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Installation of Aicrane Jib Cranes in a Workshop in Uzbekistan

A workshop in a manufacturing facility in Uzbekistan recently installed Aicrane jib cranes to improve its material handling capabilities. The workshop is divided into several workstations, and each is responsible for producing metal parts and components for the facility’s manufacturing process. Read on to find out how our jib cranes helped improve the workflow and …

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Installation of 1.5 Ton Jib Cranes in Mexico

1.5 ton jib cranes are installed in our customer’s processing workshop in Mexico. These cranes are Aicrane’s AQ-BX wall mounted jib cranes and AQ-BZ free standing jib cranes. The cantilever of the crane is 5m. These two different types of jib cranes adapt to different working conditions and have their own advantages: AQ-BX is wall …

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Jib Crane for Sale New Zealand

0.5T Jib Cranes Were Installed in New Zealand

Two AQ-BX 0.5 ton jib cranes are installed in the repair shop in New Zealand. These jib cranes are used for handling machine parts. The wall mounted jib crane can operate freely in three-dimensional space, especially suitable for the occasion of short-distance and intensive lifting. Features of AQ-BX Jib Crane NZ 1. The cantilever is …

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