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Installation of Aicrane Jib Cranes in a Workshop in Uzbekistan

A workshop in a manufacturing facility in Uzbekistan recently installed Aicrane jib cranes to improve its material handling capabilities. The workshop is divided into several workstations, and each is responsible for producing metal parts and components for the facility’s manufacturing process. Read on to find out how our jib cranes helped improve the workflow and safety of the workshop.

Jib Cranes In A Workshop In Uzbekistan
Installation Of Jib Cranes In A Workshop In Uzbekistan

Case Study of Aicrane Jib Cranes in a Workshop in Uzbekistan


The customer’s workshop in Uzbekistan is a large manufacturing facility that produces various industrial products. The workshop is divided into several workstations, each with different metal parts and components. The customer wanted to use a combination of overhead cranes and jib cranes to move heavy loads around the workshop, and use this method to improve workflow, productivity, and security of the workshop.

Customer Workshop in Uzbekistan
Customer Workshop in Uzbekistan

The Solution

To improve the workflow and safety of the workshop, the management decided to install multiple jib cranes. The jib cranes were installed in each workstation of the workshop, and they had a lifting capacity of 2 ton. The jib cranes were mounted on floor-mounted column that provided 360-degree rotation.

The installation of 2 ton jib cranes was completed in just a few days and the jib cranes were immediately put to use. The workshop’s operators found the jib cranes to be easy to use and highly effective in moving heavy components around the workshop. The jib crane’s flexibility and precision positioning allowed the operators to move the components into and out of workstations with ease, reducing the risk of damage and injury.

Jib Cranes in Uzbekistan
Jib Cranes in Uzbekistan
2 Ton Jib Cranes For Workshop
2 Ton Jib Cranes For Workshop
Uzbekistan Jib Cranes
Uzbekistan Jib Cranes


The jib cranes brought several benefits to the customer’s workshop, including:

  • Increased Productivity: With the jib cranes, the workers could move heavy loads around the workshop more efficiently and quickly. The jib cranes allowed them to lift the load, rotate it to the desired position, and then move it to its destination.
  • Improved Safety: The jib cranes provided a safer way to move heavy loads around the workshop. The workers no longer had to carry the loads manually or maneuver the forklifts in tight spaces. The jib crane allowed them to lift the load from a safe distance and move it to its destination with precision.
  • Better Use of Space: The jib cranes required a relatively small area to maneuver, which makes them ideal for use in areas where space is limited.
  • Ease of Use: Jib cranes are simple to operate and can be controlled by a single operator, reducing the need for additional staff. They also require minimal maintenance, which helps to keep maintenance costs low.
Aicrane Jib Crane For Sale
Aicrane Jib Crane


Jib cranes are an essential tool for many workshops, providing a versatile and compact solution for material handling tasks. The successful installation of jib cranes in our customer’s workshop in Uzbekistan demonstrates the benefits of using this type of crane in a workshop setting. With the right model and location, a jib crane can improve safety, efficiency, and productivity in any workshop. If you are interested in getting a custom lifting solution for your workshop, please feel free to contact Aicrane!

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