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Overhead Crane Price

Aicrane overhead cranes aim to provide an efficient and safe way of material handling. We have many years of experience in overhead crane design, manufacturing and servicing for customers in various types of industries. If you’re looking to buy a new overhead crane or multiple overhead cranes for your facility, Aicrane can provide you with the most economical and productive solutions.

First, you need to learn the factors that affect the price of an overhead crane.

What Factors Will Affect the Overhead Crane Price?

To make sure you get right type of overhead crane with the right price, you need to provide the following basic information about the crane you need:

  • Maximum rated load
  • Span of the crane
  • The type of overhead crane you need
  • Type of load or material
  • Lifting height
  • Crane working environment
  • How often will you use the crane
  • How many meters does your crane travel?
  • Building or structural requirements for crane operation or installation

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LD 10 Ton Overhead Crane Price
LD 10 Ton Overhead Crane

What is the capacity of your crane?

Capacity is one of the biggest factors that affect the total cost of an overhead crane, which refers to the maximum allowable lifting load of the crane. The lifting capacity of the bridge crane can be 5t, 10t (single hook), 15t/3t, 20t/5t, 30t/5t, 50t/10t, 75t/20t, 100t/20t, 125t/20t, 150t/30t, 200t/30t, 250t/30t (double hook), etc.

What span of the crane is required?

Span is another factor that affects the price of an overhead crane. The longer the span of the crane, the more material is needed to make the crane girder. Bridge crane span can be 10.5m, 13.5m, 16.5m, 19.5m, 22.5m, 25.5m, 28.5m, 31.5m, etc.

What type of overhead crane do you need?

There are many different types of overhead cranes to choose from, such as single girder cranes, double girder cranes, top running cranes, under running cranes, etc. The price of different types of bridge cranes varies greatly.

What load or material is to be lifted?

Overhead cranes can be designed to handle various loads or materials by using different lifting devices. For example, overhead crane with grab bucket can be used to handle bulk materials; overhead crane with electromagnetic chuck is designed to lift and move magnetic black metal.

What is the lifting height of the overhead crane?

Lifting height refers to the distance between the upper limit position and the lower limit position of a crane’s hook or lifting device such as grab and electromagnetic chuck. The common lifting height of the overhead crane can be 12m, 16m, 12m/14m, 12m/18m, 16m/18m, 19m/21m, 20m/22m, 21m/23m, 22m/26m, 24m/26m, etc.

What is the crane working environment?

Operating environment can affect the cost of the overhead crane in many different ways. For example, environmental factor such as high heat, dust or steam can require special paint systems or components to make sure they can withstand the operating environment and prolong the service life of the crane.

What is the duty cycle of the crane?

Duty cycle of the crane is determined according to its load rate and busyness, and can be divided into four types: light duty, medium, heavy duty and severe service. Selecting the right duty cycle can ensure that your crane components are durable enough to withstand the loads and usage requirements.

How many meters does your crane travel?

The runway length is a factor that affects the additional cost of the crane as it can add material costs to the crane.

Do you have any building or structural requirements for crane operation or installation?

There will be added costs to the crane if you require any building or runway structure.

Get the Price of An Overhead Crane

The types and models of overhead cranes we offer include:

  • LD hook single girder overhead crane
  • LX single girder underhung crane
  • HD European standard single girder bridgecrane
  • LDY single girder casting crane
  • LDZ single girder grab bucket crane
  • LB single girder explosion proofbridge crane
  • QD hook double girder overhead crane
  • LH hoist double girder overhead crane
  • QB double girder explosion proofcrane
  • QZ double girder grab bucket overhead crane
  • QC magnetic overhead crane
  • QDY double girder casting crane
  • NLH European standard double girder overhead crane

We can also custom design and build the overhead crane to meet your specific lifting requirements. To get the price of any type of overhead crane, simply fill out the contact form below or email your inquiry and describe your needs in as much detail as possible, so that we can provide you with a correct quote.

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    6.Your project introduction: project working site, project budget, etc.