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Installation of Multi-pivot Suspension Crane in Customer’s Plant

Six-pivot suspension crane has been successfully installed in our customer’s plant. This multi-pivot underhung crane is specially designed and produced to meet the needs of large-span industrial plants or warehouses such as aircraft manufacturers and aircraft maintenance workshops. This kind of crane can reduce the influence of crane weight on the roof structure, reduce building height and save a lot of workshop construction costs.

Multi-pivot Suspension Crane For Sale
Multi-pivot Suspension Crane

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Large Span Suspension Crane

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Six-pivot Suspension Crane

Features of Multi-pivot Suspension Crane

  • Multiple pivots, large span, large workshop coverage area
  • The horizontal guide wheel can be adjusted to guide the smooth operation of the crane.
  • Independent friction drive design maintains constant friction between the drive wheel and the track to avoid wheel skidding.
  • The traveling wheel is separated from the friction wheel for easy assembly and maintenance.
  • The end beam adopts an articulated two-wheel group design, which can reduce the pressure of a single wheel on the cart track.
  • The drive unit is elastically connected to the end beam, and no lateral force is generated on the end beam.

Configurations of Multi-pivot Large Span Suspension Crane

  1. Using three-in-one drive device, stable and reliable operation
  2. The travel wheel material is made of wear-resistant engineering plastic material, which can avoid the abrasion of the travel wheel and the cart track.
  3. Frequency conversion speed regulation
  4. The PLC control system can be used to lift multiple cranes to increase the operating and use range.

Aicrane has a mature design team and advanced production equipment, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. If you are interested in this multi-pivot suspension crane, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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