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Launching Gantry Crane

Launching gantry crane is purpose-built for bridge and viaduct construction, offering precision, speed and safety and simplifying the construction process. This specialized crane, equipped with substantial lifting capacities, handles large bridge girders, ensuring efficient and effective construction operations.

Launching Gantry Crane For Sale
Launching Gantry Crane For Sale

Our Wide Range of Bridge Girder Launching Gantry Cranes

Our launching girder gantry cranes come in various models, designed to meet specific project needs. Whether your project involves constructing highway overpasses, railway bridges, or viaducts, our cranes for construction are adaptable to various scenarios.

JP50/40 Launching Gantry Crane

The JP50/40 launching girder gantry crane efficiently handles the assembly and erection of segmental box girders with spans of up to 40 meters. It consists of several integral components working together for optimal performance: main beam, support legs (front, middle, and rear), lifting trolley, hanging and beam adjustment system, leg traction mechanism, hydraulic system and electrical system.

Specifications of the JP50/40 Launching Gantry Crane

JP50/40 Launching Gantry Crane for Sale
JP50/40 Launching Gantry Crane
Span 30-40m
One span concrete beam weight 662t
Total weight of crane ~300t
Trolley lifting capacity 50t
Trolley lifting speed 0-3m/min
Trolley traveling speed 0-15m/min
Crane traveling speed 1m/min
Minimum radius of curve 380m
Longitudinal slope / transverse slope 5% / 3%
Beam feeding direction under bridge / behind bridge
Total power 112kW
Overall dimension 75m×6.5m×10m

Features of the JP50/40 Launching Gantry Crane

  • Hydraulic Self-Propelled Sliding System: The machine’s longitudinal movement utilizes a hydraulic self-propelled sliding system, addressing challenges on steep slopes and downhill terrains effectively.
  • Advanced Support Leg Technology: Telescopic movement of the middle support leg employs hydraulic cylinder sleeve column technology, with a maximum lifting range of up to 1.2m. Electric cyclic traction technology ensures smooth reciprocating motion along the beam.
  • Variable Frequency Motors and PLC Control: The lifting and traveling mechanisms feature variable frequency motors and PLC control, enhancing precision and operational efficiency.
  • Hydraulic Suspension Adjustment System: The suspension adjustment system operates hydraulically, ensuring controlled movements for different loads without abrupt impacts.
  • High Automation: the lifting device is designed for practicality, featuring high automation and a 360° rotation capability.
  • Independent Hydraulic System Design: The hydraulic system adopts an independent unit design, simplifying the system for ease of maintenance and portability.
Launching Gantry Crane Design
JP50/40 Launching Gantry Crane Design

JP120/60 Launching Girder Crane

With the ability to assemble and erect single or double-span segmental box girders up to 60 meters, the JP120/60 launching gantry caters to diverse project needs.

JP120/60 Segmental Launching Gantry

Specifications of the JP120/60 Segment Launching Gantry Crane

JP120/60 Segment Launching Gantry Crane
JP120/60 Segment Launching Gantry
Span ≤60m (T-symmetrical construction)
Single concrete beam weight 1000t (half span, 9 pieces)
Trolley lifting capacity 120t
Trolley lifting speed 0-2m/min
Trolley traveling speed 0-15m/min
Crane traveling speed 0-0.8m/min
Lifting altitude 50m
Minimum radius of curve R≥2200m
Longitudinal slope / transverse slope ±3% / ±3%
Beam feeding direction under bridge / behind bridge
Total power 250kW
Overall dimension 148m×18.08m×17.53m
Total weight of crane ~965t

Features of the JP120/60 Segment Launching Gantry Crane

  • Simple Structure: The truss-based two-span main framework and four-legged system contribute to a straightforward and robust overall structure. This design enhances stability and ease of operation.
  • Convenient Variable Span Operation: The equipment offers variable span operation, adapting easily to different bridge span requirements. This flexibility ensures its suitability for a variety of construction scenarios.
  • Enhanced Construction Efficiency: The inclusion of two sets of auxiliary trolleys and tensioning operation platforms significantly improves construction efficiency, making the process more streamlined.
  • Remote Control Operation: The equipment is equipped with a remote control operation configuration, enabling operators to work in close proximity and avoid potential risks due to obstructed views or communication challenges.
  • Efficient Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system is designed with independent units, simplifying and modularizing the system. This design choice reduces losses along the pipeline and power consumption, making maintenance and transportation more convenient.
  • Compact and Symmetrical Structure: The launching gantry crane for bridge construction has a compact and symmetrical structure in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. Each leg is equipped with hydraulic lifting mechanisms for lowering and raising, and the main leg features a heavy-duty lateral shifting mechanism, which not only meet the need for adjustment of the entire hole beam, but can also be used for the assembly and traversing luffing operations of the machine.
  • Variable Frequency Motor with Safety Features: The motor of the lifting mechanism is equipped with a variable frequency design, and the drum features a spiral groove to ensure safe winding. The winch includes a dual-braking system with hydraulic push rod braking at high speeds and belt-type braking at low speeds.
JP120/60 Launching Girder Crane Design

