Low Headroom Overhead Crane

Efficiency and low-cost low headroom overhead cranes are paramount in today’s industrial word. In your steel mill, warehouse or workshop, maybe you are confronted with problems to select appropriate overhead crane products. Here are the confusions and problems when selecting one double girder overhead crane in your workshop, limited in sizes, heights, and capacity. Here in Ellsen, we would like to recommend you a  low headroom overhead crane which has many advantages for your workstation.

2 Ton to 20 Ton Single Girder Overhead Crane With Low Headroom Wire Rope Hoist
Ellsen Low Headroom Overhead Crane for Sale

Thinking Of Buying an Appropriate Low Headroom Overhead Crane

Selecting a double girder overhead crane that does not meet your workstations’ special conditions will increase your cost. However, when you casually choose one double girder bridge crane that lower than your workshop requirements, which will, in turn, decrease your work efficiency. Maybe the lower standard crane saves you a small amount of money once in a while, however, it could not profit you more once in your lifetime.

Ellsen Single Girder Low Clearance Bridge Crane for Sale
Ellsen Single Girder Low Clearance Bridge Crane for Sale

Together with Ellsen, Ensuing with Excellent LOW Headroom BRIDGE CRANE PRODUCTS

Ellsen as a trustworthy customized overhead crane supplier, always takes technological innovation as our core, manufacturing the cutting-edge overhead cranes for our customers at home and abroad. Ellsen new low headroom overhead crane is the brand new series products of Ellsen Cranes. The brand new style crane features with high performance in working efficiency, since introducing the European standard.

Ellsen Double Girder Low Headroom Bridge Crane with Hook for Sale
Ellsen Double Girder Low Headroom Bridge Crane with Hook for Sale

What are the technological highlights of the Low Headroom Crane?

  • Low clearance and a minor dimension.
  • Light deadweight.
  • More operative working place.
  • Importing structure, Siemens motor, Schneider Electrics and France wire rope etc.
  • Double lifting speed and inverter traveling speed.
Low Headroom Overhead Cranes for Sale
Low Headroom Overhead Cranes for Sale

All the above technical lights are endowed with Ellsen low headroom crane products. They are also the reasons that convince our customers to select Ellsen Crane products as their workshop or industry lifting equipment.

Design Concepts behind the high efficient Low Headroom Overhead Crane

The European standard low headroom bridges cranes are very delicate in dimension and dead weight. Such design could save the working space of customers’ warehouses and increases its working efficiency. Comparing with the traditional bridge cranes, the low clearance overhead crane has low requirements in the minimum limiting distance from hook to the wall. It has a lower headroom requirement and a higher lifting height specification. A delicate and optimized design in its wheel pressure, so its dead weight is lighter than the traditional overhead cranes. Then, it, in turn, decreases a huge amount of money in the construction fees. So, the biggest advantage of the low headroom overhead bridge crane is energy saving and cost saving.

Overhead Low Headroom Crane
Overhead Low Headroom Crane

There are two kinds of low headroom bridge according to their lifting capacity: the one is 5-ton low headroom crane; the other one is 3.5-ton low clearing bridge crane. One is the 5-ton low headroom single girder bridge crane, and the other one is 3.2 ton low headroom single girder bridge crane.

General Specification of the Low Headroom Bridge Crane

Ellsen 5 ton low headroom overhead cranes
Ellsen 5 ton low headroom overhead cranes

5 ton low headroom single girder overhead crane

  • Lifting capacity: 5 ton
  • Span: 12.75 meters
  •  Height: 8 meters
  • 5 ton low clearance crane designing drawing

3.2 ton Ellsen Free Standing Low Clearance Bridge Crane
3.2 ton Ellsen Free Standing Low Clearance Bridge Crane

3.2 ton low headroom single girder bridge crane

Main parameters of the low clearance crane:

  • Lifting capacity: 3.2 ton
  •  Span: 21.2 meters
  •  Height: 8 meters
  • 3.2 ton low headroom crane designing drawing

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