Prefab Steel Structure

Prefab steel structure is an ideal option to erect industrial buildings which is pre-engineered in order to meet the standards of designing buildings. All the main components of this steel structure construction are pre-engineered including pre-punched, pre-drilled and pre-welded, and then set up at the desired location. We offer robust steel structures to ensure these buildings can stand the test of time as well as harsh weather conditions.

Pre-engineered Steel Frame Construction for Sale
Pre-engineered Steel Frame Construction

Advantages of Pre Engineered Steel Structure

  • Large span

A wide range of structural steels make it possible to create a large-span building.

  • Ready for quick and efficient assembly

Since all the main components of prefab steel frame building are pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-welded in the manufacturer’s factory, and then set up at the desired location, it has short construction period.

  • Low cost

It has low cost as compared to other building forms, such as concrete construction.

  • Excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance

It can resist harsh weather conditions, such as strong wind and heavy snow.

Prefab Steel Structure Building for Sale
Prefab Steel Structure Building

  • Good seismic performance

Due to the plasticity or ductility of structural steel, it will not suddenly crack when subject to great force, but slowly bend out of shape or deform. Therefore, it performs far better in earthquake than other materials.

  • Environmentally friendly

The structural steel can be recycled without pollution.

  • Custom design

The steel workshops can be made to take any kind of shape and clad with any type of material to your specific requirements.

Industrial Steel Structure Building Cost
Industrial Steel Structure Building

Types of Prefab Steel Structures

  • Heavy steel structure

It is an ideal option to construct various industrial buildings, such as steel workshops, warehouses and factories. The heavy steel structure building has high strength and long service life.

  • Light steel structure

It uses thin sheets of steel that have been bent to form C-sections or Z-sections. The light steel structure is able to create more useful building space, reduce building height, and also has better appearance and lower cost.

In addition, if you require an overhead crane system to be installed inside your facility, we also offer a range of overhead cranes and runway systems.

Steel Structure With Overhead Crane System
Steel Structure With Overhead Crane System


The applications of prefabricated steel structure is almost endless:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Steel sheds
  • Workshops
  • Welding shops
  • Equipment storage buildings

Depending on your applications, we are able to design the most economical and durable steel structure system to help you create maximum value for your project.

Prefabricated Steel Structure
Prefabricated Steel Structure

Specifications of Single-storey Ready Made Steel Structures for Building

  • Overall length: according to your requirements
  • Column spacing: 6m, 7.5m, 9m, 12m, or based on your requirements
  • Span: 9-36m (take a multiple of 3). Single span, double span and multi-span are available.
  • Building height: 4.5-9m (without overhead crane system). If overhead cranes are required, the building height is determined by the desired crane specifications, such as rated load capacity and lifting height.
  • Overhead crane: 1 ton to over 300 tons capacity. Single girder, double girder, top running, and underhung system are available for you to choose from.
  • Wall and roof insulation: available
  • Door and window: PVC or aluminum alloy; sliding door or roll up door.

Note: the price of prefab steel structure building does not include that of doors and windows.

Crane Runway
Crane Runway

Prefab Steel Structure Building Construction

A wide range of ready made structural steels are available to construct the industrial buildings, such as I-beam, C-shaped steel and angle sections. They can be designed and constructed into any kind of form, and using any type of material to meet your project’s specifications.

The industrial steel buildings are very flexible since a range of joining methods are available to erect your buildings, such as bolting, welding and riveting. What’s more, they can be easily modified, strengthened and extended for future uses.

Components of prefab steel frame structure:

  • Main component: steel columns (H-shaped equal sections, variable sections), steel beams (I-beam), wind-proof columns and runway beams.
  • Secondary component: purlins (C-shaped sections, Z-shaped sections), bracing system (horizontal bracing, vertical bracing).
  • Envelop material: color steel tile (0.8mm or less), sandwich panel (50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm). In order to strengthen the insulation, a combination of color steel tile, insulation cotton and steel mesh is available. Lighting panels are generally added to the roof to save energy as well as enhance indoor lighting.

Optimal design:

  • Ventilation and cooling: roof fan and clerestory on the ridge can be designed for general steel buildings to enhance indoor ventilation. However, for large-span, high steel structure building, it is better to install large exhaust fans on the roof.
  • Anti-seepage and waterproof: to prevent seepage, the screw mouth is sealed by gasket, and then use concealed fixing. Besides, take sealant or welding at the joint of the plate
  • Sound insulation: fill the roof layer with sound-proofing material, or apply heat-reflective coating on the metal tile surface.
  • Lighting: use lighting panels or lighting glass at specific locations on the roof to improve indoor lighting. The joints of dormer and roof panels take waterproof treatment.

We use high quality components and optimal design to ensure you end up with the perfect solution.

Economical Prefab Steel Structure for Sale

We are experts in steel structure building construction, with a wealth of experience in steel structure design and fabrication. We can guarantee an on-time delivery to match your project’s schedule and guide you through the entire construction process of steel factories. The steel structure price we offer is very competitive as compared to other suppliers.

In order to get the right building form, you should address the following issues and questions:

  • What is your required building specification, such as length, height and span.
  • Do you need an overhead crane system? If so, what is the desired load capacity and lifting height.
  • Do you require roof and wall insulation, or other special insulation?

You can discuss your required specifications with one of our experts who will help you select the right solution for your project. To get a free prefab steel structure quote, contact us online today!

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