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Ladle Crane

Steel Mill Ladle Crane is one of the dedicated heavy duty cranes among many series of crane products. Here in Aicrane, we provide the steel mill ladle cranes with the tons of 100 to 500. Such capacity design takes serious consideration of the sizes and scales of our customers’ steel mills or warehouses. According to the specific requirements of our customers, we provide a different kind of steel mill ladle crane products.

Overhead ladle crane for sale

There are generally four kinds of steel mill ladle cranes in Aicrane: Double girder-two rail ladle crane, double girder –four rail ladle crane, four girder-four rail ladle crane and four girder –six rail ladle crane. The double girder two-rail ladle crane and double the four girders four rail ladle crane are designed for lifting lighter materials. These kinds of girder ladle cranes is economic and durable and simple to maintain.

Steel Mill Use Casting Ladle Crane
Steel Mill Use Casting Ladle Crane

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Technique Highlight of Steel Mill Ladle Crane Design You Shall Not Miss

  • Rectification & regeneration multi-drive solution.
  • Cutting-edge S120 drive platform.
  • Modularized software function design.
  • User-friendly CMS monitor and management system.
  • Specialized engineer group can satisfy customer’s requirements to optimize solutions, project design, and commission and after-sale service.

Continuing innovation techniques ensure Aicrane a leading role in the crane research and development industry.

What Profits can our customers get through the dedicated steel mill ladle crane?

  • Standardized modules diminish the variety of parts.
  • Plummeting the test and repair lead time of system breakdown.
  • Competent error location and detection.
  • Immediate and expedient site repair of security modules.
  • Enhanced safety idea.

Bringing convenience to our customers, promoting their working efficiency and decreasing your costs is our long commitment to the crane industry.

Hot Metal Ladle Crane for Sale
Hot Metal Ladle Crane for Sale

Smart and Cutting-edge features of the steel ladle crane

Its cabin has toughened glass for protection against splashing, hot material. Well-insulated, air-conditioned, sound-proofed, protected against vibration. The operator can enjoy comfortable operational conditions in the ladle crane, enhancing the safety and comfortability of the crane.

Steel Mill Ladle Electrical Room is pressurized and air-conditioned for reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions.

  • Backup A/C units ensure continued reliable A/C operation even if a unit is down.
  • Lifting beam is heat shielding and laminated plate hooks.
  • Traveling machinery is divided into two groups for redundancy; in an emergency situation, the crane can be driven with half of the motors.
  • Auxiliary hook is heavy-duty and specially designed for ladle pouring and opening scrap bucket bottoms. It can be moved horizontally (option).
  • Auxiliary hoist is standard-duty, used for maintenance activities.
  • Ladle Cranes Motor Supplier: Siemens

Q&A for Steel Ladle Handling Cranes

1. Customer: I need lifting equipment to hoist the 20-ton arc furnace and 30 tons of ladle refining furnace for hoisting the molten steel. Which kind of steel mill application bridge crane should I choose?

Craen Engineer: The electric arc furnace and refining furnace full of ladle steel can be used as a metallurgical crane with Longmen hook and frequency conversion device.

2.Customer: Which wire rope is used in the high-temperature environment?

Crane Engineer: According to the use condition of wire rope in the high-temperature environment, such as hoisting ladle crane, wire rope at ambient temperature may reach 100 degrees Celsius, and the fiber core grease under high temperature will cause direct combustion, wire rope failure, using 70-100 degrees Celsius temperature, recommend the use of steel rope, no grease, temperature high directly lead to changes in the microstructure of steel wire rope, wire rope mechanical properties drastically reduced, prone to accidents, GB8918-2006 important use of national standard of wire rope, for reference only.

The main varieties of wire rope are selected according to the actual working conditions.

