Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

The rubber tyred gantry crane is a kind of mobile gantry crane widely applied in the container handling and transportation operations. You can use the rubber container crane in your ports, offshore or around your vessels. The RTG gantry crane is a perfectly lifts if you want to use it for intermodal operations to ground or stack containers. This type of mobile crane can be widely applied in many places when you need it to straddle your containers. In Ellsen crane machinery, the factory can tailor you the rubber crane at a factory price.

Ellsen 80t Double Girder Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Sale
Ellsen 80t Double Girder Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Sale

Ellsen rubber tired gantry crane

In Ellsen, there are different kinds of rubber tyred gantry cranes for your industrial applications. It can be a marine lifts applied in your ports, and it can also be a mobile boat hoist used for your ships or boat movement operations. Ellsen crane can manufacture different kinds of rubber-tired cranes with different capacities. Until now, we have manufactured over100 sets of cranes for our customers at home abroad. Every year the company will export tons of rubber tired gantry crane to our foreign friends. In Ellsen Crane, there are rubber gantry cranes with different capacities, such as the 15 ton rubber tired gantry crane, 20t rubber crane and 30t cranes, are all well recognized by our customers. If you need customized rubber tired gantry cranes, here in Ellsen rubber tyred gantry crane factory, we will tailor it for you at your individual requirements.

RTG Electric container gantry crane for sale
RTG Electric container gantry crane for sale

Rubber tyred gantry crane specification

Spesifikasi rubber tired gantry crane is highly configured. When you want to buy a new RTG for your industry, it will be better if you provide us a specific crane specification of the gantry crane you need. If you need an ideal crane perfectly meeting your requirements at a low cost, the more clear in the rubber tired crane specification the better. Then, the crane engineers in Ellsen company will design the crane drawings and calculate the rubber tyred gantry crane dimensions meeting your working sites seizes. The following rubber-tired gantry cranes specification in Ellsen gantry crane technical data shits just for your reference.

With highly configured rubber tyred gantry crane parts, your working efficiency will be promoted significantly

The high-quality diesel generator systems will let your crane perform better than other traditional gantry cranes. While the large resistor packs can enable your rubber tired crane to do material handling operations in a higher efficiency way. Being mobile, RTGs are often powered by Diesel generator systems (gensets) of 100 to 600 kW. Due to the lack of an electrical grid to dump energy when containers are being lowered they often have large resistor packs to rapidly dissipate the energy of a lowering or decelerating container. And the rubber-tired gantry crane simulator as a safety part of the RTG crane will let you operate the rubber crane more safely.

Simple RTG Container Gantry Crane for Sale
Simple RTG Container Gantry Crane for Sale

Technical highlights of Ellsen RTGs

Manufacturing high-quality RTGS to increase our clients’ business productivity is our long commitment to the crane manufacturing industry. Dedicated to the crane tech research and development can help us insist this commitment. The following technical highlights of the rtgs tells you why customers choose us as their rubber-tyred gantry crane manufacturer.

  • Ellsen Smart RTG with intelligent steel structures and operator cabins will enable your crane operator run the crane comfortable and productively.
  • What’s more equipped with the leading active load control system, the safety performance of your rig crane will be promoted increasingly.
  • The universal range of power operations in your rtgs will enable your crane working more efficiently.
Ellsen MH 7.5t Rubber Tired Hoist for Sale
Ellsen MH 7.5t Rubber Tired Hoist for Sale

What kinds of rubber tired gantry crane manufacturers do you want to buy from?

When you decide to buy a new rubber tired mobile gantry crane for your business, the next step is to find a reliable rtg crane manufacturer. The manufacturer you want to buy from gantry cranes should strictly meet the requirements on the crane you need. Capability, price, and service are the top three items for you to choose one as your final supplier. While in Ellsen, the company can meet your any requirements for this type of RTG gantry crane.

How much the rubber tyred gantry crane price that Ellsen can offer to you?

Factory price offer: all types of RTG cranes are directly sold by our crane factory. Thus, and there are no third parties involved, which means you do not have to pay additional fees for your commissioners. All kinds of RTGs have manufactured fromEllsen crane are all at the factory level.

Flower rack tire gantry crane for sale
Flower rack tire gantry crane for sale

Crane budget based: Before making your decisions on buying a new RTG gantry crane for your business. You will make a budget for such crane purchasing project. If you are a professional equipment procurement supplier you will have a reasonable rtg crane cost budget. However, if you are not, Ellsen crane customer help center will help you do that work on your economic status. We will try our best to decrease your cost in the crane investment. Everything we do for you is based on your crane budgets.

Integrated RTG Crane Parts Free of charge or low charge: when you buy this kind of gantry crane from Ellsen, the company will offer you some spare parts free of charge. Or if you have already had a rubber tired gantry crane and you want to buy the RTG crane from our crane factory, we can also provide it for you at a low cost. Any kinds of components of the RTG crane you need, Ellsen RTG crane can manufacture for you. And all the crane parts from our company are highly qualified and at a low cost.

Rubber tyred gantry crane function

The fungsi rubber tyred gantry crane is a kind of high-performance crane to make your container handling work easier and safer. The box type RTGs have smart features in material handlings. Aside from the intermodal industry, RTGs also are extensively used in industry. The rubber-tired gantry crane can be also applied in erecting large unbalanced structures, assembling large manufacturing components, and positioning pipelines. With Ellsen RTGs, your business productivity will see a huge increase. There are also other functions of the RTGs, if you are interested in, you can contact us. Knowing the function of the rubber tyred gantry crane will help your gantry crane operator extend its performance thoroughly.

Rubber tired gantry crane training

Apart from the brand new RTGs the company can offer to you, Ellsen can also provide its integrated crane services to its customers all around the globe. When your rubber tired gantry crane operator is a green hand, here in our factory, the professional expert teams will offer you its experiences. The crane engineer can give your operator training in several of forms. There is a number of rubber-tired gantry crane video, RTG manuals, or the rubber-tired gantry pdf or onsite training services available to your operators’ reference. Detailed instructions and guides will be included on the above forms, through this kind of crane training, your crane operator will have a through knowledge in the rtg crane and know how to operate it in a safety and high-performance way.

rubber tyred gantry crane maintenance

All types of rubber tired gantry crane manufactured from our company are maintenance free if your crane doesn’t perform well in the 12 months warranty period. The rtg crane is manufactured strictly in line with the international standards, and all the parts are also international standard qualified. If you meet problems in the rubber tyred gantry crane movement, you can inspect the crane thoroughly. And all the parts replacement will be easy with the international standard branded.

rubber tyred gantry crane manual

Here, the company provides you its rtg crane manual for your reference, in which there are rtg crane operation basics, the rubber tired gantry crane dimensions of different types of gantry cranes, and the structure and manufacturing materials of the rtg crane.

All types of rubber tired gantry crane are at factory price level for your industry, if you not quite sure what kind of gantry crane rubber tyred meeting your requirements, you can send us the gambar rubber tyred gantry crane for our crane engineer’s reference. The engineer will provide your our professional solutions to you, any details you want to know, be free to contact us.

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