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25 Ton Overhead Crane

Are you in search of a cost-effective, high-quality 25 ton overhead crane? Look no further than Aicrane. Our team specializes in crafting overhead cranes tailored to your unique needs and tasks. We possess the expertise to enhance the crane’s capacity and functionality by customizing various configurations and elements. Backed by extensive knowledge in overhead crane design and production, we are dedicated to assisting clients in choosing the optimal crane system to boost operational efficiency and ensure safety.

25 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale
Aicrane 25 Ton Overhead Crane Solutions

Diverse Applications of Aicrane 25-Ton Overhead Cranes

25 ton overhead bridge cranes are widely used in workshops and warehouses of mechanical processing, metallurgy, chemical industry, power plant, etc. With different lifting devices, the overhead travelling crane can be used in different workplaces or specific work processes. There are mainly hook overhead cranes, grab overhead cranes, electromagnetic cranes, electromagnetic bridge cranes with carrier-beam, foundry crane, etc.

  • Manufacturing Industry: The 25 ton bridge crane plays a pivotal role in expediting production processes by seamlessly transporting heavy raw materials and finished products. Whether it’s lifting large machine components onto assembly lines or moving products between workstations, these cranes boost workflow and minimize production bottlenecks.
  • Bulk Material Handling: When it comes to efficiently handling bulk materials, industries such as mining, construction, waste management, and power generation require robust and specialized equipment. The 25-ton grab overhead crane is a versatile and essential tool for these sectors, offering a unique solution that combines substantial lifting capacity with the ability to grasp and manipulate bulk materials with precision.
  • Steel Industry: The electromagnetic overhead crane is commonly found in steel industry. It can use a detachable electromagnetic chuck as a lifting device to lift and transport black products and materials with magnetic permeability, such as steel ingots, section steel, pig iron blocks, scrap iron and scrap steel, etc.
  • Metallurgy: Metallurgical processes demand meticulous handling of materials to achieve desired properties. The 25 ton overhead crane assists in moving metal ingots, alloys, and intricate molds critical for casting, rolling, and forging operations. Its robust design ensures stability during delicate tasks, contributing to the creation of high-quality metal products.
  • 25T Overhead Crane for Manufacturing Industry
    25T Overhead Crane for Manufacturing Industry

Hot-Selling 25 Ton Overhead Crane Models From Aicrane

Our factory presents a range of exceptional 25-ton overhead crane models, addressing various industry needs. Whether it’s heavy-duty operations, cost-efficiency, or seamless integration with European standards, our range of cranes has you covered.

AQ-QD Double Girder 25 Ton Overhead Crane

  • Designed with versatility in mind, the AQ-QD double girder 25 ton overhead crane for sale stands as a symbol of reliability and adaptability. Perfectly suited for various indoor workplaces, such as workshops and warehouses, this crane comes in various working levels that cater to different utilization levels and load conditions. Its double girder design enhances stability and allows for smooth load transitions, making it a preferred choice for heavy-duty lifting.
Double Girder 25 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale
AQ-QD Double Girder 25 Ton Overhead Crane

AQ-QD 25 Ton Overhead Crane Parameters:

Load capacity5-450t
Lifting height6-24m
Lifting speed2.1-11.5m/min
Trolley running speed27-40m/min
Crane running speed42-75m/min
Work dutyA3-A7
Custom designs available

AQ-QDX European Standard 25 Ton Overhead Crane

Compared to standard AQ-QD double girder overhead cranes, this series is designed and manufactured in line with European FEM standard. It has the following characteristics:

  • Light weight, small wheel pressure, small limit size, reliable performance and easy operation.
  • Due to the small wheel pressure and small limit size, it can reduce the investment in factory construction and some facilities such as lighting and heating.
  • The European style crane has reliable performance and durability, thus minimizing the additional costs required in the later use: on the one hand, the use of high-quality and high-performance components reduces the maintenance and repair workload; on the other hand, the total energy consumption is reduced, which also saves its operating cost.
25 Ton Bridge Crane for Sale
AQ-QDX 25 Ton Bridge Crane for Sale

AQ-QDX 25 Ton Overhead Crane Parameters:

Load capacity5-320t
Lifting height6-24m
Lifting speed0.2-10.7m/min
Trolley running speed2.4-33m/min
Crane running speed4.2-68m/min
Work dutyA3-A5
Custom designs available

AQ-LH Hoist Double Girder 25 Ton Crane

  • The AQ-LH double girder electric hoist crane is applicable to the transfer, assembly, maintenance, loading and unloading operations in mechanical processing workshops, auxiliary workshops of metallurgical plants, warehouses, stockyards, and power stations. It can also be used in production workshops of the light textile industry and the food industry. This type of 25 ton overhead crane for sale is designed for light duty and moderate service, with the characteristics of compact structure, low headroom, light weight and low wheel pressure.
Electric Hoist 25 Ton Crane
AQ-LH Hoist 25 Ton Crane

AQ-LH 25 Ton Overhead Crane Parameters:

Load capacity5-50t
Lifting height6-30m
Lifting speed0.18-8m/min
Trolley running speed20m/min
Crane running speed20m/min
Work dutyA3, A4
Custom designs available

