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50 Ton Overhead Crane

Are you in search of a reliable and reasonably priced 50 ton overhead crane? Look no further than Aicrane! We specialize in providing a wide selection of overhead bridge cranes with various styles, configurations, and designs to cater to different job sites and lifting needs. Our company not only prioritizes the design and production of top-notch overhead cranes but also offers comprehensive after-sales services. These services include equipment installation, commissioning, a 12-month warranty, and staff training. To inquire about the price of a 50 ton overhead crane, reach out to us today!

50 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale

Heavy-Duty Lifting Made Easy: 50 Ton Overhead Cranes in Diverse Industries

As a leading manufacturer of 50-ton overhead cranes, we take pride in supplying high-quality overhead crane equipment to industries that require robust lifting solutions. Our 50-ton overhead cranes for sale find extensive application in several major industries, including manufacturing, steel and metal industries, automotive, aerospace, energy, waste management and more.

Customized Solutions for Heavy Lifting: Exploring Our Collection of 50-Ton Overhead Cranes

When it comes to meeting your lifting requirements in various working conditions, Aicrane offers a diverse selection of 50 ton overhead crane for sale. Each model is designed to excel in specific applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Let’s delve into the different types available, empowering you to make an informed choice for your lifting operations.

  • AQ-QD Double Girder Overhead Crane: The AQ-QD double girder overhead crane 50 ton is a versatile option, commonly used in machine shops, warehouses, and storage yards for general lifting purposes. With a lifting capacity of 50 tons, it is ideal for handling heavy loads and can handle frequent operations. The crane can be controlled remotely via a wireless remote control or operated from a cabin, providing flexibility based on your requirements.
  • AQ-QDX European Standard Overhead Crane: Designed in compliance with FEM European standards, the AQ-QDX 50 ton double girder overhead crane offers several advantages. It boasts an attractive appearance, compact size, high performance, reduced maintenance, low operating costs, and an extended service life. While this model is slightly more expensive than a standard double girder overhead crane under the same specifications, its superior features make it a worthwhile investment.
  • AQ-NLH European Hoist Overhead Crane: Built with the European standard electric hoist, the AQ-NLH 50 ton bridge crane meets the advanced European FEM standards. Its steel structure is meticulously designed to ensure optimal strength, rigidity, stability, and ease of manufacturing, inspection, transportation, installation, and maintenance. This model offers outstanding performance and reliability for your lifting needs.
  • AQ-YZ Foundry Crane: The AQ-YZ foundry crane 50 ton is specifically engineered to excel in extreme working conditions, primarily for lifting and transporting liquid steel ladles. Aicrane can custom design and manufacture this crane to meet your unique working environment and lifting requirements. Notable technical features include an insulated driver’s cab, insulated main beam, forged hook, H-class insulation motor, high-temperature-resistant cable, steel core wire rope, forged or rolled wheel, and lifting double brake.

AQ-QD 50 Ton Overhead Crane

Load capacity5-450t
Lifting height6-24m
Lifting speed2.1-11.5m/min
Trolley running speed27-40m/min
Crane running speed42-75m/min
Work dutyA3-A7
Custom designs available

AQ-QDX 50 Ton Bridge Crane

Load capacity5-320t
Lifting height6-24m
Lifting speed0.2-10.7m/min
Trolley running speed2.4-33m/min
Crane running speed4.2-68m/min
Work dutyA3-A5
Custom designs available

AQ-NLH 50 Ton EOT Crane

Load capacity5-80t
Lifting height6-18m
Lifting speed0.4-5m/min
Trolley running speed2-20m/min
Crane running speed3-30m/min
Work dutyA5
Custom designs available

AQ-YZ Foundry Crane

Load capacity5-320t
Span10.5-31.5 m
Lifting height6-24m
Lifting speed6-13m/min
Trolley running speed36-45.9m/min
Crane running speed63-118.6m/min
Work dutyA6-A8
Custom designs available

Other types of 50 ton bridge cranes include explosion-proof cranes, magnetic overhead cranes, and more. With the range of 50-ton overhead cranes available at Aicrane, you can find the perfect solution to meet your specific lifting demands. Each model is designed and engineered with precision, ensuring superior performance, reliability, and safety in diverse industrial applications. Contact us to choose the ideal crane to enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Integrated Solutions for Steel Structure Workshops And Overhead Cranes

By combining our expertise in steel structure workshops and overhead crane systems, we offer integrated solutions that create a harmonious and efficient workspace. Our engineers seamlessly integrate the overhead crane system into the workshop design, considering factors such as crane runway placement, beam and column reinforcement, and load-bearing capacity. This integration ensures that the crane system operates optimally within the workshop, maximizing space utilization and minimizing any disruptions to workflow.

Furthermore, our integrated solutions encompass the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of both the steel structure workshop and the overhead crane system. Our skilled technicians and engineers work diligently to ensure that the workshop and crane system are installed correctly, in compliance with industry standards and regulations. Contact us today to get a comprehensive solution for your project.

Solutions For Steel Structure Workshops And Overhead Cranes

What Is The Price of A 50 Ton Overhead Crane?

The 50 ton overhead crane price is influenced by multiple factors, including 50 ton overhead crane specifications, configuration, components, structural design, customization options and market dynamics. For your reference, here we list the rough prices of different models of our 50 ton overhead bridge crane.

