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Packaging & Delivery

We provide lifting solutions according to customer requirements, and fully consider factors such as transportation and installation in order to maximize cost savings. If you want to learn how we pack and ship products, please continue reading to learn more.

How Are Our Products Packaged and Shipped?

The steel structure of our products is generally packaged with plastic film to protect it from rain. Electrical and other smaller parts are packed in standard export-use non-fumigation wooden boxes or plywood boxes, and are reinforced with steel plates to prevent damage. Below are some pictures and videos of our products shipped for your reference.

Crane Products Packaging & Delivery

Main Girder Packaging:

These are the main girders of overhead cranes and gantry cranes that will be shipped to Nigeria. These girders are wrapped in plastic film to keep out the rain.

Electric Hoist Packaging:

The following is the European-style electric hoist packed in a wooden box, and will be shipped to Nigeria soon. The European-style electric hoist is installed on the AQ-HD 10-ton overhead crane for lifting heavy objects in the customer’s workshop.

Packed in A Container And Reinforced:

After loaded into the container, the products are reinforced to prevent damage.

Winch Products Packaging & Delivery

Our winch products have been exported to many countries and regions, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Australia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Dominica, etc.

Boat Lift Packaging & Delivery

Below is a 500 ton boat lift delivered to Nigeria. The various parts of the boat lift crane are well packed and reinforced to prevent damage during shipping.

Steel Structure Packaging & Delivery

Our steel structures have been exported to Chile, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya and other countries.


For product packaging and delivery, we list a few frequently asked questions from customers, and hope it will be helpful to you.

If The Main Girder Is Too Long, How Do You Solve The Shipment Issue?

For the main girder of a crane with a length of more than 11 meters, in order to facilitate container loading, we will cut it into 2-3 pieces. The cut program is provided by Aicrane professional engineer, and the cutting point is connected by flange and high-strength bolts. We will also provide the related accessories. Customers can make the connection by themselves according to the drawings we provide.

Can You Be Responsible for the Shipment?

Yes, we have a professional shipping department that can help you choose the correct flight and class.

To learn more about packaging and delivery, please feel free to contact us!

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