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Mooring Winch

Mooring winch works perfectly when the ship needs to berth as it can secure the shipboard end of mooring lines, adjust the mooring line length, as well as compensate for changes in draft and tide. It has other functions such as supporting and positioning during loading and unloading. This mooring equipment can be designed to be electrically, hydraulically or diesel driven. The mooring speed at first layer of drum is 10m/min, or custom designed to your specific requirements. Load capacity or pulling force at first layer of drum ranges from 5 ton to 100 tons.

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Cost-effective Electric Mooring Winch

Driven by the electric motor, the winch provides safe and reliable mooring operation. Single speed or two speed motor is available for you to choose from. What’s more, variable speed is optional, which is achieved using an electric frequency inverter.

The main parts of electric winch include electric motor, gearbox, drum, warping head (optional), clutch, brake system and gypsy wheel (for combined mooring winch).

Electric winch options:

  • Single or double drum
  • Grooved drum
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • Single speed or two speed
  • Manual band brake
  • Manual clutch
  • Push-button control box or remote control (wired or wireless remote control)
  • Rope spooling device

Electric Mooring Winch for Sale
Electric Mooring Winch

Electric mooring winch parameters:

  • Load capacity: 1 ton – 100 ton
  • Drum capacity: 200m- 600m
  • Speed: ≤15m/min
  • Drum No.: single or double
  • Protection level: IP 56

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Durable Hydraulic Mooring Winch

The hydraulically driven winch features high strength and durability, which is ideal for the heavier duty marine applications. This durable winch machine mainly consists of hydraulic motor, drum, clutch, brake system and warping head (optional). In addition, a hydraulic power pack is required to operate the winch. During mooring work, the hydraulic motor drives the drum by hydraulic power pack units to wind the rope or cable in and out. Manual or hydraulic band brake and clutch are available as optional.

Hydraulic winch options:

  • Single or double drum
  • Grooved drum
  • Drum guard
  • Hydraulically operated band brake
  • Hydraulically operated clutch
  • Hydraulic power units (HPU)
  • Drum pressure rollers
  • Spooling gears

Hydraulic Mooring Winch for Sale
Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Hydraulic mooring winch parameters:

  • Load capacity: 10 ton – 50 ton
  • Drum capacity: 100m- 1000m
  • Speed: ≤15m/min
  • No. of drum: single
  • HPU: provided as customized

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Double Drum Mooring Winch

The double drum winch is available with linear and waterfall configurations. It is designed to handle different line sizes at higher efficiency. Our winches are ruggedly designed and built for operation in hazardous environments. Whatever your mooring requirements, we can work with you to find the most appropriate solution.

Electric Double Drum Winch Price
Electric Double Drum Winch

Electric double drum winch parameters:

  • Load capacity: 20 ton – 100 ton
  • Drum capacity: 200m- 1000m
  • Speed: ≤15m/min
  • No. of drum:  double

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Hydraulic Double Drum Winch
Hydraulic Double Drum Winch

Hydraulic double drum winch parameters:

  • Load capacity: 20 ton – 100 ton
  • Drum capacity: 100m- 1000m
  • Speed: ≤15m/min
  • No. of drum: double
  • HPU: provided as customized

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Waterfall Type Double Drum Winch
Waterfall Type Double Drum Winch

Waterfall type double drum winch parameters:

  • Load capacity: 20 ton – 100 ton
  • Drum capacity: 100m- 1000m
  • Speed: ≤15m/min
  • No. of drum: double
  • HPU: provided as customized

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Explosion Proof Winch

If your applications exist flammable gasses, liquids or vapors present, you can rely on an explosion proof winch for a safe mooring operation. The equipment is designed with explosion proof motors and a variety of control options to suit your needs.

Explosion Proof Electric Winch
Explosion Proof Electric Winch

Explosion proof electric winch parameters:

  • Load capacity: 20 ton – 100 ton
  • Drum capacity: 100m- 1000m
  • Speed: ≤15m/min
  • No. of drum: double
  • HPU: provided as customized

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Features And Options

  • Electric, hydraulic or diesel drives
  • Multiple drum configurations with different sizes to meet varied mooring needs
  • Constant tension system
  • Integral modular gearbox
  • Fail-safe motor brake
  • A variety of winch controls
  • Manual or hydraulic clutches
  • Manual or hydraulically operated band brake
  • Emergency release
  • Warping heads available for line handling
  • Rope guide to help spool rope better on the drum
  • Epoxy zinc rich primer marine coating to withstand harsh marine conditions
  • Classification society: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc
5T Electric Winch for Sale
5T Electric Winch

The Importance of Mooing Winch

As an important mooring equipment, the winch can be found on all kinds of ships to steady the vessels at a particular point, keep them and the surroundings safe. It also makes the mooring work efficient and effortless since it can be operated electronically or hydraulically.

The winch machine mainly consists of drums onto which the rope or cable winds. During mooring operation, the drum will rotate to wind the rope in and out. The resulting tension enables you to pull a heavy load. The number of drums is determined by the size of your ship. Warp end can be used to help the ship align properly.

