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Installation of AQ-NLH 20 Ton Overhead Crane in Uzbekistan

This AQ-NLH European hoist double girder 20 ton overhead crane has been installed in our customer’s plant in Uzbekistan. We have an office in Uzbekistan, with professional sales staff and after-sales service engineers to assist the customer during the entire order process. The customer is very satisfied with our product and service, and expressed his hope to continue to cooperate with us.

Why Choose AQ-NLH Series Overhead Crane?

  • AQ-NLH overhead crane is designed and manufactured according to European FEM standards. The overall technical level is advanced.
  • The crane steel structure has reasonable design, optimized structure, conforms to specifications and standards, and meets the requirements of strength, rigidity and stability.
  • The design of the steel structure also takes into account the convenience and possibilities of manufacturing, inspection, transportation, installation and maintenance.
  • Under the conditions of meeting the requirements and relevant standards, the weight of the steel structure can be reduced to the greatest extent through optimization design methods such as finite edge analysis.

Aicrane After-sales Service

Guide the installation, commissioning and acceptance

  • Dispatch after-sales service engineers to install and debug the equipment.
  • After the installation and commissioning, a special department will conduct customer return visits.

Technical information, warranty period and technical service

  • Provide equipment certificate, instruction manual, maintenance technical specifications, and also provide random product spare parts and random tools.
  • Train operation and maintenance personnel and provide technical consulting services.
  • Provide lifetime service support for equipment.
  • Timely supply of repair parts for equipment.

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