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Light Duty Overhead Crane

Aicrane supplies a wide variety of light duty overhead crane for infrequent use or light service, such as the installation and maintenance of equipment in power stations or other workplaces, or workshops and warehouses where work is not frequent. We have experienced crane engineers to help you design the best possible overhead crane system for your facility, and also provide a full range of after-sales services, so that your crane can run quickly, stably and reliably.

Aicrane Hot-selling Light Duty Crane Models For Your Reference

AQ-LD Single Girder Overhead Crane

This single girder light duty overhead crane is designed for general lifting purpose, commonly found in workshops, warehouses, storage yards, etc. The lifting capacity ranges from 1 ton to 25 tons, span length is 7.5-31.5m, and work duty A3~A4.

This kind of single girder crane is designed with AQ-CD, AQ-MD electric hoist, which has the characteristics of simple structure, easy and safe operation, low production cost and maintenance cost.

Light Duty Single Girder Overhead Crane For Sale
AQ-LD Single Girder Light Duty Overhead Crane For Sale

Model AQ-LD
Load capacity 1-25t
Span 7.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6-30m
Lifting speed 0.3-8m/min
Hoist running speed 20m/min
Crane running speed 20m/min
Work duty A3, A4

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AQ-LX Underhung Crane

AQ-LX underhung crane can lift up to 10 tons with span length 3-22.5m, work duty A3~A4. Suspended from the building ceiling or roof structure, underhung or under running crane eliminates the needs for building columns or engineering columns, thus reducing material costs. This light duty crane also offers excellent side approach, and maximum utilization of the building’s width and height.

AQ-LX Underslung Overhead Crane For Sale
AQ-LX Underslung Overhead Crane

Model AQ-LX
Load capacity 0.5-10t
Span 3-22.5m
Lifting height 6-30m
Lifting speed 0.7-8m/min
Hoist running speed 20m/min
Crane running speed 20m/min
Work duty A3, A4

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AQ-HD European Style Overhead Crane

AQ-HD European standard overhead crane is designed with the latest technology and unique design concept, with the characteristics of compact size, light weight and low wheel pressure.

Compared with traditional overhead cranes, the European type single girder overhead crane offers low headroom and higher lifting height, effectively increasing the working space of the existing plant. Since the crane has the characteristics of light weight and small wheel pressure, the new plant space can be designed to be smaller, thus saving your investment in the initial construction.

AQ-HD European Type Bridge Crane
AQ-HD European Type Bridge Crane

Model AQ-HD
Load capacity 1-20t
Span 7.5-28.5m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 0.8/5m/min
Hoist running speed 2-20m/min
Crane running speed 3-30m/min
Work duty A5

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Applications of Light Duty Overhead Cranes

Light duty overhead crane is an important equipment to realize mechanization and automation of production process, increase work efficiency and safety in industrial production and lifting transportation.

These cranes are commonly found in indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, steel and chemical industries, railway transportation, ports and terminals and logistics turnover departments and places.

According to your specific application, we can help you select the most suitable and economical overhead bridge crane.

AQ-LD 1 Ton Overhead Crane in Workshop
AQ-LD 1 Ton Overhead Crane in Workshop

AQ-LD 5T Chain Hoist Overhead Crane in Processing Workshop
5T Chain Hoist Overhead Crane in Processing Workshop

AQ-LD 10T Overhead Crane in Manufacturing Plant
AQ-LD 10T Overhead Crane in Manufacturing Plant

AQ-HD 10 Ton Overhead Crane in Warehouse
AQ-HD 10 Ton Overhead Crane in Warehouse

AQ-LX 10 Ton Three-pivot Underhung Crane in Large-span Plant
10 Ton Three-pivot Underhung Crane in Large-span Plant

AQ-LX 2 Ton Overhead Crane For Light Lifting Work
AQ-LX 2 Ton Overhead Crane For Light Lifting Work

Information About Crane Duty Cycle

According to the crane’s load status and utilization rate, the crane work duty can be divided into A1-A8.

The load status refers to the degree of load on the crane, expressed by the load spectrum coefficient.

The utilization rate refers to the frequency of crane usage.

Light duty – light service, such as cranes used in maintenance or repair shops, light assembly operations, and light warehousing, usually at slow speeds.

Heavy duty – heavy service, such as cranes used in heavy machine workshops, foundries, scrap yards, cement mills, etc.

On-site Work Videos of Light Duty Bridge Cranes

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Guide For Choosing the Right Light Duty Overhead Crane

Selecting the right overhead crane is critical to ensuring high work efficiency and safety. Several things need to be taken into account when selecting an overhead crane:

  • Crane specifications you require, including rated load capacity, span, lifting height, hook coverage, etc.
  • Duty cycle
  • Environment that the crane will be operating in
  • What kind of material does the crane lift?
  • What control mode do you prefer?
  • Other requirements

If you are unsure as to which type of overhead crane is right for you, contact us online and discuss the above information with one of our experts, who will then help you select and specify the most suitable crane system for your specific application.

Factors That Affect The Light Duty Overhead Crane Price

Price is one of the most important factors in choosing an overhead crane, which not only refer to the price of the crane itself, but also the life cycle cost of the crane. That is, it not only includes the crane cost, but the use costs, such as operating costs, maintenance costs, spare parts costs, and even the direct and indirect losses due to crane failure and shutdown. Therefore, the function, performance and reliability of the crane are also important consideration for the price.

For example, maybe the price of an overhead crane with the same specification we provide is higher than other overhead crane suppliers, but you should also know that our company strictly controls product quality and provides comprehensive after-sales service, which can reduce your later use costs, and you can also enjoy a better experience.

In short, through comprehensive benefit analysis, we can help you choose a crane with the best performance-price ratio.

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