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Installation of AQ-HD 3 Ton Overhead Crane In Bolivia

AQ-HD European style 3 ton overhead crane has been installed in our customer’s warehouse in Bolivia. This European standard overhead crane is increasingly popular due to its light weight, small wheel pressure, reliable performance, convenient operation, small margin, low noise and low energy consumption.

Why Does The Customer Choose AQ-HD Overhead Crane 3 Ton?

  • The box girder optimized by computer is used as the main load-bearing beam.
  • The height of the wire rope hoisttrolley is lower, so that the hook size is more reasonable and the working range is wider.
  • The optimized wheel frame design is conducive to alignment, balance and installation, and the structure is solid.
  • The motor protection grade is IP54, F grade insulation, and is equipped withoverload
  • The gearbox specially designed for the overhead crane uses helical gears and is self-lubricating.

Installation of AQ-HD 3T Overhead Crane in Bolivia

Aicrane After-sales Service

If you buy an overhead crane from Aicrane, you can enjoy a full range of after-sales service, including:

  • We dispatch professional after-sales service engineers to the customer site to help and guide the customer install and debug the crane.
  • We provide staff training and instruction
  • We provide technical consulting service.
  • We provide life-long service support.

If you are looking for reliable overhead crane manufacturers, Aicrane can be a great choice!

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