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Lifting innovations

Recently, it was learned from the Henan Provincial Industrial and Information Technology Committee that the six products independently developed by Aicrane were identified as the new industrial products of Henan Province in 2017 and they were included in the “2017 New Industrial Products Catalog of Henan Province”.
This time, our products included in the catalogue include “large shield construction piece transfer system”, “new double-layer plane mobile three-dimensional parking equipment”, “self-climbing wind power maintenance crane”, “wall line full hydraulic pressure “Dock Maintenance Platform”, “Automatic Overturning Crane for Large Workpieces” and “Automatic Welding Robot for Inseam Seam of Double Girder Carton Boxes”, among which the first three products have been evaluated, the technical level has reached the international advanced level, and the other three are leading domestically.

Top 6 crane innovations for your reference

  • Large shield construction piece transfer system
  • New double plane mobile parking equipment
  • Self-climbing wind power maintenance crane
  • Wall row full hydraulic dock maintenance platform
  • Large workpiece automatic flip crane
  • Double girder beam box inner seam automatic welding robot

The new industrial products of Henan Province are the relevant requirements of the documents issued by the Provincial Government under the Provincial Government’s “Strategy for Promoting Enterprise Technological Transformation in Henan Province” and other documents. They have independent intellectual property rights recognized in the development and application of new product development and application of industrial enterprises in the province. New products with independent famous brands, high added value, and strong market competitiveness, and compiled “2017 Henan New Industrial Product Catalog” accordingly.
The identification of the six industrial new products in Henan Province has promoted the implementation of our company’s annual “four-one” product development strategy, which has helped the overall market promotion of new products and improved the market competitiveness and brand influence of the company.

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