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Billet Lifting Tongs

Billet lifting tongs for sale are critical equipment for steel plant. They feed the rolling mill which belongs to same product family as slab cranes, the steel mill ladle cranes and the charging bridge cranes. Sometimes they incorporate a rotating trolley to position the product correctly. To this end, we design dedicated billet cranes for you. Here are three main features of billet handling crane: high temperature resistance; high speed; accurate positioning. Firstly, because of its work environment, it must be able to handle radiant heat from the steel mills. Secondly, for a greater yield, it needs a higher speed. Thirdly, for safety sake, it must run smoothly.

Slab And Billet Handling Crane for Sale
Slab And Billet Handling Crane

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To meet the above conditions, We adopt load control and accurate positioning technology: the former is for a smooth operation, and the latter assists the operator in maximizing throughput. Advanced crane control features executed with modern automation technology help guide the operator in precise placement and safe transport of the load along its path. With the above characterists, the overhead cranes will definitely promote your still mill productivity.

What is the application of the billet crane? It is a customized design crane that meets the technical specifications of a steel mill. So it must have large  capacities to handle long sized billets. And a “C” hook assembly to support billets, rods, pipes, and other extended products. And the hook assembly includes a spreader beam suspended from the rope drum through a pair of cables. They are available in various capacities and come with various attachments, such as rectifiers, controllers. Thus, we provide all the above special design for you. And, if you have other demands please contact us.

However, a billet crane with a rotating spreader beam is key to reduce handling, waste and energy consumption. It is also the most important design factor of  our comapany. This is feasible and by incorporating these design features, yield is increased. Thus, most of the higher capacities of billet lifting tongs are supplied with magnets. As a dedicated crane manufacturer, we will be engineered with cranes for you to meet your requirements.

What are the general Features of billet lifting tongs?

Theses cranes are to store, transport the hot billets and feed them to the rolling mills. As they are handling hot billets, the cranes have to withstand the high rise in temperature.  For better control and positioning, we provide anti–sway devices for you .  In terms of exact accurate positioning, we adopt Special Drives, crane Controls, and Automation features. And we also design the Special types of Heat Shields, Cabins with air conditioners for you to withstand the very high temperatures. We continuously strive to provide High Speed, Continuous Operation Cranes with reasonable price and high-level safety performance.

Billet Lifting Tongs
Billet Lifting Tongs for Sale

What to consider when purchasing the billet handling cranes

How to select a reasonable crane at low cost? Because these cranes are for handling continuous operations, extreme heat transfer from hot slabs. Thus, the billet handling overhead cranes should have pretty high speeds, without compromising safety. And they have many safety features like heat shields, and standard safety features like multiple overload relays, double service brakes etc. This crane drastically reduces production time and storage space. In this field, we have exhaustive experience in designing heavy duty cranes for steel plants. And we are glad to provide you such kind of cranes.

The company has supplied a number of billet handling cranes to various steel plants. Also, side the ladle crane, the billet handling crane is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in a steel mill. Its design and operation can directly impact the efficiency and output of the mill. it’s our specialized cranes for you. Below we provide our technical priority for you.

Specifications of the billet lifting tongs crane

The billet handling crane with a rotating trolley is one of the best designs and almost all the major steel plants use it in the world. In this design, the hoist unit is mounted on the trolley frame through slew bearing cum gearing and rotated by geared brake motor through an open gearing. The slew bearing cum gearing is installed on the trolley structure after machining the upper surface of the trolley. Therefore, any breakdown directly contributes to the loss of production of steel plants.  But why you choose us, the following is our advantages.

Technical priority of billet lifting tongs overhead cranes

We have a talent engineer group for you to make dedicated cranes. And the backup power source ensures required operational safety. Meanwhile, it also prevents emergency load lowering (free falling) to avoid the power supply cutting off. However, what about its trolley? that is : a rotating trolley design, which almost all the major steel plants in the world follow it for billets handling. And for more salient features, please have a look:

  • Robust design and with no radial play during operation.
  • Special wheels with guide rollers for the rotation mechanism
  • Maintenance free operation.
  • Low headroom with guide rollers
  • Perfect system without any wear with the smoothest rotation and one of the best possible solution for the rotation

What is the special characteristics of our cranes? Please read the following texts, you will know. In our system with guide rollers and wheels without flanges,  and in the shortest possible time and maintenance time will reduce. Just because of this design, it tends to minimum downtime and maximum productivity of crane. So if you need any services or cranes,  it is our honor to provide our professional service for you. And we are glad to be your helpful assistant in this kind of cranes.

However, maybe there is some more specific information you need we have not explained to you. So, if you would like more knowledge about it or some other cranes, such as the explosion-proof cranes for the coal mine, electromagnetic overhead cranes for steel mills, please contact us. And also, if you have some other cranes problems or need professional services, we are glad to be your assistant. At last, what we have done, all the products we have produced, and professional services we provide for you, just for your convenience. So, we are here, looking forward to you.

How To Buy a high-level performance crane from us

After a brief introduction of the billet handling cranes to you. We believe you can you have a general knowledge of the crane. If you would like for a high-level performance billet handling crane at a reasonable price, then Aicrane will be your sensible choice. So what are you looking for, please do not hesitate, just be in touch. Any types of cranes you need, we could make it available to you. Whether it is for general usage or special usage, you name it, we supply it. So, what are you waiting for? Please join us to push forward your steel mill productivity. Honor to be an assistant to your steel mill’s road to success. Glad to hear from you.

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