Overhead Crane Installation Guideline

Requirements for the installation quality of overhead crane track

Right here in this post, Ellsen Steel Mill Machinery provides customers some rules shou shall care when you install an overhead crane.

The installation of the crane end track has a direct impact on the operation of the crane and must be taken seriously. A common malfunction in crane operation is car gnawing rail, that is, the serious friction between the wheel flange and the rail side causes the flange to wear and deform quickly, causing serious wear on the side of the track head as well.There are many reasons for the rail gnawing on the rail, and the poor quality of the track laying is one of the important reasons for the direct impact of the rail gnawing on the rail.

HD European Single Girder Bridge Crane
HD European Single Girder Bridge Crane

The inspection of crane girder and the quality of the double beam crane beam are the basis for ensuring the quality of the track installation.The standard line for the installation of the general track is the baseline of the crane beam.Before the installation of the track, the crane beam must be carefully checked and the reference line of the crane beam can be released at the same time.This work can be measured by theodolite: one point is measured every 2~3m, and each point is measured at each column, so as to release the reference line and track of the crane beam and find the baseline.The distance between the two lines depends on the size of the track used.In addition, the level of the crane beam is measured by a leveling level, and one point is measured at each column.The quality of the crane beam should be in accordance with the regulations on the construction and acceptance of the reinforced concrete engineering.Several requirements are presented here for reference.

When checking the crane beam, we must ensure that the position deviation of the reserved bolt holes along the beam is less than or equal to 5mm, the allowance for the reserved hole to the two centerlines is 5mm, the diameter of the bolt hole is larger than the diameter of the bolt 5~7mm. Two, the deviation of the plane relative elevation on the crane beam should not exceed 10mm at the post, and the other places must not exceed 15mm. The top elevation of crane beam is 10mm–5mm for the design elevation.

BMH Ellsen Hoist Semi 5 ton gantry crane for sale
BMH Ellsen Hoist Semi 5 ton gantry crane for sale

The deviation of the position of the center line of the beam to the axis of the designed positioning must not be greater than 5mm.The size of the reference center line and the column side of each crane beam must conform to the following requirements:

  • The weight is Q<=50t, and the size is b+60mm.
  • When the weight is at 50t-100t, the size is b+100mm.The B is the distance between the center of the track and the outer end of the crane.
  • The crane’s beam is <=2mm at the top of the bolt in the wide 400mm range, and the height difference of the top face of each bolt is 6m in any 6m length of the beam.
  • The top face of each bolt is along the workshop floor length, and check whether the reserved hole is skewed or blocked.
  • The concrete grouting layer (or leveling layer) between the concrete crane beam and the track should be in accordance with the design regulations.

The top surface of the crane beam should be washed clean before irrigation.After completion of inspection and completion of crane beam, the actual situation of crane beam should be checked, and the length of the processing part, especially the thread, should be put forward, and more careful verification is needed, so as not to affect the installation quality and engineering progress.

The installation of the crane track

Technical requirements for the installation of track: The rail joint can be made straight or 45 degrees.The inclined joint can make the large wheel smooth transition at the joint.The gap of the normal joint is 1~2mm. When the temperature in the cold area is below 20 degrees Celsius in winter, the temperature gap should be considered. When the length of a single rail is about 10m, it is desirable to 4~6mm (including normal gap).

Heavy Duty Foundry Overhead Crane for Sale
Heavy Duty Foundry Overhead Crane for Sale
  • The lateral dislocation and height difference of the two track at the joint should be less than or equal to 1mm.
  • On the same section, the surface of the rail is high and low: to a bridge type crane.It shall not exceed 10mm at the post, not exceed 15mm at other locations, and 10mm for gantry cranes, and no more than gantry cranes and loading cranes with a span greater than 40m.
  • On the same side, the elevation between the elevation and the adjacent column between the two columns is not more than 15mm, but the maximum is not more than 15mm.The errors of the track span, the center of the track and the center of the rail bearing and the straight track are not straight.

Installation method of crane track

Overhead travelling cranes for sale
Overhead travelling cranes for sale

When a big car or a trolley runs the break, it produces longitudinal or lateral forces.If the large and small car brake at the same time, it produces a synthetic braking force, so that the track is subjected to an oblique thrust.When the track is mounted on one side generally higher than the other side, the crane moves to the lower side, thereby increasing the lateral force of the track.To this end, effective measures should be taken to secure the track in a reliable way.Especially for outdoor cranes, in order to avoid wind blowing and rollover, in the nonworking state, the rail clamping device is clamped on the track, so the reliability of such track laying is more important.In addition to reliability, the installation of the track must be considered to be easy to replace.In particular, the place of continuous production cannot be ignored.To this end, it is suggested that no permanent connection, such as riveting or welding, is used.
There are two kinds of rail beam used to install track, one is steel structure beam and the other is a concrete precast beam.Prefabricated concrete beams must be retained for the installation of anchor bolts. Wanna details crane installation services, welcome contact us.