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45 Ton Metallurgical Overhead Crane Delivered to Russia

Congratulations to Aicrane 45 ton metallurgical overhead crane delivered to Russia! This is our AQ-YZ series hook casting overhead crane which will be used in the client’s steel mill to lift and move hot molten metal. Uses of Aicrane AQ-YZ Metallurgical Overhead Crane The metallurgical casting overhead crane is one of the main production equipments in …

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Installation of A 10 Ton Overhead Crane For A Warehouse in Uzbekistan

Aicrane AQ-HD 10 ton overhead crane was installed in a warehouse in Uzbekistan to lift and stack cargo boxes. The 10-ton overhead crane has a span of 10.5m, work duty of A5, and frequency conversion operation, which makes the operation more efficient and stable. How to Install The AQ-HD 10 Ton Overhead Crane in Uzbekistan …

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3 Ton Overhead Crane in Steel Pipe Processing Plant In Argentina

3 Ton Overhead Crane For Steel Pipe Processing Plant in Argentina

Aicrane AQ-LD 3 ton overhead crane is installed in a steel pipe processing plant in Argentina to hoist the produced 6m steel pipes and bars onto trucks for transportation. This single girder overhead crane 3 ton is equipped with single-speed chain hoist, which is very cost-effective and is the most common structure in the local area. …

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Delivery of Single Girder 10 Ton Overhead Crane to Kazakhstan

Aicrane AQ-LD single girder 10 ton overhead crane was delivered to Kazakhstan. The customer company is building a workshop and he needs to install a single girder 10 ton overhead crane to help lift and move equipment within the workshop. According to the customer’s lifting requirements and budget, the Aicrane AQ-LD model is the most …

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50T Overhead Crane in Chile

50 Ton Overhead Crane And Steel Structures For Workshop in Chile

Aicrane AQ-QD double girder 50 ton overhead crane and steel structure for workshop were installed in Chile. We provided this client with a range of services including the design, production and installation of overhead cranes and steel structure workshop. Case Study – How We Provide Solutions for The Customer Customer Requirement – the client needed …

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AQ-HD 5 Ton Overhead Crane Delivered to Kazakhstan

Aicrane AQ-HD European standard 5 ton overhead crane was delivered to Kazakhstan. It was dispatched from Zhengzhou station and was expected to arrive in about 25 days. The production cycle of the Kazakhstan 5 ton overhead crane was 45 days. During the production process, we regularly updated the production progress to the customer to let …

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AQ-HD 10 Ton Overhead Crane Was Shipped to Kenya

An AQ-HD 10 ton overhead crane was shipped to Kenya. The customer required a single girder overhead crane to hoist the mechanical parts for assembly. Therefore, after full communication with the customer, we recommended our AQ-HD overhead crane to him, which is very suitable for the customer’s delicate work. Details of AQ-HD 10 Ton Overhead …

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AQ-LB Single Girder Explosion Proof Overhead Crane Uzbekistan

Single Girder Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes Installation in Uzbekistan

Two sets of single girder explosion proof overhead cranes have been installed in the production workshops in Uzbekistan: AQ-LB 10 ton explosion-proof crane and AQ-NLXB 2 ton explosion proof bridge crane. The two overhead cranes are top-running and under-running respectively to accommodate to the different workshop conditions. Why Does The Uzbekistan Customer Choose Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes? …

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Installation of AQ-HD 10 Ton Overhead Cranes in Uzbekistan

AQ-HD Overhead Cranes Were Installed in Uzbekistan

Congratulations to Aicrane for the multiple sets of AQ-HD overhead cranes that have been installed in the customer’s workshop in Uzbekistan, including AQ-HD 3 ton overhead cranes, 5 ton overhead cranes, 10 ton overhead cranes, 16 ton overhead cranes and 16+10 ton overhead cranes. Installation of The 3T/5T/10T/16T Overhead Cranes in Uzbekistan Installing these overhead …

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