To achieve a safe mooring work, a range of safety equipment can be used, such as band brake, emergency crank, limit switch, load limiter and over speed warning. You can stop the drum movement at any time using a band brake. Limit switch is used to limit the upper and lower stroke. In addition, the strength of the winch is an important factor that decides the safety and success of the mooring operation.

Since each component and part of the winch plays important roles, it is critical to purchase a winch from a dependable and reputable manufacturer. If you have any need for quality winch equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Winch Service That You May Need

Do you know that we not only design and manufacture the winch, but service it for all customers? Over the years, we have established a perfect service system that comprises 8 service networks (LBS Center in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Algeria and Kazakhstan) and over 60 after-sales service engineers to make sure the equipment works perfectly to your goals. Our service includes:

  • Equipment installation, commissioning and acceptance
  • Training and instruction for the winch operators and maintenance workers.
  • Warranty and free technical advice
  • Spare parts service. We offer the original and quality spare parts for the equipment maintenance.
  • Our service is available at 7*24hours every week.

In case of doubt, call the customer service center at any time.


What Is A Mooring Winch?

Mooring winch is a type of marine winch. It can operate effectively when the ship is mooring or berthing, and has many functions such as drifting, supporting and positioning during loading and unloading of the ship.

The mooring winch can adjust and compensate the deviation caused by vibration with constant tension. A mooring winch installed on shore for loading or unloading of a ship is an example of the constant tension adjustment feature.

What Are The Two Types of Mooring Winch?

According to the power source, Aicrane mooring winch comes in two main types: electric mooring winch and hydraulic mooring winch.

In addition, according to the drum configuration, it can be divided into single drum and double drum mooring winches, and double drum winches can be divided into parallel and waterfall type double drums.

What Is The Maintenance Done On The Mooring Winch?

1. Check the corrosion of the shell and anchor bolts. Derust and paint regularly.

2. Regularly check whether the brake is reliable, and whether the clutch is flexible.

3. Check the wear and corrosion of the drum.

4. Rope:

  • Plant fiber rope – check for wear on the appearance and mildew in the strands. It cannot be used if the strands are mildew. The rope should be washed and dried before storage.
  • Synthetic fiber rope – check the wear on the appearance. Wash and dry the rope before storing.
  • Steel wire rope – check for rust, broken wires and oil content of the linseed core. If the broken wire exceeds the standard, replace it with a new one.
What Are The Common Problems Encountered In Mooring Winch Operation?

1. Abnormal noise of the winch drum

  • The main reason forthe abnormal noise includes: the bolts of the drum shell are loose; the gap between the shell and the supporting wheel (flange) is too large; cracks occur in the drum shell; the fixing screws of the moving roller and the bushing are loose, causing relative sliding between the roller and the bushing; the gap between the bushing and the main shaft is worn too much; the worm gear screw clutch is loose.
  • The solution can be determined according to the inspection. If the nut is loose, it can be tightened during the shift; if the noise is not serious, the load of the winch can be appropriately reduced, pay attention to observation, and maintain it until the specified shutdown for maintenance; if the noise is serious, stop immediately for repair or replace.

2. The wire ropes on the winch drum are not neatly arranged

  • The hazards of the untidy arrangement of the wire ropes on the winch drum: accelerate the wear of the wire ropes; the wire ropewill slide out of the drum.
  • The main reason for the untidy arrangement of the wire ropes on the winch drum: improper arrangement of the winch, that is, the deflection angle of the wire rope does not meet the specified requirements; the guide wheel is short of oil and cannot slide left and right when the steel wire rope is wound on the drum; the rope spooling device has failed or has been dismantled;
  • Solutions: if the installation is improper or the rope spooling device fails, it should be reported in time, and a special person should be asked to deal with it; if the operation or maintenance is improper, it should be carefully operated and maintained in accordance with the regulation.

3. Abnormal noise and vibration during the operation of the winch reducer

  • The main reason for abnormal noise and vibrationduring the operation of the reducer: the gear meshing gap is too tight or too loose; the bearing clearance is too large; the reducer or bearing bolts are loose; sundries fell into the reducer.
  • Solutions: adjust the gear meshing gap to an appropriate level. If the wear is severe, the gear should be replaced; repair or replace loose bearings; tighten the loose screws; if any sundries fall into the reducer, stop the operation immediately and eliminate the fault.

Information Required for Quotation

There are some information you need to address in order to get the right type of equipment, and also a precise quotation:

  • Electric, hydraulic or diesel power?
  • Load capacity or pulling force?
  • Drum: line type, length and diameter?
  • Single drum or double drum?
  • Line speed (single speed, two speed or variable speed)?
  • Warping head: line type and size?
  • Do you need rope guide?
  • Classification society: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc?
  • Other special requirements?

Over the years, we’ve been dedicated to the design and supply of winch machines for construction, mine, marine and offshore applications. We can custom design and build the winch equipment to meet your specific needs. To get the latest mooring winch price, contact us online now!

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