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Overhead Crane Thailand

Aicrane overhead crane in Thailand is committed to providing the best lifting solutions for multiple industries, improving material handling efficiency and performance. With solid structure, standardized production, modular design, reliable components, and a wide range of applications, our overhead cranes are well received by many Thai customers.

Overhead Crane Cases in Thailand

Installation of 32 Ton Overhead Crane in Thailand

A 32-ton double girder overhead crane was installed in our customer’s factory in Thailand. It is our AQ-LH series hoist double girder overhead crane with the advantages of compact size, low building headroom, light weight and small wheel pressure. The AQ-LH overhead crane Thailand is a more cost-effective choice than the AQ-QD double girder overhead crane.

According to the customer’s request, we also dispatched an after-sales service engineer to assist the customer in installing and debugging the crane.

32 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale Thailand
32 Ton Overhead Crane in Thailand

Overhead Crane Installation in Thailand
Overhead Crane Installation in Thailand

Aicrane Service in Thailand
Aicrane Service in Thailand

Electric Wire Rope Hoists to Thailand

AQ-CD 6 ton and 12 ton electric wire rope hoists are packed and will be shipped to Thailand. The lifting height is 50m. The electric hoists Thailand are used in the construction of concrete pipelines to lift concrete slabs and other materials. The client company mainly contracts industrial pipeline construction projects, and has successively returned orders to us.

Electric Hoist for Sale Thailand
Electric Hoist Thailand

Electric Hoist For Sale Thailand
Hoist For Sale Thailand

Types of Overhead Cranes for Sale Thailand

We design and manufacture a wide range of overhead cranes for Thai customers to meet different needs and industry applications.

Single Girder Overhead Crane Thailand

Single girder overhead crane is ideal for small and light duty applications. It can be combined with our various hoist series for maximum space utilization and lower dead weight.

Below are two of our best-selling single girder overhead cranes in Thailand: AQ-LD single girder overhead crane with CD electric hoist, AQ-HD European standard overhead crane with ND European type electric hoist.

AQ-LD Single Girder Overhead Crane for Sale
AQ-LD Single Girder Overhead Crane

Model AQ-LD
Load capacity 1-25t
Span 7.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-30m
Lifting speed 0.3-8m/min
Hoist running speed 20m/min
Crane running speed 20m/min
Work duty A3, A4

AQ-HD European Single Girder Overhead Crane Thailand
AQ-HD European Single Girder Overhead Crane

Model AQ-HD
Load capacity 1-20t
Span 7.5-28.5m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 0.8/5m/min
Hoist running speed 2-20m/min
Crane running speed 3-30m/min
Work duty A5

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Double Girder Overhead Crane Thailand

Our double girder overhead crane has excellent lifting capacity and is suitable for heavier-duty applications. The existing production system can ensure the accuracy of all parameters of the crane. In addition, the modular design allows for the addition of various accessories, such as access platforms, passageway elements, rain covers, etc.

Below are our four best-selling double girder overhead cranes in Thailand: AQ-QD double girder overhead crane, AQ-QDX European standard double girder overhead crane, AQ-LH electric hoist double girder crane and AQ-NLH European hoist double girder crane.

AQ-QD Double Girder Overhead Crane Thailand
AQ-QD Double Girder Overhead Crane

Model AQ-QD
Load capacity 5-450t
Span 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-24m
Lifting speed 2.1-11.5m/min
Trolley running speed 27-40m/min
Crane running speed 42-75m/min
Work duty A3-A7

AQ-QDX European Double Girder Overhead Crane Price Thailand
AQ-QDX European Double Girder Overhead Crane

Model AQ-QDX
Load capacity 5-320t
Span 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-24m
Lifting speed 0.2-10.7m/min
Trolley running speed 2.4-33m/min
Crane running speed 4.2-68m/min
Work duty A3-A5

AQ-LH Double Girder Hoist Overhead Crane Supplier Thailand
AQ-LH Double Girder Hoist Overhead Crane

Model AQ-LH
Load capacity 5-50t
Span 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-30m
Lifting speed 0.18-8m/min
Trolley running speed 20m/min
Crane running speed 20m/min
Work duty A3, A4

AQ-NLH European Hoist Overhead Crane Thailand
AQ-NLH European Hoist Overhead Crane

Model AQ-NLH
Load capacity 5-80t
Span 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 0.4-5m/min
Trolley running speed 2-20m/min
Crane running speed 3-30m/min
Work duty A5

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Underhung Crane Thailand

Underhung crane is suitable for the situation where the top running overhead crane system cannot be supported. Our under running crane can effectively utilize the lifting height and make the most of the building space as it can maximally approach the building wall.

