.

In addition, the prices of different section steel materials and supporting surfaces, and materials and thicknesses of enclosure plates are also very different.

Geological Condition

The basic cost is closely related to the geology of the steel warehouse structure buildings.

When it comes to structural steel warehouse design, pay attention to the geological report of the location of the steel structure warehouse building, and a reasonable basic type should be selected.

Controlling the loading surface and buried depth of the foundation plays a positive role in saving the total cost of a prefab steel structure warehouse construction.

Height and Span

The height and span is also an important factor affecting the steel warehouse cost. In addition, if your prefabricated steel structure warehouse considers installing an overhead bridge crane, the price will also be different.

In a word, the specific cost depends on your prefab steel warehouse usage and height-span ratio.

The Complexity of the Structures

The complexity of the structures also affects the China steel warehouse building cost.

The more complex the structures, the higher the required design scheme and technology, and as a result, the higher the cost of the industrial steel warehouse construction.

In a word, the warehouse structure cost is determined by factors such as raw materials, design schemes, height and span, geological conditions, etc.

If you want to know your steel warehouse price, please kindly provide the building dimension (L*W*H), geological condition, the capacity of overhead crane, etc. Our professional engineers will design a reasonable plan and offer you a quotation.

Is Steel Warehouse Structure A Good Investment?

Steel warehouse construction is a good investment for several reasons:

  • Short construction period
  • Low investment cost
  • Wide range of applications
  • Environmental protection and pollution-free
  • High strength and high reliability
  • Simple construction and fast construction speed
What Should I Look For Whey Buying A Steel Warehouse?

There are several factors to consider when buying a steel frame warehouse:

  • Warehouse steel frame structure dimensions – when talking to prefabricated warehouse steel structure manufacturers, you need to provide the dimension of the structures so that they can provide you with a suitable and cost-effective warehouse steel structure design.
  • Geological condition at the location of the warehouse structure – for example, if you are in an earthquake-prone zone, please provide the seismic rating so that we can take it into consideration when designing the structure.
  • Usage of steel structure warehouse shed – are you considering installing one or more overhead cranes inside your warehouses to help you lift, transport and store goods faster and safer? If you need to install cranes, please mention it when communicating with the steel structure warehouse supplier.


Are Steel Warehouses Cheaper?

Light weight steel structure warehouse is cheaper than concrete construction and faster to erect. It is a cost-effective alternative to reinforced concrete construction.

If you are looking for low cost steel structure warehouse, please feel free to contact Aicrane for a quote!

Steel Structure Warehouse Manufacturer
Light Steel Structure Warehouse Manufacturers
Steel Structure vs. Reinforced Concrete, Which Is An Ideal Choice?

The most of the industrial, commercial or civil buildings are constructed by means of either structural steel or reinforced concrete. Each way has its own pros and cons. When determining a structure for your warehouse, you need to take several factors into account so as to select the most suitable construction material for your warehouse.

The cost of building a warehouse is of course the top consideration of the most customers. In addition, they may consider a few things such ash the strength, durability, ease of construction and sustainability of the building.

Structural Steel Warehouse Supplier
Structural Steel Warehouse
  • Cost

    The light steel structure warehouse is the most popular option for many industrial and commercial usages thanks to its easy construction, high utilization and low cost. Besides, in contrast to reinforced concrete building, it has shorter construction period.

  • Strength

    The steel has light weight and high strength, and the structural steel design of warehouse will also take safety into consideration.

  • Durability

    The life cycle of the building is another important factor to consider, which will be affected by some elements in the environment, such as water, fire and humidity.

    Considering the characteristics of structural steel, it will easily get rusty when exposed to water or any moisture. Compared with concrete, it also lacks of good insulation, so employing the steel structure for warehouse should take the fire hazard into consideration.

    Generally, the steel structure building will be designed with fireproof coating and aluminum compounds coating to prevent hazardous conditions.

  • Ease of construction

    The structural steel can be designed into any shape and size and connected by welds or bolts. It can be prefabricated in the factory and then sent to the site for construction, thus it will shorten your construction period.

  • Sustainability

    The construction should also consider the effect on the environment.

    If properly used, both steel structure and concrete can be environmental friendly construction options. Many structural steels are made of recycled metals, and they can be reused in other projects. Concrete also does not cause harm to the environment. For the future concrete buildings, the concrete can be crushed and used as aggregate, realizing a high utilization.

The above considerations will be very helpful for you to determine a proper structure of your warehouse.

To learn more about steel structure design for warehouse, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are ready to answer any question you have and offer you the best warehouse structure design.

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