JP150/50 Bridge Girder Launching Gantry

The JP150/50 launching gantry crane has the capability to full-suspension assemble and erect 50m single-span segmental box girder. It can handle the erection of first and last span girders, as well as self-erect the 0# block.

Specifications of the JP150/50 Bridge Girder Launching Gantry

JP150/50 Bridge Girder Launching Gantry
JP150/50 Bridge Girder Launching Gantry Crane
Span 50m
One span concrete beam weight 1500t
Trolley lifting capacity 150t/20t
Main trolley lifting speed 0-2.5m/min
Main trolley traveling speed 0-15m/min
Auxiliary trolley lifting speed 0-5m/min
Auxiliary trolley traveling speed 0-15m/min
Crane traveling speed 0-1m/min
Lifting altitude 55m
Minimum radius of curve R≥2500m
Longitudinal slope / transverse slope ±3% / ±3%
Beam feeding direction under bridge / behind bridge
Total power 230kW
Overall dimension 160m×18.58m×18.45m

Features of the JP150/50 Bridge Girder Launching Gantry

  • Reasonable Structure: The launching gantry is an upward type, which can meet the construction of low piers at the first and last spans of the line. It is not restricted by the pier height. It can pass large-span continuous beams by itself, and has the functional requirements for self-erecting No. 0 block.
  • Truss Structure for Wind Resistance: The truss structure minimizes the wind-facing area, making the machine advantageous for construction projects in environments with strong winds, such as offshore construction.
  • Variable Frequency Technology: The traveling and lifting mechanisms utilize variable frequency technology for smooth start-up and braking, ensuring reliable operation. The crane adopts PLC program control technology, which is safe and reliable.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with safety features like nut locking devices on hydraulic cylinders, our launching gantry crane prioritizes safety during operation.
  • Precise Alignment: The crane’s main trolley, capable of both longitudinal and transverse movement, facilitates precise alignment of segment blocks during construction.
JP150/50 Bridge Girder Launching Gantry Crane Design

JP180/50 Launching Gantry Crane

The JP180/50 launching gantry crane can erect segmental girders with a span of less than 50m, feed the beams behind the bridge, precisely adjust the segment posture after all segmental beams are suspended in place.

Specifications of the JP180/50 Launching Gantry Crane

JP180/50 Launching Gantry Crane Manufacturer
JP180/50 Launching Gantry Crane
Span 50m
One span concrete beam weight 1800t/11 pieces
Trolley lifting capacity 180t
Main trolley lifting speed 0-1.2m/min
Main trolley traveling speed 0-15m/min
Auxiliary trolley lifting capacity 15t
Auxiliary trolley lifting speed 0-15m/min
Auxiliary trolley traveling speed 0-1m/min
Minimum radius of curve R≥2200m
Longitudinal slope / transverse slope ±2.5% / ±3%
Beam feeding direction behind bridge
Total power 230kW
Overall dimension 114m×14.5m×27.3m

Features of the JP180/50 Launching Gantry Crane

  • Wet Joint Template System: 10 sets of wet joint formwork systems and corresponding construction platforms are arranged outside the main beam. When pouring the wet joints, the molds are closed by a full hydraulic system. After the concrete reaches strength, the wet joint formwork rotates and opens, offering an efficient, convenient and secure solution for joint construction.
  • Unload Mechanism: The inclusion of large-tonnage unloading cylinders on support legs 2 and 3 streamlines the unloading process, boosting overall productivity.
  • Multifunctional Hoisting Equipment: Crane hoisting equipment with a three-dimensional adjustment device facilitates easy adjustment of segment block posture.
  • Rigid Structural Design: The main frame adopts the structural type of box-shaped main beam and truss guide beam, and is connected by connecting beams in the middle, forming a rigid structure with clear force distribution and good stability.
  • Unaffected End Tensioning: On the premise of ensuring safety, load-bearing capacity and pier top positioning requirements, the design of No. 2 support leg avoids each tensioning tunnel to ensure that prestressed construction is not affected by leg positioning Influence.
  • Safety Features: The launching gantry crane is equipped with various safety features, including wind speed and direction monitor to ensure work cessation and wind-preparedness in case of exceeding safety limits, load limiter to issue overload signals, various protective functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, open circuit, leakage, and electronic thermal protection.

