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Mining Winch

Mining winch refers to the electric winch used in mines to lift or drag various minerals. The mines mainly include coal mines and various metal mines such as copper mines, silver mines, iron mines, zinc mines, etc. The winch can be installed inside or outside the mine. Our mining winches have high versatility, compact structure, small size, light weight, large capacity, and easy use.

Applications of Mining Winch

Mine winches have a wide range of applications. First, they are used as hoisting equipment for mine hoisting, well drilling and lifting well drilling equipment, that is, lifting ore, and waste gangue, lowering materials, tools and equipment. Secondly, they are used as transportation equipment for underground transportation of ore or mining cart, for rake mining or filling underground mines, removal of uprights, etc. The safe use of mine winches not only ensures the safety of personnel and work processes, but also improves the efficiency of mine operations.

According to the purpose, mining winch can be divided into friction haulage winch, dispatching winch, prop-pulling winch, and scraper winch. We can assist you to select the right winch equipment according to your specific application.

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Mining Winch Design

The installation and design of the mine winch shall include the selection and calculation of the winch, the relative position of the winch in the roadway, the installation plan, the inspection of the crossing distance, the selection and calculation of the wire rope, the number of allowed mine carts and weight, the basic installation size and technical requirements.

The handles of the winch are equipped with brakes (ratchets and pawls) to keep the weight in the desired position. Mining winches used for assembling or lifting heavy objects should also be equipped with safety handles and brakes. The motor of the single drum winch drives the drum through the reducer, and a brake is installed between the motor and the input shaft of the reducer. To meet the needs of lifting, traction and turning operations, a winch with double drum or multiple drums is also provided.

The winches used in transportation must meet the following requirements:

  • Before each shift, the winch should be checked thoroughly to make sure it is in good working conditions.
  • The mine winch shall have a double braking device, which shall be able to act independently or simultaneously to ensure the safe braking of the mine winch.
  • When the winch is powered off, the material lifted by the winch should be slowly lowered to the bottom of the inclined shaft or surface, and the material should not be hung on the semi-inclined surface.
  • The steel wire rope used in miningwinches should be checked once a day.
  • The signal of the winch shall be clear.
Double Drum Winch for Mining
Double Drum Winch for Mining

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Safety Requirements of Mine Winch

  1. Mining winches should comply with coal mine safety regulations and metallurgical underground safety regulations.
  2. Mine winches cannot be used to transport personnel.
  3. JK mine hoist winch should meet underground explosion-proof requirements.
  4. The winch should work smoothly without abnormal phenomena.
  5. All seals of mine hoist winches shall not leak oil.

Information Required for Quotation

  1. What mine? Do you need explosion protection?
  2. What is the use of the winch?Inside or outside the mine?
  3. Rated load capacity
  4. Rope capacity: rope length and diameter?
  5. Speed requirements
  6. 3-phase voltage?
  7. Single or double drum?
  8. Are there any other special requirements for winches?

If you are interested in our mining winch, please fill out the contact form or email your inquiry to let us know some basic information about the winch you need. We will get back to you soon after receiving your inquiry and provide you with a suitable quote. We also design and produce various customized non-standard winch machines according to customer requirements.

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