Single Girder Gantry Crane

Single girder gantry crane is used in different kinds of industries. At our company, you can find different styles of gantry cranes for your unique application, such as full-gantry, semi-gantry, truss gantry and mobile gantry crane. Apart from the standard crane for general use, we also provide custom designed and built cranes to all your special requirements.

Single Girder Gantry Crane for Sale
Single Girder Gantry Crane

Single girder gantry crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 3t~26t
  • Span Length: 12~30m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Working Class: A3, A4
  • Traveling Speed: 20~30m/min
  • Lifting Speed: 3-8m/mim or 0.3/3-0.8/8m/min

Single girder gantry cranes with two hooks can be combined into existing manufacture devices and indoor logistics processes. The heavy duty crane girder is part of the structure which, together with the legs at either end, formulas an itinerant bridge. The gantry crane with hook for project rides on ground-level rails instead of elevated crane runways and power is supplied through a cable reel that is fitted to a leg. The crane with hook for the project are mainly operational for outdoor operation in packing yards and charging areas.

This kind of gantry cranes have different capacities at our customers’ convenience. According to our customer’s needs, 3 tons to 20 tons gantry cranes are available for our clients. However, if you have any other specific needs in its spans, loading capacities or other aspects, you can tell us, we can tailor it for you.

Signle Girder Semi-gantry Crane
Signle Girder Semi-gantry Crane

Single girder semi-gantry crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 1t~16t
  • Span Length: 5~20m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Working Class: A3, A4
  • Traveling Speed: 20~30m/min
  • Lifting Speed: 3-8m/mim or 0.3/3-0.8/8m/min

Highlights of single girder gantry crane

This kind of girder gantry crane, you may easily find its particular specifications when you gaze on its name. That is because we manufacture such kind of customized gantry crane, especially for project usage. According to customers’ project special features, most of them need the forged hooks to help them lift the heavy loading materials. With the increase of the loading materials, when it amounts to a certain amount of tons, which has exceeds 10 tons, the girder gantry crane should be tailored for an additional hook.

L-shaped Gantry Crane for Sale
L-shaped Gantry Crane

L-shaped gantry crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 5t~50t
  • Span Length: 18~35m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Working Class: A4, A5
  • Traveling Speed: 39-48m/min
  • Lifting Speed: 5.9-11.2m/mim

Why make such additional design?

That is because, the heavier loading materials the cranes’ load, the lower working efficiency of the crane will have, and the more safety and higher performance of the gantry crane will be required. We provide double hook crane for our customers so that they can profit more from it. On one hand, using such kind of the hot sale forged hook crane, their working efficiency will increase to a large degree. On the other hand, the high-performance lifting will promote the working safety of the girder gantry crane.

highlights of forged hooks

In view of our customers’ needs in their different kinds of cranes, both the overhead cranes and gantry cranes. Once our customers have such requirements, we can provide them with the relevant hooks. So, at our company, there are different kinds of cranes equipped with high performance forged hooks. For instance, we can provide bridge cranes with two hooks, so if you have such needs to buy an overhead crane with two hooks, you can connect with our sales manager, and we can tailor it for you.

Single Girder Crane Manufacturer
Single Girder Crane for Sale

What is the price of single girder gantry crane?

Since this kind of gantry crane is customized for our expert teams, you may be worried about its price. In your mind, its price must be relatively high for such a crane, equipped with forged hooks. To a certain degree, it may be true, however, as a matter of fact, we have always been dedicated to the crane technological innovation to increase our crane performance and decrease our manufacturing costs, and with the cutting edge technology, we use special materials which have decreased our material costs. So, for our customers, it decreases their own costs to buy such a gantry crane. The crane we offer 5,000 $ to 30,000$. For specific hook crane options, you can get in touch with us.

Additional parts that you may need

The reason we can customize for you a single girder gantry crane is that our crane design is very flexible. If you are buying a crane from us, you can benefit from the following aspects:

  • Single-girder cranes can comprise typical access ladder, maintenance footpath, and hoist trolley maintenance platform.
  • Free radio controls
  • Can be furnished with 2 hoists or 2 trolleys
  • Outdoor package with wind safety system to monitor outdoor operation
  • Optional rail clamp that locks the gantry crane to prevent damage in stormy conditions
Crane Beam
Crane Beam

Working environment of Single Girder crane:

  • Power source is three-phase alternating current, rated frequency is 50HZ, and rated voltage is 380V,
  • The altitude height of site is ought to be less than 2000m,
  • Flammable, explosive and corrosive gas is forbidden in the work environment.
  • The crane is forbidden to lift fuse and blend deleterious article and flammable explosive article.

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