  • Phosphating coating steel wire rope (China patent), by phosphating manganese or zinc manganese, wear and corrosion resistance of steel wire surface to enhance the grease into the pores of phosphating film to abnormal excellent antifriction effect, effectively inhibit the occurrence of fretting wear, is a substitute for plain steel wire rope upgrade in the atmospheric environment life is far beyond the surface structure of wire rope, including imported wire rope (the fatigue life of phosphating rope is about 2-3 times compared with the smooth rope fatigue test, the fatigue lifetime, along with in-depth study on the wear resistance of the phosphating solution may also can greatly improve the service life. The phosphating film is 3-60 grams/meter 2. After the phosphating, the steel wire will not be drawn and processed. The wire rope should be directly twisted. Note: the drawing can’t be confused with the phosphating of the zinc system and the manganese phosphating system of the steel wire. This technology is suitable for various kinds of wire rope production, such as elevator wire rope, important purpose wire rope, mine wire rope, resistance rotary wire rope, oil extraction and wire rope, piling machine wire rope and so on.
  •  Galvanized steel wire rope, including two kinds of hot dip galvanizing and galvanizing. The zinc layer of the hot-dip galvanized steel wire is thicker. The thicker the zinc layer is, the stronger the corrosion resistance is. The longer the service time is, the thinner the galvanizing is. Hot galvanized steel wire rope should be selected for use in water. Because phosphating coating has certain corrosion resistance, manganese phosphating coating wire rope can replace some varieties of thin galvanized steel wire rope, such as atmospheric environment, but the air humidity high-temperature environment.
  • Stainless steel wire rope, the use of stainless steel wire rope system, such as 304 or 316 stainless steel, the corrosion resistance is higher than that of hot galvanized carbon steel wire rope, the price is relatively high, the stainless steel wire for manganese phosphating coating (stainless steel wire need special phosphating), also can greatly prolong the service life.
  • In carbon coated steel wire rope, or galvanized steel wire rope based on wire rope or rope coated with polyethylene and polypropylene.
  •  The smooth steel wire rope began to produce in England in 1834. The first wire rope factory of Tianjin started production in 2005 (bankrupt in 2005) in 1939. With the phosphating coating wire rope entering the market in large quantities, it will be eliminated by the phosphating coated steel wire rope.

3.Customer: the crane used in the foundry industry must be the foundry crane?

Crane Experts: The lifting of ladles or other molten metals must be cast or metallurgical cranes, which are used on other occasions such as warehouses, and are not required.

4.Customer: What is the difference between the bridge cranes and the casting cranes used in the metallurgical industry?

Crane Experts: Bridge cranes refer to general bridge cranes that can be used in metallurgical foundry cranes for the special transfer of hot metal or molten steel.

5.Customer: What is the difference between steel mill duty crane and the traditional cranes in price?

Crane Experts: The cast bridge crane is much more expensive than the general crane. The casting crane is different from the crane in general, such as the selected electricity, the reducing machine, the brake and so on, and the hook off the hook.

The working grade of the casting crane is generally higher, usually above the A6 level. The motor is a special motor, the motor, and the cable are all high-temperature resistant, the electric cabinet should have good heat dissipation function, and need to add heat and air conditioning when necessary. This is a big feature of the casting crane! The reducer has no special requirements. In the main lifting off the brake, the casting crane must be a double break, that is, more than 2 brakes. Secondly, the heat insulation layer should be added to the underside of the main beam of the steel structure, in order to prevent the hot deformation of the beam from being used at high temperature. The hook on the hook is the same as the hook of the general bridge crane. The hook for the casting crane special for lifting liquid metal will be hooked directly by the hook instead of the hook of the universal bridge crane. (in the special case the electric cabinet may require explosion proof treatment)

6.Customer: What is the difference between a crane metallurgical crane and a conventional crane?

Crane Experts: The difference is the lifting of metallurgical use: molten metal.The difference is the lifting of metallurgical use: molten metal.This is required for crane configuration, such as a high-temperature motor, cast steel or rolling steel pulley, steel cored wire rope and so on. If you understand it generally, you can make design proposals, and you have relevant standards.

7. Customer: What is a four-beam double car casting crane?

Crane Experts: The main car runs on the main girder (two). It is responsible for lifting the ladle, and the vice trolley runs on the secondary girder (two). It is responsible for the ladle to be pulled down.

8. Customer: How to hold the hook in a steel mill?

Crane Experts: A feasible way is to move a move before when the center of gravity moved hanging have begun to move to continuous operation, stop shaking. Eliminate skip.

Of course, sometimes you say the situation will occur, according to my experience, the best way to stable when it is on the hook move sideways quickly to beat the hook direction, then we should look at the hanging state. If there is a load running in the opposite direction of the time then quickly to the direction of a section, the key technique is not moving this period too much, the best is just in the center swing is good. If much of it will become the hook with the crane in the opposite direction is like.

If you know what I said, and the hanging hook basically will be restored to the same direction, but also don’t be too eager to stabilize, the best under the crane load a return again a skip it, otherwise, it is easy to appear a sloshing. Usually, you can practice with a long sling of a bucket of sand. Because the light is easy to appear, more practice is better.

Would like to get more questions and help in the steel mill ladle crane, welcome contact us.

With the above cutting-edge features, steel mill ladle crane always wins recognition of our customers. Any needs in such steel mill ladle cranes in the series of steel mill cranes series products, please get in touch with our service expert team.

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