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Installation of Hangar Steel Grid Structure in Somalia

Hangar steel grid structure has been installed in Somalia. The dimension of the hangar steel structure is 60m x 66m x 25m, with a single-layer sky blue color steel tile and lighting panel design. During the installation, Aicrane after-sales service engineers arrived at the site to guide the installation, and now the installation was successfully completed.

Steel Grid Structure Installation In Somalia
Steel Grid Structure Installation In Somalia

Grid Steel Structure Hangar for Sale
Grid Steel Structure Hangar

Steel Grid Structure For Sale
Steel Grid Structure

Aicrane Service Team
Aicrane Service Team

Case Studies – How We Provide Solutions And Services to Our Clients

  • We received an inquiry for steel grid structure from Somalia on our website. The client’s project is to build an airport hangar.
  • After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our sales manager immediately got in touch with the customer and confirmed the demand with the customer. The customer required grid type steel structure hangar, with dimension of 60m x 66m x 25m. In addition, the customer had high requirements for the foundation design, the overall grid strength design, the wind resistance and the anti-corrosion grade of the material.
  • Based on the customer’s requirements, our sales manager and technical manager fully communicated to ensure that the technical solutions provided meet the customer’s requirements. The grid steel structure solution we provided is the most material saving and convenient for transportation.
  • The problem is, when it comes to shipping and payment methods, we couldn’t agree with the customer at first, so the negotiations stalled. After communicating with our shipping department, we provided the customer with a satisfactory solution. At the same time, from the perspective of ensuring the safety of the customer’s funds, we recommended that the customer sent a third party to our factory to inspect the raw materials and relevant documents.
  • After all these issues were resolved, the client was very satisfied and arranged the advance payment.
  • The production cycle of the grid steel structure hangar is 60 days, during which the customer arranged a third-party inspection company to conduct raw material inspection, inspection during production, inspection before delivery, and supervision of port container loading.
  • During installation, we arranged for after-sales service engineers to arrive at the customer site to guide the installation, and the installation has been successfully completed now.

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