AQ-QD - 50 Ton, 10.5-31.5m47,000 USD ~ 70,000 USD
AQ-LH - 50 Ton, 10.5-31.5m20,000 USD ~ 57,000 USD
AQ-NLH - 50 Ton, 10.5-31.5m40,000 USD ~ 72,000 USD

50 Ton Overhead Crane Price

To get accurate pricing information for a 50-ton overhead crane, I recommend you to reach out to us directly. Our experienced project consultants can provide you with detailed quotations based on your specific needs and project requirements. By discussing your lifting capacity, span length, lifting height, working class, and any additional customization or features you require, we can offer you a personalized solution and price.

Control Options for 50-Ton Double Girder Overhead Cranes

A 50-ton double girder overhead crane can be equipped with various control options to ensure efficient and safe operation. Here are some different control systems commonly used for such cranes:

  • Pendant Control: Featuring a handheld pendant with intuitive buttons or switches, pendant control allows operators to have direct control over the crane’s movements. This system enables precise maneuvering, allowing operators to control lifting, lowering, traversing, and trolley movement with ease. Pendant controls are known for their simplicity and user-friendly nature, making them a popular choice in various industries.
  • Radio Remote Control: With a wireless connection between a handheld transmitter and the crane’s receiver, radio remote control provides operators with the freedom to control the crane from a distance. This system offers flexibility and convenience, allowing operators to operate the remote control overhead crane from a safe location, optimizing visibility and ensuring optimal safety.
  • Cabin Control: Designed for larger and more complex operations, cabin control places the operator inside a dedicated cabin situated on the crane bridge. Equipped with a control panel, this system provides an optimal view of the working area, ensuring precise control over the crane’s movements and facilitating efficient lifting tasks.

Pendant Control

Remote Control

Cabin Control

Overhead Crane Installation with a 3D Video Guide

Ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process for a 50 ton double girder overhead crane is essential to maximize productivity and safety. To assist our valued users in this endeavor, we have created a comprehensive 3D installation video to provide a detailed step-by-step guide, highlighting the key stages involved in installing a double girder bridge crane.

  • Step 1: Main Beam Connection – Begin the installation process by connecting the main beams of the double girder bridge crane. Ensure that the beams are properly aligned and securely fastened according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This critical step provides the structural foundation for the crane’s operation.
  • Step 2: Guardrail Installation – Next, install the guardrails along the length of the crane’s main beams. These guardrails enhance safety by preventing accidental falls and ensuring a secure working environment for operators and maintenance personnel.
  • Step 3: Bridge Platform Installation – Install the bridge platform, which serves as the walkway for accessing various components of the overhead travelling crane. The platform should be securely attached to the main beams, allowing for convenient maintenance and inspection activities.
  • Step 4: End Beam Connection – Proceed to connect the end beams to the main beams. These end beams provide support for the trolley and hoist assembly. Ensure precise alignment and secure fastening to maintain stability and load-bearing capacity.
  • Step 5: Ladder Installation – Install the ladder, facilitating safe access to the bridge platform and control station. Properly secure the ladder to ensure stability and ease of use for personnel who need to ascend and descend from the crane.
  • Step 6: Main Beam A Installation – Installing the first section of the main beam (Main Beam A) onto the runway, ensuring precise alignment and secure fastening. This step establishes the foundation of the crane’s structure and sets the stage for subsequent installations.
  • Step 7: Main Beam B Installation – Proceed by installing the second section of the main beam (Main Beam B) on the runway. Align and secure this section meticulously to complete the primary structural framework of the double girder bridge crane.
  • Step 8: Trolley Installation – Install the trolley, which consists of the hoist and its associated components, onto the main beams. Ensure smooth movement and secure fastening of the trolley assembly, as it plays a crucial role in lifting and moving heavy loads.

With the aid of our 3D installation video, the process of installing a double girder overhead crane becomes more accessible and efficient. It is also essential to consult the manufacturer’s instructions, prioritize safety measures, and seek professional assistance when needed.

Aicrane: Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality Overhead Crane Solutions

At Aicrane, we take pride in being a reliable 50 ton overhead crane manufacturer, committed to enhancing work efficiency, ensuring safety, and optimizing workflow for our valued customers. With a focus on continuous improvement, we strive to deliver products and services that exceed expectations, resulting in complete client satisfaction. Allow us to guide you through our comprehensive offerings and showcase why Aicrane is the ideal choice for all your overhead crane needs.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions for Unique Applications

Understanding that each industry and application has specific requirements, we have assembled a team of professional engineers dedicated to providing top-notch technical support. This experienced team collaborates with our clients, assisting in designing the most suitable crane system tailored to their unique needs. With their expertise, we ensure that the equipment we deliver is perfectly aligned with your operational demands.

Customer Service Team

Seamless Order Execution and Communication

We value effective communication and prioritize transparency throughout the order execution process. Our dedicated customer service team works closely with clients, providing personalized attention and regular updates on order progress. Through clear and timely communication, we ensure that our customers are well-informed about every stage of the process, establishing a strong foundation of trust.

Overhead Crane Installation

Hassle-Free Installation Support

To make your experience with Aicrane seamless, we offer both on-line and on-site installation guidance. Our expert technicians provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring the smooth and efficient installation of your 50 ton overhead crane system. Whether you choose remote assistance or prefer our team to be physically present at your site, we are fully equipped to meet your installation requirements.

After-Sales Support and Service

Comprehensive After-Sales Support and Service

Aicrane is dedicated to providing comprehensive after-sales support and service to all our clients. Whether you have inquiries, require maintenance assistance, or need spare parts, our responsive team is always ready to assist. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers, ensuring their overhead crane system operates at its optimal performance throughout its lifespan.

We invite you to experience the Aicrane difference and discover how our expertise can elevate your lifting operations to new heights. Contact us today and let us be your perfect choice for all your overhead crane requirements.

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