Qualified Overhead Cranes

How can the crane be qualified? Cranes are widely used in machinery manufacturing workshop, petroleum, petrochemical, port, railway, power station, paper, building materials, electronics and other industries, such as workshop, warehouse, material field and so on. It has the advantages of compact shape, the low height of building clearance, light self-weight, and small wheel pressure. … Read more

Grab Crane Operation Safety

Use and operation of garbage crane The garbage grab crane is the core equipment of garbage feeding system in various municipal solid waste incineration power plants. It is located on the top of the garbage storage pit, mainly responsible for garbage feeding, transportation, mixing, fetching and weighing. Security rules A sound responsibility system for safety … Read more

Overhead Crane Maintenance

In order to prolong the service life of the crane, improve the utilization of the equipment and ensure the safety of production, the daily maintenance and plan maintenance of the lifting equipment must be done well. Daily maintenance The maintenance work of the crane during the inspection interval is the foundation to ensure the normal … Read more

Metallurgical Crane Technical Requirements

The following six points are detailed information about the requirements for the metallurgical crane. The AQSIQ “quality inspection office special 2007 [375] document” issued the regulation requirements for hoisting molten metal with no-metallurgical hoisting machinery. The contents are as follows, for everyone to learn, discuss and communicate with. First, for the purpose of hoisting the … Read more

Overhead Crane Installation Guideline

The installation of the crane end track has a direct impact on the operation of the crane and must be taken seriously. A common malfunction in crane operation is car gnawing rail, that is, the serious friction between the wheel flange and the rail side causes the flange to wear and deform quickly, causing serious … Read more