Bridge Crane for Garage Industry – Part Two

Mold repair and wire rope angle • Mold repair cranes have two sets of lifting devices: main hooks and sub hooks, such as 50/20 tons. • The upper part of the mold needs to be reversed for maintenance service. When turning with the secondary hook, the wire rope angle of 15 degrees will be related … Read more

Bridge Crane for Garage Industry – Part One

Our aim is: Improve safety and increase customer operating productivity Global special crane delivery In the 1930s, the annual automobile output reached 4.1 million, and in 2015, the annual automobile production exceeded 90 million. Since 1943, we have delivered more than 1,300 special cranes for the automotive industry to factories around the world. Press shop … Read more

Constructional overhead crane

The special crane for the sandwich panel is a special crane developed by our company for the sandwich panel production workshop in the construction industry. It is equipped with rigid mechanical anti-shake and special spreaders, which can greatly improve the customer’s workshop production efficiency. Construction crane structural features The single-column telescopic rigid guide column and … Read more

Crane Sloution for Paper Making Industry

The Metsa Group Biological Products Plant in Aenekski, Finland, is the largest forestry investment project in the Northern Hemisphere. The company’s products include a series of new biological products that paved the way for future industrial solutions. The total capacity of this plant is 1.3 million tons, of which 800,000 tons are exported and transported … Read more

Power Plants Overhead Crane

Mature and reliable power industry solutions Value concept We provide the highest lifetime value So we not only improve the goods And enhance the customer’s overall business Overhead cranes in the power industry Thermal power Hydropower Wind power Nuclear power Waste and biomass energy Hydroelectric power plant crane ❶ Steam turbine room crane ❷ Tailpipe … Read more

Shipbuilding crane news

The lifting capacity of 72,000 tons, you can remove the world’s largest oil and gas platform; the ship’s width of 160 meters, more than the current world’s largest ship Pioneering Spirit more than one-third. And a boat invested 3 billion US dollars, more than 100 total 82,000 DWT Kamsarmax bulk carrier, the “AmazingGrace” is indeed … Read more

Bridge Erecting Crane Safety

The bridge erecting machine is the equipment to put the prefabricated beams on the prefabricated piers. The bridge erecting machine belongs to the crane category because its main function is to lift the beam and then put it down after it is transported to the position. But it is very different from a crane in … Read more