The underhung bridge crane Thailand can be combined with our different series of hoists, such as CD wire rope electric hoist, ND European standard electric hoist, electric chain hoist, etc.

AQ-LX Underhung Crane for Sale Thailand
AQ-LX Underhung Crane

Model AQ-LX
Load capacity 0.5-10t
Span 3-22.5m
Lifting height 6-30m
Lifting speed 0.7-8m/min
Hoist running speed 20m/min
Crane running speed 20m/min
Work duty A3, A4

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How to Select The Right Overhead Crane for Your Business?

Overhead cranes are non-standard customized products with different configurations and different prices. Choosing the right crane is critical to ensuring the productivity and cost-effectiveness of your business.

Here we briefly outline a few points on how to choose the one that suits you best from our wide range of overhead crane products.

  • Generally speaking, single girder cranes are usually used in places with short spans, small lifting capacity and small working space. Double girder overhead cranes are used in places with large span, large lifting capacity and large working space. Compared with the two, the work duty of the double-girder crane is higher.
  • For the selection of our standard configuration and European configuration, if you work on a tight budget, you can consider the standard configuration. The standard configuration is more cost-effective and is also favored by many domestic and foreign customers. However, the European-style configuration has the advantages of running speed frequency conversion, stable operation, European-style design structure, light weight, and maintenance-free. Its price will also be higher. If you’re on a loose budget, the European configuration is a better choice.
  • The selection of an overhead crane should also take into account the conditions of your plant. For example, If you want to install an underslung crane, the roof structure must be able to withstand the weight of the crane and the load. If your workshop is designed according to the load-bearing capacity of a 5-ton overhead crane, and now you want to install a 10 ton overhead crane, you may be worried that the bearing capacity of the workshop will not meet the requirement of 10 tons. In this case, we recommend the European type overhead crane to the user. Because the bearing capacity of the plant structure is set according to the wheel pressure of the crane, and the European-style crane has 8 wheels, which are used to disperse the wheel pressure, the force on the plant structure is much smaller.

In short, before you make a purchase decision, you need to communicate with our engineers to ensure that every detail is correct, ultimately getting the crane that is best for your business.

We Are Here to Help You Design The Right Overhead Crane!

Aicrane Service

Packaging And Delivery

For product packaging, the steel structure parts of our products are generally packaged with plastic film to protect against rain. Electrical and other smaller parts are packed in standard export fumigation-free wooden boxes or plywood boxes, and reinforced with iron nails or steel plates to prevent damage in the event of a collision.

The delivery time of our overhead and gantry cranes is generally 20~40 days. If special customization is required, the delivery time will be longer.

In addition, we have a dedicated shipping department to assist customers in transportation.

Installation And After-sales Service

Can you provide installation and commissioning? How do you provide after-sales service? This is a concern of many customers.

For crane installation, we have several options for customers to choose.

  • We can send 1 or 2 engineers to the site to guide the installation, but customers need to pay the salary, round-trip air ticket, visa, accommodation and other expenses.
  • Customers can install by themselves,and we provide 3D installation video, instruction manual, detailed electrical drawings, as well as 24-hour online installation guide.

For after-sales service you can rest assured.

  • We provide lifetimetechnical guidance and after-sales service.
  • We can provide 7*24 online service, and engineers can provide remote guidance. If the problem cannot be solved, we can send engineers to the site.

Our Warranty

The warranty period is 1 year. If the failure or component damage caused by quality problems occurs within 1 year, our company is responsible for providing free replacement parts. Damage caused by man-made or force majeure is not covered by our warranty.


We have ISO quality management system certificate and our products have passed CE certification and can enter the EU market. In addition, we can do third-party inspection or certification according to your requirements.

CE Certificate
CE Certificate

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