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Shipbuilding crane news

The lifting capacity of 72,000 tons, you can remove the world’s largest oil and gas platform; the ship’s width of 160 meters, more than the current world’s largest ship Pioneering Spirit more than one-third. And a boat invested 3 billion US dollars, more than 100 total 82,000 DWT Kamsarmax bulk carrier, the “AmazingGrace” is indeed amazing!

The Allseas Group, the owner of Pioneering Spirit, the world’s largest crane ship, recently disclosed plans to build a larger platform dismantling construction vessel again.

according to Edward Heerema, a chief executive officer of Allseas, the company plans to invest $ 3 billion to build the new vessel, which will be called “Amazing Grace” to dismantle the world’s largest oil and gas platform. A single heavy lifting of a new boat will be able to lift a large platform, will help reduce the dismantling costs for the oil giants.

Heerema said the vessel will be able to dismantle the largest platforms in the Statfjord, Gullfaks, and Thistle fields in Norway and the United Kingdom.
Operators in Norway and the United Kingdom have contacted Allseas for a conceptual study of the dismantling of all platforms. “Operators have already asked us to explore the technological possibilities of removing a larger platform, and we may make this phenomenal investment decision in three years.”

If Allseas decides to invest it will set a new record in history, the ship will lift capacity 50% more than the previous Pioneering Spirit to 72,000 tonnes. The ship is 160 meters wide, about a third more spacious than Pioneering Spirit.

Allseas did not disclose the potential construction of the shipyard and start the process. The company said it is in the process of designing the “Amazing Grace” interior design and if all goes well, the “Amazing Grace” is expected to start building in 3-4 years.

Edward Heerema said it will be a larger version of Pioneering Spirit. According to the International Ship Network understanding, “pioneering spirit” is the world’s largest ship, is the world’s largest marine ship, the total investment cost of nearly 3 billion US dollars. Construction started at Daewoo Shipbuilding in 2007 and delivered in 2016. The Pioneering Spirit is a twin-hull hull, 382 meters long and 124 meters wide, accommodating 571 people. Pioneering Spirit is mainly used to disassemble and assemble the offshore platform. This is the only ship in the world capable of lifting and removing the offshore platform at one time and is currently the most expensive offshore platform. The giant catamaran has been deployed in the North Sea to install and disassemble large offshore oil and gas platforms. Up to 48,000 tons of cargo can be hoisted on a heavy crane with eight horizontal beams.

In April 2017, Pioneering Spirit successfully removed Shell UK’s 24,000-tonne “Brent Delta” platform from the North Sea area, breaking the world record for weight at sea.

It is understood that “Pioneering Spirit” is currently laying the Turks treat pipeline from Russia via the Black Sea to Turkey for Gazprom.

【Attach】 “Pioneering Spirit” ship structure and workflow

Ship structure

The “Pioneering Spirit” is a catamaran with two bows, the hull and stern connected; it forms a “U” shape at the head for the disassembly and installation of the platform.

Work process

Below to remove the jacket platform as an example to introduce the workflow (the installation process is basically the opposite), the entire jacket removal work in two parts, the upper platform module removal and jacket removal. The upper platform module removal: Select the appropriate time and sea conditions, to be demolished platform for the implementation of operations. The hull is moved to near the jacket platform and surrounded by a “U” notch.