Outdoor Gantry Crane

Outdoor gantry crane is applicable to various outdoor workplaces to handle heavy loads or materials, commonly found in storage yards, rail yards, container yards, scrap yards and steel yards. With an extensive experience in the overhead and gantry crane industry, our group has the knowledge and expertise to design a gantry crane system that best suits your business’s lifting needs.

Models Of Outdoor Gantry Crane For Sale

AQ-MH Single Girder Gantry Crane

This series is a sort of small and medium-sized gantry crane equipped with AQ-CD1, AQ-MD1 electric hoists. This product is a general-purpose crane, mostly used for lifting, loading and unloading materials in open spaces and warehouses.

This standard single girder gantry crane can lift up to 20 tons. Working class is A3, A4. The working ambient temperature is -20 ℃-+ 40 ℃.

Single Girder Outdoor Gantry Crane Manufacturer
Single Girder Outdoor Gantry Crane

Single girder outdoor gantry crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 3t~26t
  • Span Length: 12~30m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Working Class: A3, A4
  • Traveling Speed: 20~30m/min
  • Lifting Speed: 3-8m/mim or 0.3/3-0.8/8m/min

AQ-MG Double Girder Gantry Crane

The standard double girder gantry crane is suitable for general loading, unloading, lifting and handling work in open-air freight yards and railways. The A-frame structure with saddle on top is the most common form of gantry crane system, which can lift up to 200 tons.

The double girder cranes can also be custom designed and built to meet your specific lifting requirements. For further information, talk to one of our crane professionals.

Double Girder Gantry Crane For Outdoor Application
Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double girder gantry crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 5t~200t
  • Span Length: 18~35m
  • Lifting Height: 6~18m
  • Working Class: A5
  • Traveling Speed: 28~45m/min
  • Lifting Speed: 3.5~12.5m/min

Outdoor Gantry Crane Design

Gantry crane design can be very flexible since the equipment doesn’t rely on building support and can be designed to ride on rails or run on rubber wheels. If you want to utilize a gantry crane in your outdoor yards, you will need to consider a few things in order to specify the best gantry crane equipment for your job:

Gantry structure: what form of gantry structure is required, full gantry, semi-gantry, truss gantry or mobile gantry system? Will the gantry system run on rails or wheels?

Crane specifications: what crane specification is required? Including capacity of the crane, span, lifting height, hook coverage, etc.

Duty cycle: what duty cycle or service classification is required? Selecting the right duty cycle is critical for ensuring that the crane components are durable enough to withstand the load and usage requirements.

Control mode: what sort of control mode do you require, wireless remote control or cabin control?

Power requirements: is the cable reel sufficient for power delivery, or do you require a customized solution?

Safety considerations: will the special paint systems, material, and components be required to withstand outdoor environmental conditions and ensure a safe lifting operation?


  • The span of a gantry crane is an important factor affecting the weight of the crane itself. On the premise of meeting the conditions of equipment usage and the standards of the span series, the span should be minimized.
  • A certain space should be reserved between the external dimensions of the gantry crane and the cargo and transportation vehicle passages of the yard to facilitate loading and unloading operations. Generally, when loading and unloading within the span, thetransport vehicle should keep a distance of more than 0.7m from the gantry legs. The hook should have a distance of more than 0.5m from the transport vehicle when it is not working, and there should be a distance of more than 0.5m when the cargo passes through the gantry legs.
  • The wheelbase should be determined by several factors: meet the stability requirements of the gantry in the direction of the crane track; the overall dimensions of the goods must be able to pass through the flat steel frame of the legs smoothly; there is a proportional relationship between wheelbase and span.

Gantry Crane Specifications

Technical Parameter of AQ-MH Single Girder Gantry Crane
Capacity t 3.2 5 10 16 20
Span S(m) 12~30 12~30 12~30 12~30 12~30
Lifting height m 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12
Lifting speed m/min 0.8/8 0.8/8 0.7/7 0.66/6.6 0.33/3.3
Trolley speed m/min 2~20 2~20 2~20 2~20 2~20
Crane speed m/min 3~30 3~30 3~30 3~30 3~30
Work duty A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4
Track type P24 P38 P24 P38 P38 P43 P38 P43 P43

Technical Parameter of AQ-MG Double Girder Gantry Crane
Capacity t 5 10 16 20 32
Span S(m) 18~35 18~35 18~35 18~35 18~35
Lifting height m 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12
Lifting speed m/min 12.5 8.5 7.9 7.2 7.5
Trolley speed m/min 37.2 43.8 44.1 44.6 42.4
Crane speed m/min 37.7 37.7 40.1 40.1 38
Work duty A5 A5 A5 A5 A5
Track type P43 P43 P43 QU70 P50 QU80
Capacity t 50 75 100 160 200
Span S(m) 18~35 18~35 18~35 18~35 18~35
Lifting height m 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12
Lifting speed m/min 5.9 4.7 3.9 3.5 3.5
Trolley speed m/min 38.5 38.2 33.9 22.5 2.9~29
Crane speed m/min 44 38.3 3.23~32.3 2.8~28 2.8~28
Work duty A5 A5 A5 A5 A5
Track type QU80 QU80 QU100 QU100 QU100

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With a wealth of experience in the gantry crane industry, we can help you select and specify a cost-effective gantry crane system for your application and production needs. If you are interested in Aicrane gantry crane equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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