AQ-NLH European Hoist Overhead Crane 25 Ton

  • The AQ-NLH European type electric hoist crane is designed and manufactured according to European FEM standards, with higher performance and better appearance. The crane steel structure is reasonably designed, conforms to the specifications and standards, and meets your expectations for strength, stiffness and stability. Its design also takes into account the convenience and possibility of manufacturing, inspection, transportation, installation and maintenance. In addition, optimized design methods (such as finite edge analysis) can minimize the weight of steel structures while meeting requirements and related standards.
Overhead Crane 25 Ton
AQ-NLH Overhead Crane 25 Ton

AQ-NLH 25 Ton Overhead Crane Parameters:

Load capacity5-80t
Lifting height6-18m
Lifting speed0.4-5m/min
Trolley running speed2-20m/min
Crane running speed3-30m/min
Work dutyA5
Custom designs available

For more detailed insights into these 25 ton overhead crane specifications and how they can revolutionize your lifting requirements, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our team of experts is ready to provide tailored guidance, ensuring that you make an informed choice that aligns with your unique operational demands.

Aicrane’s Integrated Solution: Customized Steel Structure Workshops and 25-Ton Overhead Cranes

Aicrane, a well-experienced 25 ton overhead crane manufacturer, presents a practical integrated solution that enhances the efficiency of steel structure workshops. With a focus on tailored solutions and reliable engineering, Aicrane offers 25-ton overhead cranes and customized workshop steel structures that cater to the unique needs of businesses.

Workshop Steel Structure
Workshop Steel Structures

With custom designs, reliable manufacturing, on-time delivery, and ongoing support, Aicrane empowers businesses to enhance their production capabilities. Whether you’re expanding an existing facility or setting up a new workshop, Aicrane is your partner for operational excellence.

The Advantages of Incorporating a 25-Ton Overhead Crane into Your Facility

Efficiency: Simplifying Heavy Lifting

  • One of the foremost benefits of integrating a 25-ton bridge crane into your facility is the remarkable boost in efficiency it brings. Unlike relying on a group of workers to manage heavy materials, which can be time-consuming and physically demanding, an overhead crane provides a swift and efficient solution. With the ability to effortlessly lift and move hefty loads within your facility, the crane significantly reduces the time and effort required for material handling tasks.

Reliability: Built to Last

  • Aicrane overhead cranes are renowned for their rugged construction and utilization of superior quality components. This results in a machine that offers not only long service life but also consistent and reliable performance. When you integrate a 25-ton overhead crane into your facility, you’re integrating a workhorse that can withstand the demands of heavy lifting and repetitive tasks for years to come.

Safety: Protecting People and Materials

  • Safety is paramount in any industrial setting. Our overhead cranes are designed to operate in various environments, even those with challenging conditions or hazardous materials. The ability to handle corrosive or dangerous substances such as hot metals or chemicals sets overhead cranes apart. Furthermore, these cranes can be operated remotely using wireless remote controls or from a driver’s cabin, ensuring operator safety by minimizing direct exposure to potentially risky situations.

Adaptability: Tailored to Your Needs

  • Every facility has its unique demands, and our 25t overhead cranes are versatile enough to accommodate those specific requirements. Whether you need to move materials across long distances, navigate tight spaces, or access elevated storage areas, our overhead crane can be customized to suit your needs. This adaptability ensures that you’re not just acquiring equipment but a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

Aicrane Installation and After-sales Care for Your Overhead Cranes

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends into a comprehensive service offering that covers every step of the crane’s lifecycle. From meticulous installation and commissioning to steadfast after-sales support, Aicrane ensures that its customers’ operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Installation and Commissioning for Your 25T Overhead Cranes

Aicrane’s team of skilled installation engineers is responsible for your overhead crane installation and commissioning.

  • During installation, every nut, bolt, and component is meticulously put together to ensure the crane’s structural integrity. Aicrane’s technicians are well-versed in the intricate details of crane assembly, guaranteeing that safety standards are met and exceeded.
  • Commissioning is where the crane comes to life. Aicrane’s experts fine-tune the crane’s controls, test safety mechanisms, and verify load-bearing capacities. This thorough process ensures that the crane operates at its best, delivering the performance and reliability customers expect.

After-Sales Service That Matters:

Aicrane’s commitment doesn’t end once the crane is operational. Our after-sales service is designed to provide customers with the peace of mind that their investment is in good hands.

  • Maintenance and Inspections: Routine maintenance is essential to keep your 25 ton overhead crane operating optimally. Aicrane offers scheduled maintenance packages that include thorough inspections, lubrication, and adjustments. Regular check-ups help identify potential issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and preventing costly breakdowns.
  • Rapid Issue Resolution: In the event of unexpected malfunctions, Aicrane’s technical support team is just a call away. Our experts swiftly diagnose problems, offer guidance over the phone, and dispatch on-site technicians if required. Quick issue resolution is key to minimizing production interruptions.
  • Spare Parts and Upgrades: Aicrane ensures that genuine spare parts are readily available. These parts are designed to seamlessly fit into your cranes, maintaining their performance and longevity. Additionally, if you want to enhance your crane’s capabilities, we offer upgrade options that align with modern industry standards.
  • Training and Support: We provide training sessions for operators and maintenance personnel, ensuring that the overhead crane is used correctly and that minor issues can be handled internally.

After-Sales Service From Aicrane
In a word, from installation and commissioning to responsive after-sales support, Aicrane group ensures that our cranes not only meet expectations but exceed them. If you are interested, contact us today to get the latest 25 ton overhead crane price.

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