JP180/50 Segment Launching Gantry Design

Applications of Launching Gantry in Construction

  • Bridge Construction: The primary application of segment launching gantry canes lies in the construction of bridges. Their ability to handle and position precast segments with accuracy ensures the precise assembly of bridge structures.
  • Viaducts and Elevated Structures: Launching girder cranes play a crucial role in the construction of viaducts and other elevated structures. The capability to move along the length of the structure while handling heavy precast segments is instrumental in the efficient and timely completion of projects involving elevated roadways, rail lines, and similar infrastructure.

Launching Gantry
Applications Of Launching Gantry

The Function of Segment Launching Gantry Crane in Construction

The segment launching gantry is a vital component in construction, particularly in the application of the precast segmental bridge construction. This construction approach involves prefabricating bridge segments in a prefabrication factory first, and then transporting them to the bridge construction site for assembly. The primary function of the segmental launching gantry is to lift beam segments from the hydraulic transporter, transport them to the installation location, and install them onto preconstructed bridge piers.

Functions of Launching Gantry Crane
Functions of Launching Gantry Crane

Comprehensive Equipment for Efficient Bridge Construction

In addition to our bridge girder launching gantry crane, we offer other types of equipment designed to cater to various needs in bridge construction projects, contributing to the efficiency and precision of the construction process.

Straddle Crane: Handling Precast Girders in the Yard

Our straddle crane is a versatile solution for lifting and transporting finished precast girders within the prefabrication yard. The straddle carrier facilitates the organized movement of girders to designated locations and plays a key role in loading precast girders onto the hydraulic transporter.

Straddle Crane in Prefabrication Yard
Straddle Crane in Prefabrication Yard

Straddle Crane for Prefab Plant

Straddle Carrier Crane for Prefab Plant

Working of Straddle Crane

Hydraulic Transporter: On-Site Transportation Made Easy

The hydraulic platform transporters play a crucial role in the efficient construction of bridges, offering a versatile and powerful solution to move heavy loads with precision. These robust hydraulic transporters use hydraulic systems to transport bridge components, such as precast segments and steel beams, across construction sites.

Hydraulic Transporter in Bridge Construction
Hydraulic Transporter Used in Bridge Construction

Our equipment plays a vital role in the success and efficiency of bridge construction projects. If you’re interested in tools like the launching gantry crane, straddle crane, hydraulic transporter, and other cranes designed for bridge construction, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to provide the equipment you need for effective project execution.

Installation and After-Sales Service for Launching Gantry Cranes

We provide a comprehensive installation and after-sales service for our launching gantry cranes to ensure sustained operational excellence.

Installation Service

Our installation process is designed to be adaptable and client-centric, catering to the specific needs of each project. We offer two distinct installation options:

  • On-Site Installation Guidance: Our experienced technicians are available for on-site installation guidance. They work closely with your project personnel, providing real-time support to guarantee a smooth and efficient installation.
  • Online Installation Guidance: We also offer online installation guidance. Through video conferencing, our experts provide step-by-step assistance, ensuring that the installation process is executed accurately.
Launching Gantry for Sale
Launching Gantry Crane Installation

After-Sales Service

  • Routine Maintenance Programs: To keep the equipment operating at peak efficiency, we offer routine maintenance programs. These include regular inspections, lubrication, and timely component replacements.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: Available 24/7, our technical support team address any issues promptly, providing remote troubleshooting or dispatching on-site assistance when needed.
  • Training Service: We offer training service to operators and maintenance personnel, ensuring they have the necessary skills for efficient operation and routine upkeep.
Aicrane Installation And After-sales Service
Aicrane After-sales Service

With reliable products and a comprehensive service offering, we aim to be a trusted partner for your construction projects, ensuring the smooth integration and optimal performance of our launching gantry cranes.

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