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Crane Sloution for Paper Making Industry

The Metsa Group Biological Products Plant in Aenekski, Finland, is the largest forestry investment project in the Northern Hemisphere. The company’s products include a series of new biological products that paved the way for future industrial solutions.

The total capacity of this plant is 1.3 million tons, of which 800,000 tons are exported and transported by railroad solutions to the port of Vuosaari and from there to the rest of the world. Therefore, the total export volume is equivalent to approximately 20,000 trucks of pulp. In order to deal with special production volumes, Metsa Group hopes to automate the process of transport delivery.

“In such large pulp mills, logistics and transportation processes and their operational processes are critical, which is why these clamps and train cars are tailored to the size of our products.”
“We want to ensure that we create the most efficient supply chain logistics in the world. The overhead crane and its unique clamping device are an important part of the material shipment.”
KRISTIAN ISAKSSON, Development Manager
Remote monitoring of the equipment also contributes to the reliability of the operation. The cranes operate independently and there is no operating personnel. The use safety of the work area and its surroundings are guaranteed. Therefore, this has met and surpassed the operational expectations of this high-volume process industry.

“Since we are still in the early stage, we still think that the system function is technically very good. The success rate is as high as 100%, which means that it exceeds the expected effect and it is even better.”
“This creates efficiency, the cost of handling a ton of product is controlled very well, occupational safety is enhanced and the quality of the product is still good because there is no pollution in the transport process and overall, operational reliability is optimal.”
KRISTIAN ISAKSSON, Development Manager

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